Exoprimal: A Dinosaur Shooter Game Not Related to Dino Crisis

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Do you want to go toe to toe with T-Rex? Are you ready to don an exosuit armor and battle endless, unstoppable masses of dinosaurs and mutated prehistoric beasts this summer? Are you humanity’s last hope? If you think you might be, then read on to discover more about the upcoming Capcom games release, Exoprimal. In this exciting new sci-fi multiplayer game, two teams will fight in squads of five, racing against each other to complete tasks set by a nefarious artificial intelligence called Leviathan. Fighting both dinosaurs and other exofighter squads!

Let’s take a closer look. If the story of Exoprimal sounds familiar, you may be thinking of Dino Crisis, Capcom’s survival horror sci-fi dinosaur series, first released for the PlayStation in 1999. A true classic of that era, essentially Resident Evil with dinosaurs, Dino Crisis was set on the fictional Ibis Island in the faraway time of 2009. The player, as special ops agent Regina, has to fight intelligent, terrifying dinosaurs and solve various puzzles in order to discover the truth behind the island, its research facility, and, finally, escape.

Indeed, there are certain similarities between the two games, notably the theme of killer dinosaur outbreaks on a mysterious island. Then again, that sounds like Jurassic Park, so it must just be a cool theme for games and films alike! So, let’s be clear, the two games are not related; however, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the producer of Dino Crisis, is credited with working on Exoprimal.

What’s the story?

The Exoprimal storyline is quite something; here’s the background to the game. In less than two decades from today, paranormal events are threatening the survival of humanity. Outbreaks of thousands of dinosaurs and mutated prehistoric creatures are pouring into our cities from terrifying vortexes in the sky, hungry for human flesh and bone. The exofighters are squads of five warriors, each wearing specialized combat armor exosuits, and their one and only task is to save humanity from extinction.

Set on Bikitoa Island in the year 2043, Leviathan, the artificial intelligence we mentioned earlier, has been created by the Aibius Corporation and malfunctioned terribly.  

Leviathan now appears to be running the show, and has a disdain for humans, summoning exofighters to take part in its research: live combat tests against dinosaurs. Leviathan says: “My archives encompass exhaustive records of human history. These annals are riddled with errors and institutional bias. Your species is susceptible to mass delusion. Fascinating.”

Long story short, Leviathan is developing a new series of exosuits and requires real combat data to assist in development. This is where the fighters (you) come in to help Leviathan discover the potential variables in fighting increasingly undefeatable hordes of dinosaurs. According to the Exoprimal Open Beta last month, it seems that not everyone is planning on playing along with Leviathan’s plans. A group of fighters is planning on playing the AI at their own game and destroying them once and for all.

Exoprimal gameplay and mechanics

As we touched on above, Exoprimal is a multiplayer team based game. Two squads of five players compete against each other to finish the objectives set by Leviathan. Leviathan can predict where the next vortex will open, and that is where you will be sent to fight! You will be fighting both the seemingly unstoppable tides of dinosaurs as well as enemy players.  

 At other times, Leviathan will instruct the opposing teams to work together in order to take down a ​​big hoss like T-Rex. In the principal game mode, Dino Survival, your squad must attempt to complete objectives set by Leviathan. As you progress through Dino Survival, more story sequences will be unlocked and the experience points you earn can be cashed in to upgrade your character and exosuit.

Still interested in joining up as an exofighter? The missions in Dino Survival are diverse, challenging, and fun. Dinosaur Cull is not your average turkey shoot, in this mode you will be tasked with destroying a specific type of dinosaur. In Data Key Security, your team must escort a valuable asset, and in Omega Charge, your squad has to eliminate a target dinosaur with the fearsome Omega Hammer.  


The individual characteristics of these Gundam-esque suits provide different strengths to each squad. Exosuits come in three categories: Assault, Tank, and Support, but, get this, you can change exosuits at any time during gameplay. This option promises to allow players to adapt their squad strategy as Leviathan changes the game objectives. For example, your team could use a Roadblock exosuit (tank) to shield the other members who are using (assault) exosuits equipped for close range combat like the Zephyr, further supported by a Vigilant exosuit equipped with a railgun, providing long range support. The Witchdoctor (Support) suit is the medic for your squad, patching the other warriors up and keeping them hale and hearty.


The fearsome hordes spilling through the vortex to claw and bite their way through humanity come in many shapes and sizes. Raptors by the hundred, along with Triceratops, Pteranodons, Ankylosaurus, and of course, T-Rex will appear aplenty in Exoprimal. Remember though, this is not Jurassic Park, nor Dino Crisis. If dinosaurs aren’t fearsome enough, how about NeoSaurs? NeoSaurs are mutated dinosaurs with unique combat capabilities. Look out for Sniper NeoSaurs, mutated raptors that have the ability to throw projectiles at you from a distance as well as teleport to escape when attacked.

When can I get Exoprimal and on what gaming systems?

Are you a fan of role-playing games (RPGs)? Check out our article about the fantasy world of role playing games and immerse yourself into this rewarding genre. There is not long to wait until the vortexes open in the sky and the dinosaurs spill into a city near you! According to Capcom, the Exoprimal release date is July 14th, 2023 and the game will be available for Playstation 4 and 5, Windows and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Remember, you can discover Exoprimal and many more of your new and old favorite games with Game Pass.     

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