PC Video Games You’ll Want to Buy This Holiday Season

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Some of the best PC games this year are set to be released in the coming months to coincide with the holiday retail season. With Early Access to OverWatch 2, Gotham Knights, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in October, Warhammer 40.000: Darktide and Skull & Bones in November and Marvel's Midnight Suns and The Calisto Protocol coming in December, PC gamers are in for a real treat. Learn more about the most anticipated PC Video Games to buy this holiday season and start marking your calendar app today.  

Many Impressive Titles are Set to be Released in 2022, So Pay Close Attention 

No matter your tastes in PC gaming, the upcoming holiday retail season is full of almost anything you could desire and much more. From team-based shooters like Overwatch 2, new versions of cult classics like No More Heroes 3, supernatural slice-of-life JRP Persona 5, the grim-dark of the Warhammer science fiction and fantasy franchises and historical RTS (real-time strategies) like Company of Heroes, the holiday gaming season looks to be very promising indeed. Whether you are a devotee of independent game studios or are eagerly awaiting the next AAA PC game release from a major studio, you are almost certain to find several games which capture your interest for years to come. If you can contain your impatience and avoid purchasing a game immediately when it is released, you could enjoy significant reductions in the price of PC games in the weeks and months after their original release date. 

10/4/2022 — Overwatch 2  

10/8/2022 — Marvel Snap  

10/11/2022 — Asterigos: Curse of the Stars  

10/11/2022 — No More Heroes 3  

10/12/2022 — LEGO Bricktales  

10/13/2022 — Cultic  

10/13/2022 — Fueled Up  

10/13/2022 — Sunday Gold  

10/14/2022 — Dragon Ball: The Breakers 

10/17/2022 — Potionomics  

10/18/2022 — A Plague Tale: Requiem  

10/19/2022 — Uncharted 4: Legacy of Thieves Collection  

10/21/2022 — Gotham Knights  

10/21/2022 — New Tales from the Borderlands  

10/21/2022 — Persona 5 Royal 

10/21/2022 — Scorn 

10/25/2022 — Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord 

10/25/2022 — Victoria 3  

10/27/2022 — Signalis  

10/28/2022 — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 

10/29/2022 — Butterfly Soup 2  

10/2022 — Early Access to Stranded: Alien Dawn   


11/3/2022 — Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch  

11/3/2022 — The Chant  

11/8/2022 — Football Manager 2023 

11/8/2022 — A Little to the Left 

11/8/2022 — Skull & Bones 

11/8/2022 — Sonic Frontiers 

11/15/2022 — Floodland 

11/16/2022 — Ixion  

11/17/2022 — Company of Heroes 3  

11/17/2022 — Goat Simulator 3  

11/18/2022 — Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me 

11/22/2022 — Evil West - Cowboys vs. vampires 

11/22/2022 — Ship of Fools  

11/30/2022 — Warhammer 40,000: Darktide  

11/2022 — Pentiment  


12/1/2022 — Alterium Shift   

12/2/2022 — The Callisto Protocol   

12/2/2022 — Marvel's Midnight Suns  

12/13/2022 — High On Life   

12/15/2022 — Blacktail   

12/21/2022 — The Settlers   

Games Which Do Not Yet Have Dates Announced/Development Hell for 2022 

One unfortunate aspect of getting excited about the potential release of some long-awaited PC games is that sometimes, potential can go unrecognized, causing some games to be stuck in what is commonly referred to as "development hell." This can be due to several different factors including the financial wellbeing of the game studio in question, any internal staffing changes which can delay a PC game's completion for months or years, becoming unsatisfactory to the development team leading to a complete ground-up rebuild, issues with licensing, and so forth. Additional games are likely to be released this year, but the company simply has not gotten around to making an official announcement, either to deliberately stoke interest on social media or to ensure the best possible product before release. 

To find out whether your most desired PC games will have a chance of being released this year, you should regularly review the game studio's website as well as any relevant social media accounts. However, some developments are significant enough to reach major news organizations, such as bankruptcy and leadership changes. Unfortunately, since there are no definitive answers for projects which have been tied up in development hell for lengthy amounts of time, the only thing fans can do in many cases is wait and hope. 


2022? — Avowed  

2022? — Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion 

2022? — Hollow Knight: Silksong 

2022? — Horizon Forbidden West 

2022? — Indiana Jones  

2022? — Metal Slug Tactics 

2022? — The Outlast Trials 

2022? — Tactical Breach Wizards 

2022? — Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2  

The following games are expected to launch before the end of 2022, but there is currently no information about when this might happen. 

— A Highland Song  

— Afterimage  

— Alliance of the Sacred Suns  

— Atomic Heart  

— AK-xolotl: Wars   

— Backfirewall  

— Blood Bowl 3  

— Choo-Choo Charles   

— Chrono Odyssey  

— CONV/RGENCE: A League of Legends Story  

— Cosmoteer  

— Crimson Desert  

— Flashback 2  

— Forever Skies  

— Frog Detective 3  

— Frostpunk 2  

— Frozen Flame  

— God of Rock  


— Harold Halibut  

— How to Say Goodbye  

— I Am Future  

— Inkulinati  

— The Knight Witch  

— Land of the Vikings  

— The Lord of the Rings: Gollum  

— Moonlight in Garland  

— Munchkin Digital  


— Nadir  

— N1RV-ANN-A  

— Nighthawks  

— Norland  

— Party Animals  

— Path of Exile 2  

— Pharaoh: A New Era  

— Pixel Tactics Online  

— Pokemon Trading Card Game Live  

— Prince of Persia:  

— She Dreams Elsewhere  

— Slopecrashers  

— Somerville  

— Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story 

— Soulstone Survivors  

— STONKS-9800  

— Superfuse  

— System Shock  

— Voidtrain  

— Way to the Woods  

— Witchbrook  

— Wizard With A Gun  

— World of Warcraft: Dragonflight  

— WrestleQuest  


Please note that these release dates may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Consider reserving your physical or digital preorder as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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