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On the hunt for a new PC game? If you’re an avid PC gamer with a growing wishlist, then you know that PC gaming can easily become an expensive hobby. But if you keep your eyes peeled for the right PC gaming deals, you can score some of this year’s hottest finds for only a fraction of the cost.  

Here’s where to go find the best gaming PC deals: 

1) Steam  

Yes, Steam—the beloved storefront for Valve fans. Steam is known for hosting a slew of doorbuster sales throughout the year. But while these sales used to be hush-hush, Steam now publishes its yearly calendar of sales in advance so gamers can carefully plan out their best gaming deals. 

Next up on the docket for Steam is the Steam Bash Bash, running from September 19 to September 26.  

The theme for this week-long sale is action games. According to the registration criteria, in order to qualify for the sale, games must “emphasize combat with melee weapons as the primary game mechanic.” This includes games that feature hack-and-slash, musou, spectacle fighters, and character action games. But Valve has indicated that other games outside of this genre will also be eligible for the sale—games that include elements like fast-paced combat, swordplay, shooting, etc. 

Valve has not confirmed which specific games will be in the sale—yet. But if anything’s on your wishlist that can be considered a combat game, then make sure you set your calendars for this September. 

2) Green Man Gaming 

For good gaming deals all year round, turn your attention to Green Man Gaming.  

Green Man Gaming’s mission is to make sure gaming gets to everyone—and they do that by selling PC games at can’t-beat prices. Green Man Gaming doesn’t usually feature specific, site-wide sales. Instead, they prioritize offering hot deals on their selection of 10,000+ games every day of the year.  

With video game sales that may seem too good to be true, some gamers are left wondering if Green Man Gaming is legit. Well, the proof is in the pudding. Green Man Gaming has contracts with over 1,300 publishers. This makes them an official source for PC keys, so you can have confidence that all your purchases are coming from a reliable source. 

What makes Green Man Gaming a comfortable haven for gamers is that they don’t just sell video games—they also publish them, offering opportunities for financial support for aspiring developers to create their own content. 

Whether you’re working on developing your own game or just want to talk shop and find the best video game sale, Green Man Gaming welcomes you to their Discord where you can hang out with other gamers. 

3) Origin Store 

A free platform for downloading and playing PC games, Origin’s own store is a goldmine for great gaming deals. 

Now until August 23, you can even snag 50% off packs of The Sims 4, including games like The Sims 4 Cottage Living, The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories, The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, The Sims 4 Get Famous, and dozens more.  

But the Origin Store has more to offer than just The Sims. From FIFA to Mass Effect and others, you can find almost any PC game that’s at the top of your wishlist. Better yet, when you shop at the Origin Store, you can take advantage of their Great Game Guarantee, which promises you a full refund within 14 days if you don’t love the game or if you experience glitches while playing it.  

When you shop at the Origin Store, you also have the option to become an EA Play member. Members get more rewards, more exclusive gaming content, and unlimited access to more top games. Plus, they’ll even receive a 10% discount on all EG digital purchases in the Origin Store. Becoming a Pro member will sweeten the pot further, unlocking Pro-level in-game rewards, exclusive player content, and a library of premium gaming titles. 

4) Fanatical 

Launched in the ‘90s with the mission to make PC games easily affordable and available, Fanatical is still thriving today as a hotspot and fan favorite for PC gaming deals. 

Since its inception, Fanatical has sold over 100 million keys to gamers in over 200 countries—all part of their mission to help gamers “find amazing games at amazing prices.” 

For example, this summer Fanatical is hosting a Summer Flash Sale. Every six hours, there is a new flash sale, offering discounts as large as 57% or 72% off.  

You can also take advantage of more Summer Sale Rewards with the Fanatical Summer Sale. This summer, every time you purchase bundles or games, you can unlock access to free games, discounts, and cash to spend in the Fanatical store.  

Outside of their summer sale, Fanatical also offers bundles for year-round savings. With Steam bundles, for example, you can often find savings of 95% or more. You can also elect to build your own bundles to create a collection of games specifically curated to your tastes. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can shop Fanatical’s monthly mystery bundles to take home everything from top AAA to exciting indie titles. 

5) GG.deals 

When you’re on the hunt for the best gaming deals, don’t forget to include GG.deals in your search.  

What makes GG.deals unique? It’s a PC game price comparison website, where you can find out about all the discounts for your most-wanted PC games. Sure, during Steam Bash Bash, for example, you may know exactly where to head for the greatest deals. But what about the other 51 weeks of the year? Instead of flitting around from site to site trying to find the lowest prices, you can just head to GG.deals, where you’ll be sure you can find the lowest, real-time prices for your favorite PC games. 

It starts with a simple search of the game you’re after. GG.deals then compares the prices from over 40 digital shops. If you’re shopping on a budget, you can even set a price alert so you’ll be notified when the game you’re dreaming of drops to the price you want. From major game developers to lesser-known indie games, GG.deals is focused on helping you score the best PC gaming deals, for whatever catches your eye. 

PC gaming doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby—you just need to know where to look to unlock the next-level deals. 

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