5 Best PC Sports Games in 2022

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The best sports pc games put you in control of the action. Whether you prefer to lead your favorite American Football team all the way to the Superbowl or simply would love to see the U.K. win a second FIFA (Fédération internationale de Football Association) world cup victory in any form. From granular control over your lineup with detailed statistics to consider to racing and golfing games which focus on social experiences, these games will let you experience countless hours of entertainment with excellent replayability. Find out more about the five best sports games available on PC and enjoy top-shelf entertainment for all skill levels and sporting interests. 

Football Manager 22 

If you have dreamed of what it might be like to be the professional manager of a football club and all the strategic decisions that such a position entails, then Football Manager 22 will let you live out your fantasy. If you like your pc games with a bit of reality mixed in, you can start your game off managing a non-league team full of temperamental talent and a stretched transfer budget for acquiring new players. For those who prefer to completely dominate the competition with a Premier League or Super League club with the best players on the planet, that is also a viable option. With each player having complex statistics concerning their performance and personalities, you can build your dream team over time and rise the ranks or crush any opposition to retain your titles. 

Golf With Your Friends 

Not all PC sports games need to be a frantic and fast-paced competition between strangers online in a contest for digital glory. Golf With Your Friends is an excellent example of this gaming philosophy, allowing players to enjoy local games with friends as well as online games with up to eleven other participants simultaneously. Quite unlike the physical game of golf which requires practice and precision in real life, players are given a set of controls which are simple to learn but difficult to master. All you need to do is choose where to aim, select the amount of force you need and let it fly. This tile includes an excellent selection of themed mini-golf courses, a level-editing function for those who want to develop their own golf courses, and an optional powerup mode to provided added levels of fun and challenge.  

Madden NFL 22 

As the only real contender in the sports games market for PCs, Madden NFL 22 is the latest release in a long line of American Football games. Owing its origin to tabletop football simulators endorsed by player, coach, and commentator John Madden, the Madden game series has become one of EA’s (Electronic Arts) longest running and most successful titles to date. If you want to enjoy playing as your favorite NFL team on your PC, the Madden series is essentially your best and only option due to the lack of serious competition in the PC sports games market currently. The PC version of Madden NFL 22 includes all the features as the version for PlayStation and Xbox X/S consoles, so you can rest assured that your gaming experience will not be impacted due to issues with porting. 

Riders Republic 

Those who prefer their sports games to provide extreme experiences without the acute risk to life and limb that such activities entail in real life, Ubisoft’s open-world Riders Republic will let you live out your X-Games fantasies without hypothermia or broken bones. If you are in search of a digital playground for extreme sports of all kinds that provides players with a sense of genuine competition, try participating in a 64-person wingsuit race and try not to feel a sense of adrenaline. In addition to wingsuit racing, you can also take part in snowboarding, mountain biking, and skiing over an incredibly large in-game map comprised of seven real-world U.S. National Parks. Users can also make optional in-game purchases to acquire cosmetics for their riding gear and vehicles, allowing you to customize your in-game appearance. 

Rocket League 

Ever wondered what football would be like if the opposing teams were replaced with cars? If you are looking for a pc sports game that combines the strategy of soccer with the thrills of a demolition derby, Rocket League is the completely free to play option that is calling your name. Although this game has the benefit of being available for PC owners, Rocket League is one of the few multiplayer games which can claim to be fully cross-platform. This accessibility helps to ensure that you regularly face a wide variety of opponents accessing the game through mobile phones, handheld gaming devices, and consoles. Players can also participate in holiday-themed events like arena matches and time trial modes to acquire in-game items for free. This game also gives you several options to customize your vehicle from the free in-game item shop, competing in community events, and even acquiring new build blueprints after finishing matches. While the entire game is free to play, you do have the option to purchase in-game currency and items with real money if you so choose. 

Whether you are in the market for a hyper realistic sports experience that puts you in control of players, vehicles, and entire team or just want a pleasant pastime to enjoy with friends and family, these sports PC games will more than suffice. Check out your favorite online purveyor of PC games to find these titles and get sporting today. 

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