Mastering AI Tools: Leveraging Copilot for Modern Education

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the ways we live and work, but is it also impacting the way we learn? Coding lessons via Minecraft Education, and other classroom-based technology, AI and education go hand-in-hand to enhance the learning experience for students. Chatbots like ChatGPT have revolutionized the way we communicate and acquire data. From verse in the style of Shakespeare to dating advice and answering test questions, users can receive synthesized online data from various sources by entering a few simple prompts. With AI in education, teachers can streamline their lesson plans and create more interesting and appealing class content. Likewise, young learners can utilize AI to enhance the learning process and gain a better understanding of complex topics. 

The evolution of chatbots in education

From business to education, the possibilities of AI functions are endless. AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT enable natural communication between humans and machines through a series of learning algorithms that are trained to give lifelike responses. Chatbots are pre-trained on vast amounts of data about various topics so they can accurately respond to most questions or prompts. Although these tools are relatively new, they are securing a place in our regular daily lives.

The new Copilot search engine has an integrated AI-powered Copilot Chat function, helping users achieve more accurate, insightful, and interactive search results. Using GPT-4, a large multimodal model from OpenAI, Copilot lets users choose their preferred conversation style depending on their needs. GPT-4 displays human-like performance on professional and academic topics, making it a powerful artificial intelligence application in education. For example, GPT-4 passed a simulated bar exam and achieved a score within the top 10% of test takers. By incorporating GPT-4, Copilot is a powerful and thought-provoking AI assistant with unlimited classroom applications.

However, there is a debate regarding academic integrity and AI tools, particularly chatbots, that can produce topic-specific assignments and solve complex problems within just a few seconds. Some schools have even blocked the use of AI technology altogether. AI tools should not replace academic learning but act as an assistant that can help brainstorm ideas. Information produced by AI tools can provide a reference for academic aid, but users should be wary of completely relying on its accuracy. When used as an assistant, AI tools like Copilot can help with studying, writing, and research, just like websites and online tools already do. It cannot replace human thinking and creativity but can give us ideas for expansion.

The potential of Copilot in education

Copilot is a powerful learning assistant designed to support students and prepare them for their future careers. Embracing AI gives students a head start as many businesses are now adopting AI tools such as Microsoft 365 with Copilot.

Rather than encouraging reliance, Copilot is an assistant that cultivates critical thinking. By learning how to incorporate Copilot into classroom education and teaching, educators can embrace AI technology to enhance the learning experience. Of course, chatbot users should verify AI-generated content to ensure the accuracy and relevance of data. Furthermore, students should cite Copilot as a source if they use it as an assistant for academic work. 

How to use Copilot in the classroom

Microsoft’s Copilot is one of the many examples of artificial intelligence in education. It can be used as a tutor or persona to take on specific roles such as a debate partner or a school professor. This helps students expand upon and consider their ideas from various perspectives, enhancing critical thinking skills. Furthermore, it can generate quizzes, exams, and lesson plans to assist students and teachers with class preparation. It also helps teachers create modern and culturally relevant materials to keep students engaged while learning. 

The tool can also assist non-English speakers with their language learning. As many students speak other languages outside of the classroom, a learning tool to support conversation and writing skills is invaluable. Moreover, Copilot also acts as a translator, helping non-English speakers improve their understanding of class content, including tricky grammar rules and vocabulary. 

Expanding the role of Copilot in teaching and learning

Microsoft’s Copilot is a versatile tool that boosts productivity and efficiency for teachers and students. It can be used to create educational materials like class notes, summaries, and study guides, reducing the workload for teachers while maintaining access to consistent and high-quality resources. Copilot can also help faculty members produce fascinating and academically stimulating debate prompts, questions, and debate topics, forming online or forum discussion topics designed to enhance the critical thinking ability of students. 

Copilot provides personalized feedback to students on assignments, projects, and exams. The tool’s natural language processing capabilities let students receive lifelike feedback that can help further advance their studies. Moreover, Copilot facilitates peer learning by producing questions or scenarios for students to elaborate on and discuss. This promotes teamwork and joint problem-solving, helping to prepare students for the working world.

Copilot and modern educational tools

Copilot is an AI-powered chat service created for organizations and schools. It encourages students and workers to be more creative and efficient in their tasks and allows them to quickly generate content, summarize documents, and learn new skills. It can even teach coding and other complex topics. Most importantly, Copilot ensures data security and will not leak user, school, or business data outside the organization. As information is not saved, security-conscious companies can rest assured knowing that Copilot advocates advanced data protection. Copilot can create graphs, charts, and images, along with data specifications and pricing.

Acer’s range of TravelMate laptops supports Windows 11 Pro, which boosts efficiency. Data security is a huge concern for us all and is taken seriously by Microsoft and Acer. Both Copilot and Acer TravelMate laptops promote data security with features like data encryption and biometric authentication. 

Furthermore, TravelMate laptops are equipped with powerful processors and HD webcams to ensure video calls and online classes go smoothly. Copilot integrates with TravelMate laptops to support educational institutions as a learning tool to help students with complex topics, generate content, and analyze data. They are also lightweight and durable so students can use them easily on the go.


With tools like Copilot, AI for educators is here to stay. AI has earned its place in modern education and is a useful tool for productivity and efficiency. By creating personalized lesson plans, materials, and quizzes, teachers can focus less on ad-hoc tasks and more on providing a quality learning experience for students. Technology can help teachers remain current and modern while delivering classes in ways that are relevant for today’s young learners. When used correctly, AI is to be embraced and not feared, and teachers can embrace and master these tools to create a more dynamic and effective learning experience. Moreover, with consistent access to quality data resources, students can use AI tools to enhance their learning experience. Acer’s range of TravelMate laptops supports teachers and students in their AI journeys, offering fast processors and various features to boost productivity. The future of AI education is now, and the best is yet to come.

Jeni is a translator and writer based in Taiwan. She is passionate about business development and loves helping companies enter international markets. She is fluent in English, German, and Mandarin Chinese, and combines these with her industry experience to provide practical market entry solutions.



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