10 Best Google Doodle Games in 2023

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Google's secret gaming stash is right under your fingertips. Welcome to the world of Google Doodle games, your ultimate boredom buster.

Forget downloading or fancy controllers. Google serves up a fun-filled gaming menu right on its homepage. Type "Google Doodle Games" and dive into a sea of engaging, easy-to-play games celebrating important days and events.

Now, you might be thinking, "Games? During work hours?" Oh, absolutely! We've all been there - meetings that drag, spreadsheet hell, the desperate need to play some Pac-Man or be a cat wizard busting cartoon ghosts. It's for these very moments that Google Doodle games exist. 

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer. They're simple, amusing, and are perfect for that undercover gaming session at your desk. So, ready to turn your work breaks into fun breaks? Here are 10 of the most popular Google Doodle games that you can't afford to miss. Game on!

10 Best Google Doodle Games 

Searching for a fun, informative distraction? Dive into our top 10 Google Doodle games. We've mixed classic arcade vibes with unique educational twists. Let's get started! 

1) Gerald Jerry Lawson [2022] 

In December 2022, Google celebrated Gerald Jerry Lawson, a luminary in modern gaming. He led the development of the first interchangeable cartridge-based home video game system.

This Doodle walks you through a tutorial showcasing Lawson's impactful legacy. Then evolves into an interactive platform where you can create your own games. Three guest artists—Lauren Brown, Davionne Gooden, and Momo Pixel—crafted the initial rounds. You can play each as-is or customize them, echoing Lawson's trailblazing spirit.

Players have the freedom to edit games or even start from scratch with a blank cartridge. When done, share your creation with friends using the share button. This tribute celebrates Lawson's life, recognizes his contributions, and encourages continued creativity in the gaming world.

2) Celebrating Pétanque [2022]

Google introduced a charming multiplayer Doodle dedicated to Pétanque, a French sport like bocce or lawn bowls.

The Doodle emulates the sport: throw your ball (boule) as close as possible to a smaller ball (the cochonnet) within the playing field. Mimicking the action of Pokémon Go, you fling the boules using a thumb swipe or your computer mouse. You earn points by having your balls closer to the cochonnet than your opponent's. The highest scorer after three rounds is the winner. An intuitive tutorial and practice mode assists beginners when they first start playing. 

The Doodle features dueling purple and green olives teams with one-on-one or team play. This Doodle bridges the gap between a classic outdoor sport and digital entertainment, proving that games are a universal language. 

3) Pac-Man [2010] 

Celebrating Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, Google launched a fully playable Doodle, accessible on phones or computers.

The game springs to life with a click on the "Insert Coin" button, immersing you in an 8-bit world reminiscent of the arcade era. Your goal's the same: devour pellets and evade the notorious ghosts - Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The twist here is the maze, which cleverly takes the shape of the Google logo.

For added fun, the game offers a two-player mode. By clicking the "Insert Coin" button twice, Ms. Pac-Man appears. A friend can control her using the WASD keys while you use the arrow keys, doubling the excitement.

This clever blend of nostalgia and modernity has drawn millions of players globally, showing how iconic games continue to captivate us.

4) Celebrating Bubble Tea [2023]

Google celebrates the simple joys of making and enjoying bubble tea with friends. Bubble tea, a Taiwanese invention from the 1980s, is a globally loved cold and sweetened drink. Its distinguishing feature is the "bubble" - tiny pearls of tapioca or jelly sucked up through an oversized straw.

In the game, you're a Formosan Mountain Dog managing a bubble tea stand. Your goal: fulfill orders by accurately pouring bubbles, tea, and syrup up to specific lines on the cup. Touch the line, and you get a star, with a maximum of three stars per order. You earn stars based on your precision with five orders to complete.

This Doodle elegantly captures the simplicity of making bubble tea and the joy it brings, mirroring the drink's journey from a cultural delight to a worldwide sensation. It's fast, with under five minutes of gameplay, and you can share with friends.

5) Pony Express [2015] 

Google marked the Pony Express's 155th anniversary with a fun side-scrolling adventure. As you hop into the saddle, you'll dodge bandits, cacti, and obstacles as you scoop up envelopes across the sprawling landscapes - just like the old-time couriers.

Your goal? Snag all 100 letters strewn across three quick levels. Tap your up and down arrow keys, and you're off as a horse-riding courier on an engaging quest.

It wraps up in about 5 minutes, showcasing how a quick-paced game can be as exhilarating as the actual Pony Express rides. Ready? Set. Ride!

6) Oskar Fischinger [2017] 

Step into the shoes of German abstract animator Oskar Fischinger with this Doodle to celebrate his 117th birthday. You can create your own music production with beautiful visual effects.

Just click on the different diamonds to generate unique sound and pattern combos. You're responsible for shaping the tempo, key, and special effects. Think of it as a virtual rhythm game.  

Fischinger, a German filmmaker, and painter, once said, "Music is not limited to the world of sound. There exists a music of the visual world." This Doodle brings his vision to life, letting you craft a mesmerizing audio-visual symphony, a nod to Fischinger's legacy in abstract animation and music. Time to spark some creativity!

7) Doodle Cricket [2017] 

Google celebrated the ICC Champions Trophy with the tiniest interactive cricket game ever, perfect for slow internet connections. As a cricket, it's you against the snails, which are fielders in this charming game.

You aim to score as many runs as possible without getting out. Click or tap to swing your bat to hit the ball, but watch out, as timing is everything. The game tests your skills as you aim for different areas of the field, racking up the highest score.

The Doodle's cute art style and bright colors add to the fun. Whether you're a cricket fan or want some amusement, this Doodle's a six for everyone. Up for a bat?

8) Champion Island Games [2021] 

Celebrating the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Google's ambitious Champion Island Games has you leading Lucky the Ninja Cat on a sports adventure set in a world rich in Japanese lore.

This hour-long quest has you competing in seven sports minigames:

  • Archery 
  • Artistic swimming 
  • Climbing 
  • Marathon 
  • Rugby Union 
  • Skateboarding 
  • Table tennis

Defeat each sport's Champion Island boss, grab the Sacred Scroll, and you're one step closer to bringing peace to the island.

Aside from the sports, there's more to explore! Help the island's citizens through various quests, speeding up gameplay by using the compass to jump between areas.

Whether an athlete or an adventurer, Champion Island Games invites you to dive into a blend of sports action and enchanting folklore. Ready to be the Island Champion?

Pro Tip: Speed up gameplay by clicking the compass to jump to various areas on the map. 

9) Halloween [2016, 2020] 

Get your 'Harry Potter' on with Momo, the magical cat wizard, for spooktacular fun. Help her cast out mischievous spirits by swiping matching symbols above the ghosts' heads. Beware, it's spellbindingly addictive!

In the 2016 Halloween Doodle, you're on a mission to rescue the Magic Cat Academy from an army of ghosts. Act fast to thwart the spirit that swiped the master spell book!

Flash forward to Halloween 2020, and Momo takes a deep dive underwater, battling the Big Boss ghost and his school of ghouls. Ready your wands, and make these ghosts go poof!

10) Coding for Carrots [2017]  

Unleash your inner coder with this Google Doodle! Coding for Carrots is an ode to the 50th anniversary of Logo, the world's first programming language for kids. Echoing Logo's approach of learning through play, this Doodle places you in control of an animated rabbit.

Your mission? Guide this hungry bunny through a block maze and towards the carrots using simple coding commands. As the game advances, the code sequences grow increasingly complex, testing your problem-solving skills with loops.

This game makes coding accessible and fun, providing an engaging introduction to coding for all ages. So, are you ready to hop into the coding and guide our rabbit to his carrot? Your coding adventure starts now!

Google Doodle games cleverly blend learning, history, and fun, providing an entertaining breather while enlightening players. Whether you seek knowledge or simply a moment of relaxation, these Doodle games are your perfect pick-me-ups. Let the games begin! 

Robert is a Taiwan-based writer and digital marketer at iamrobert design. He has a passion for helping people simplify their lives through tech.


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