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Brace yourself for Atlas Fallen, the upcoming open-world action RPG game from Deck13. This awesome looking new game is set in a timeless land of desert dunes. After creating your own avatar, you will battle ancient monsters using powerful sand-infused weapons. Atlas Fallen is set to be released on August 10th, 2023, just in time for summer gaming out of the sun. Sounds appealing? Read on to discover more about what the new Atlas Fallen game has to offer.

Frankfurt based Deck13  or more formally, Deck13 Interactive GmbH is a German video game developer and publisher founded in 2001. Renowned for their action RPG games, Deck13’s past offerings include Lords of the Fallen from 2014 and The Surge, released in 2017. Lords of the Fallen is set in a medieval fantasy world where man must fight against gods. Its successor, The Surge finds us in a dystopian future, our exoskeleton clad hero tasked with battling all manner of sci-fi baddies. Both of these games excited players with their intriguing environments and gritty combat. Atlas Fallen promises to deliver in this arena as well. Deck 13 games are renowned for their amazing graphics and intriguing environments. Take a look at the Atlas Fallen trailer, the game promises to deliver stunning graphics and gameplay in the sandy land of Atlas.

What’s the story? 

If you like trudging through muddy fields or crunching through crisp snow, perhaps this game is not for you. Atlas Fallen is about sand, sand, sand. But more on that later. According to the mysterious female warrior in the Atlas Fallen trailer: “The sand has memories, memories of our past when gods walked this world and our heroes stood amongst them. But the gods’ vanity grew, and in their struggle, we were cast away. Only remnants of these stories remain in the sand, in the ruins of this shattered, broken world.” Atlas Fallen takes place in a timeless, medieval fantasy world, where humanity is oppressed by a nefarious god, and the crumbling ruins of a once great civilization lie covered in sand. The hero (you) will fight and gain strength until you are strong enough to battle the embodiment of this evil god. Now, let’s get back to our dance with the sand.

Hand in glove

Sand is the dominant force in the strange, dry land of Atlas. Essence unites every grain of sand and is the basis of an ancient magic. The hero finds the remnants of this magic in the form of an antique artifact called the Gauntlet. The gauntlet gives the hero access to this magic, aiding them in their quest against the tyrannical god and a plethora of god-like mythical beasts. The Gauntlet allows its wearer to control the Essence of the sand, and to shape it into various weapons to destroy the beasts and monsters of the desert.

Alas, like many weapons to come before and after it, the Gauntlet is, unfortunately, prone to malfunction. After it was first forged by a mythical entity, the Gauntlet was dismantled so that no one would ever wield such immense power, ever again. To keep your gauntlet running smoothly, you will require Catalyst Pieces and Shards, to both increase the power of the Gauntlet and to make progress in Atlas Fallen.

We will fight them in the deserts

With your trusty Gauntlet, you will shape the sand into three different weapons during your desert journey. Gaining Momentum is a key part of the gameplay in Atlas Fallen. As you fight, you gain Momentum, and your weapons will increase in size and power, eventually unleashing special skills and abilities to destroy the enemy.

Sandwhip is a swift, efficient weapon that offers versatility and is the fastest way to build up Momentum. Dunecleaver is, as it sounds, a powerful, heavy weapon designed to inflict precise, targeted damage to your enemies. The Dunecleaver comes in two forms, axe for large sweeping attacks and hammer for targeted damage. Knuckledust is ideal for destroying selected threats, it covers both of your forearms and with sufficient Momentum build up, morphs into an extra pair of arms.

Behold, the Mighty Sand Tamer 

But, it is not all about fighting in the sand! Channeling the power of the sand has several other functions as well as simply hunting monsters. The Gauntlet is your sand Cadillac, or Jeep in the land of Atlas/ The Gauntlet will allow you to sand slide effortlessly across the shifting dunes, as well as to interact with various structures and objects. The three sand functions are:

  • Raise function lets you use sand to lift buildings and objects, unearthing them from deep in the ground. Raising forgotten treasures and ancient ruins and forging new paths over raised structures helps you on your mission in Atlas.
  • Air Dash function is a cool way to fly from A to B if you find yourself in the air with the help of the Essence around you. By harnessing the Essence, you can propel yourself to a target, jump across great spaces and go where you want to, pronto.
  • Crush function equips you with supernatural strength required to tear chains and magic seals in order to access the forbidden lands of Atlas.

Forecast: sandy with many beasts

Atlas Fallen promises a banquet of brutal combat against terrifying beasts of the desert as well as a safari of beautiful, vast desert landscapes. With the power of the sand slide, you will discover hidden castles, divine cities, forests, and even swamps. Prepare to harness the power of the mystic Gauntlet this summer to free humankind from oppression once and for all!

Remember, you can discover many more of your favorite games, both new and old with Game Pass. If you’re a fan of role playing games, then check out our article about the fantasy world of RPG’s and immerse yourself in this rewarding genre. As the sands of time shift, there is not long to wait until the release date of Atlas Fallen: August 10th 2023. Atlas Fallen will be available on Windows, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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