How to Score the Best Black Friday Deals 2022

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With Halloween behind us and the festive holiday season ahead, the online retail market will soon enter a period of significant discounts which coincide with the North American holiday of Thanksgiving. In addition to feasts with friends and family, you can look forward to the satisfaction of getting yourself or a loved one a great gift while saving a substantial amount of money. So get ready for the annual carnival of commerce and learn how to score the best 2022 Black Friday deals.  

Despite the Temptation, Wait Until November 22 to Get the Best Black Friday 2022 Deals

Although the desire to purchase the ideal gift for yourself or others before it becomes sold out is certainly understandable, data suggests that the wisdom of the phrase "the best things come to those who wait" is as relevant as ever. Market trend reports suggest a notable improvement from Black Friday 2021 (discounts averaging 11%) to Black Friday 2022 (an estimated 19% average discount), representing a lot of money you could save while shopping. Perhaps the best way to ensure that you save money and avoid overspending accidentally is to make a firm budget and keep to it, regardless of the temptation to spend impulsively.  

Individuals and families often make many of their major technology purchases on Black Friday. Such items generally include expensive technology, including but not limited to Smart TVs, gaming laptops, video game consoles, smartphones, etc. Therefore, it's crucial to be prepared and strategic to derive the maximum benefit. To avoid potential disappointment and spending money unnecessarily, you should take the time to review if any price match guarantees apply to specific Black Friday tech deals, as well as whether a retailer would require a fee for restocking the item. 

Take Advantage of Free Shipping, Early Access to Deals, and Discount Codes

There are three things to keep in mind when performing your shopping this year to help stretch your budget as far as possible: free shipping, getting an early preview of upcoming Black Friday tech deals before they hit the main market, and discount codes. Free shipping is by far the easiest to obtain since many major and minor online retailers offer deals that include free shipping with a mandatory minimum purchase.  

Because membership services, including Amazon Prime and Walmart+, also offer free shipping for many products, it may be worth considering obtaining a membership, if only temporarily. So long as you remember to cancel your membership before any trial period expires, you will also be able to access certain Black Friday deals up to weeks in advance of the average consumer. Doing so will save you considerable sums of money, and you will also be able to enjoy the satisfaction of acquiring some technology that will make someone's whole year, especially if it's your own. 

Coupon codes, discounts, and store-wide savings of 50% or more provide you with several easy options to save money this holiday season, especially if you start acquiring them in advance of Black Friday 2022. This is especially effective for companies such as Bath & Body Works whose coupons do not come with blackout or expiration dates, creating incredible discounts when combined. You should also consider checking out your local retail outlets to take advantage of savings that apply to all items currently in store, which can be great when purchasing multiples of the same thing. In addition, several legitimate websites compile officially released discount codes from various companies, and price tracking apps are available to collect and compare prices for you, saving you time and trouble. 

Consider Your Digital Security When Shopping for the Best Black Friday Deals 

Even with the opportunity to purchase an ever-increasing number of items from the comfort and safety of your own home, it can sometimes be tempting to shop using your mobile device when you are out and about. Should you decide to do so, it is worth considering that, unlike in your personal residence, any public Wi-Fi will probably not offer you the same level of cybersecurity and threat protection. While the padlock symbol in front of the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) was once considered a reliable means of discerning real websites from impostors, many cybercriminals use websites with similar encryptions, so it may be worth waiting to get home before you enter any of your financial details. 

Even though it can seem like a hassle and might sound like a cliché, the importance of having unique usernames and passwords for all your online accounts cannot be overstated. When it comes to websites that handle sensitive information, including your credit card, bank account, and other financial data, you should never use the same password twice to help prevent security breaches.  

Downloading a free browser extension like Burner Mail to supply a disposable email address automatically can help avoid clogging up your inbox and keep your information safe when shopping around. Use your "real" email address when you actually make a purchase. If you make any purchases while traveling or connected to public Wi-Fi, use the retailer's official mobile app rather than your device's web browser. 

With some planning, foresight, and preparedness, you will be ready to get the best  Black Friday deals and offers. So do your research and start building your collection of savings and discounts, and you will be ready to snag the technology you desire and save some cash to boot. 

About Dan Martin: Daniel Martin is a technology researcher and writer with more than a decade of experience. He is a professional librarian and an experienced tech teacher, writer and blogger. Specializing in technology, Dan has taught courses in technology and writing at the college level, developed web pages for businesses and higher educational institutions, written on tech topics for leading national publications and created numerous how-to guides.



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