6 Best Portable Solar Laptop Chargers for 2022

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With extreme weather conditions becoming more prevalent than ever before, it is crucial that you have access to a portable charger to ensure your devices stay powered in emergency situations. Power banks offer a direct solution, but once their batteries are depleted, they are little more than expensive bricks. If you would like to have the option to take your computer-related work to remote locations or are looking for alternative off-grid power options for keeping your PC powered, you should look for a portable laptop charger with the ability to obtain electricity via solar technology. Learn more about the six best portable solar laptop chargers for 2022 and how they can provide a vital lifeline when other power sources are unavailable. 

ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel/Generator 100W  

If you are in the market for a solid portable solar laptop charger that is affordable and can also recharge 12V batteries and portable generators, the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel/Generator 100W is an excellent model for the price. In addition to the single DC output (18V/5A) that can charge your laptop along with many other smaller devices, this portable charger also comes with a pair of USB ports (5V/2.4A per port) that can easily power up any 5V compatible devices. In addition, the solar panel comes with waterproofing treatments already applied, and the whole set weighs in at under five pounds. This unit also has an 18-month warranty, an instruction manual, carabiners, five laptop connectors, one DC 5.5x2.1mm to 5.5x2.5mm cable, one 1.5m Alligator clip cable, and USB cables. 

Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station With 20W Solar Panel 

As one of the more versatile offerings that includes both a solar charging panel as well as a portable power station, the Goal Zero Yeti 200X Lithium Portable Power Station with 20W Solar Panel offers an incredible range of charging options. Users can easily determine the amount of available power thanks to the handy interactive LCD screen and charge devices with a wide array of ports, including a 12V output port, 8mm input port, 6mm output port, two USB-A ports, and a single USB-C PD (power delivery) input/output port. You can charge several types of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, DSLR cameras, tablets, rechargeable headlamps and much more. 

Jackery 500W Continuous/1000W Peak Generator SG550 with 100W Solar Panel 

If you don't mind carrying an almost fourteen-pound device and solar panel with you as you engage in outdoor excursions, the Jackery 500W Continuous/1000W Peak Generator SG550 with 100W Solar Panel can deliver some genuine power for your devices. This unit can charge laptops with ease and makes many of the conveniences we associate with indoor life possible outdoors, including powering a mini fridge for almost 40 hours, an air pump for almost nine hours, and a CPAP machine for 3 to 42 hours of operation. Users can also take advantage of the included MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology to enjoy much greater efficiency when using your solar panel to charge the generator. Input options include an 8mm DC port, and output options include three 5V, 2.4A USB ports, two DC outputs, and one carport output.

SHELL Portable Power Station 500W with 100W Solar Panel 

With two AC outlets, two DC outlets, one USB C charging port, three USB-A charging ports, a car outlet, and even a port for wireless charging, the SHELL Portable Power Station 500W with 100W Solar Panel can charge laptops as well as up to ten devices simultaneously. Capable of regaining a full battery after five to eight hours of solar charging thanks to a solar efficiency of 23%, this unit weighs just under ten pounds and can collect electricity even during cloudy weather. This unit also possesses an IP65 rating for resistance against water, dust, and other environmental hazards, helping to ensure reliable power generation wherever you find yourself. In addition, a compact, foldable design and adjustable kickstands for the solar panel let users reposition components as needed for ideal solar collection. 

Sherpa 100AC + Nomad 20 Solar Kit 

As the name of this portable solar laptop charger implies, the Sherpa 100AC + Nomad 20 Solar Kit is designed to keep things as light and travel-ready as possible. This unit is ideal for those who like to keep things simple. It includes the Nomad 20 solar panel, the Sherpa AC100 power bank, four heavy-duty cables, and integrated cable storage to keep everything neat and organized on the move. In addition to offering users USB-C to USB-C, Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C cables, the power bank also includes Qi wireless charging capabilities, 2.4A USB charging ports, and an integrated 100W AC outlet. 

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops 

For those who would like the option to charge their laptop while hiking, jogging, or otherwise engaged in outdoor activities, the Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack Charger for Laptops is a great way to do so. This backpack unit can charge the average laptop in roughly six hours using monocrystalline solar cells and features recycled materials throughout its construction. While primarily designed to charge laptops on the move, this unit also features a built-in battery pack capable of charging any USB-compatible device, including smartphones, and batteries for mirrorless cameras.

Please do not wait until you need a portable laptop solar charger before you purchase one, lest you end up in a situation where it could have made a real difference. After all, it is far better to have and not need than to need and not have, so obtain a compatible unit today before you end up wishing you had finalized your purchase. When shopping for portable solar chargers, make sure that the package includes both solar panels and a power station to avoid being left in the lurch.

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