5 Eco-Friendly Products to Complement Your Green PC

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If you own a green PC like one from Acer’s Vero line of computers, there’s a good chance you’re someone who appreciates environmentally friendly products that boost your sustainability.  

But finding environmentally friendly products that actually reduce your environmental impact are notoriously difficult to source. They’re generally few and far between and despite their claims, may not adequately match your expectations of what an eco-friendly product should offer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find suitable green products. 

The green industry is awash with outstanding eco-friendly products that offer sustainable features and are designed and manufactured in eco-friendly ways. And many of those products go a long way in boosting productivity and improving your life. 

Read on for a hand-picked selection of eco-friendly products that improve your environmental friendliness and complement your green PC.  

Macaron Vero Mouse 

The Macaron Vero Mouse is an ideal choice if you want to improve your accessories game and ditch a less environmentally friendly mouse. 

Thirty percent of Acer’s Macaron Vero Mouse is made with recycled plastic to reduce its impact on the environment, making it an ideal choice for green PC owners. But it also doesn’t skimp on features, thanks to its support for wireless connectivity up to 10 meters from your computer. And with 1200 DPI performance, it’s a highly accurate and reliable mouse. Add that to the silent scrolling wheel and the option to use it either left or right-handed and the Acer Macaron Vero Mouse is a great choice for green PC owners. 

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip 

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip is a wireless power strip that can be controlled from your phone while reducing power consumption. 

The device comes with six independent outlets that can be independently monitored and controlled. It also offers three USB ports for additional charging of smartphones or other devices. TP-Link’s power strip offers full surge protection and even voice control so you can easily toggle devices on and off. 

Its most important feature is the option to monitor energy performance for each device plugged into the power strip. You can see how much energy each product is using and use the Kasa app to turn off anything that is consuming too much power. 

Anker PowerPort Solar 

If you have a host of accessories connected to your green PC and want something a bit more environmentally friendly to charge them with, the Anker PowerPort Solar is a great place to start. 

Anker’s PowerPort Solar is a solar-powered charger that allows you to charge multiple devices, including a mouse, smartphone, or camera using only the sun’s power. It offers up to 2.4 amps per port in direct sunlight and delivers fast-charging technology so you can quickly boost your accessories’ battery life.  

The Anker PowerPort Solar is made with industrial-strength panels and comes with an 18-month warranty. 

Dyson Lightcycle 

If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly desk light to use when you’re on your green PC, the Dyson Lightcycle is one of the best options on the market. 

Dyson’s Lightcycle automatically adapts to the ambient light in your room and simulates natural daylight to reduce eyestrain. It also uses artificial intelligence to adapt its schedule and light intensity based on how you use it. Dyson’s light will even adapt its intensity based on the task you’re performing to reduce its power usage. 

Since it’s a desk light, design matters here, but Dyson’s Lightcycle comes with a compelling and modern look and feel that should fit properly into just about any room in the house. With its intelligent features and compelling design, the Dyson Lightcycle is a great complement to any environmentally friendly space. 

Vero Eco Sleeve 

When you go mobile with your green PC, you may find it useful to pack it away in a product that’s both protecting your computer but also reduces its impact on the environment. And that’s precisely why the Acer Vero Eco Sleeve is such a great option. 

Acer’s Vero Eco Sleeve is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it an ideal choice for your next green laptop sleeve. It’s designed to fit most 15.6-inch laptops and has a front pocket that lets you pack away a notebook, keys, or other things you may be carrying around. The Vero Eco Sleeve was designed with the same compelling aesthetic as other Vero devices, including speckled highlights to add some design flair. 

Key Takeaway 

Regardless of whether you’re new to the green PC market or you’ve owned an eco-friendly computer for quite some time, the best way to complement it is with a host of products and accessories that similarly promote environmental friendliness. And as the products above clearly illustrate, there are plenty of outstanding options to choose from.


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