Destiny 2: The Final Shape – What to Expect from Bungie's Next Epic


On June 4, 2024, Bungie, the developer behind the popular online first-person shooter looter-shooter Destiny 2, released The Final Shape, the highly anticipated culmination of the game's current narrative arc. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Destiny 2, promising to deliver a definitive conclusion to the ongoing saga between the player-controlled Guardians and a powerful entity known as the Witness.

Available on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, and PC, the expansion offers cross-play functionality, allowing players to access their progress across multiple platforms. Bungie has made the expansion available in a standard versionor a collector's edition that has additional cosmetic items and season passes.

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Unveiling the Final Narrative

In Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the Guardians face their ultimate challenge as they confront the Witness, a cosmic entity intent on reshaping the universe. The expansion delves deep into the lore, revealing the final stages of the epic conflict between Light and Darkness. The narrative follows the Guardians as they journey into the Traveler, the mysterious celestial being that has guided humanity. Inside, they uncover secrets about the origins of the Light, the true nature of the Darkness, and the pivotal role they must play to thwart the Witness's apocalyptic vision. 

The story is rich with high-stakes missions and character-driven arcs, culminating in a climactic battle that determines the fate of all sentient life. The Final Shape weaves together threads from previous expansions, delivering a powerful and conclusive chapter in the Destiny 2 saga.

Final Shape Episodes

The year of the Final Shape breaks away from traditional seasonal models, offering a more extended and immersive experience for Guardians. The expansion is structured into three distinct episodes, each running for four months and offering new content and experiences: 


The first episode began a week after the expansion’s release. Focusing on the Vex, it introduces players to the Witness’s plans, the Pale Heart destination, and the emotional journey. Expect new quests, story missions, activities, weapons, Artifact mods, season pass ranks, and rewards. 


This episode, possibly to be launched in October 2024, continues the unfolding narrative. Players will face fresh challenges, learn how to craft potions, explore additional locations within the Pale Heart, and uncover more about the Dread menace. 


Scheduled for February 2025, the final episode will concentrate on the Hive pantheon, promising epic encounters, further progression, and perhaps the ultimate showdown with the Witness.  

Gameplay Mechanics 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape continues the franchise's tradition of delivering thrilling first-person shooter gameplay, emphasizing strategic combat, a vast arsenal of weapons, and unique abilities tailored to each Guardian class. The expansion introduces reworked raids and new combat scenarios, requiring players to adapt and innovate as they face formidable enemies and intricate level designs. 

Combat in The Final Shape is dynamic and engaging, blending fast-paced action with tactical depth. Players can choose from three main classes: Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks, each with distinct subclasses that offer unique abilities. These subclasses receive significant updates in the expansion, introducing new supers and abilities that enhance gameplay diversity. For instance, Titans can deploy powerful shields that provide cover and boost team defense, while Warlocks can wield devastating area-of-effect attacks that decimate groups of enemies. Hunters, known for their agility, gain new abilities that enhance their stealth and precision. 

Meanwhile, the Prismatic subclass allows Guardians to combine elements from other subclasses into a versatile super subclass. By wielding both Light and Darkness, players can utilize abilities across five damage types — offering diverse and intricate build crafting possibilities. Whether it’s constant Devour Bleak Watchers on Warlocks or three back-to-back Consecrations on Titans, Prismatic opens up untapped potential for gameplay. Unlocking its full potential involves completing quests that reveal additional Light and Darkness abilities across the Pale Heart landscape.  

The expansion also brings an array of new and notable weapons, each meticulously designed to suit different playstyles. One standout is the Exotic auto rifle, "Khostov 7G-0X," which damages more enemies with ricochet shots. Another is the "False Idols" sword. Featuring a vortex frame, it creates a devastating whirlwind during heavy attacks. 

Additionally, The Final Shape introduces new mechanics that integrate seamlessly with the core gameplay. Players encounter challenging puzzles and platforming segments within the new environments, requiring not only combat prowess, but also problem-solving skills. The combination of intense firefights, strategic use of abilities, and the diverse weapon arsenal ensures that each encounter feels fresh and rewarding. 

Early reactions to Destiny 2: The Final Shape have been a mix of anticipation, excitement, and curiosity. IGN describes it as a “hell of a ride” for Destiny fans over the last decade. The expansion aims to surprise and delight players, with a focus on the Witness’s Pale Heart — a place where perception and memory collide. The story explores themes of grief and loss, creating an eerie yet endearing atmosphere. According to the review, the composition is better than the previous expansion, but the pacing feels slightly off.  

Feedback on OpenCritic praises the expertly paced combat, puzzles, and stunning environments. The barrier to entry has been addressed, making it a seamless experience for players diving into the latest campaign. GamesRadar notes that the Pale Heart conjures enemies and environments from throughout Destiny history, creating a reverential nostalgia. The contrast between Light and Dark shines through, adding depth to the narrative climax.  

Despite server issues, the general sentiment remains positive. Players are thoroughly enjoying the content drop, appreciating the new destination and public events. Some minor irritations exist, but overall, excitement prevails. 

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has emerged as a significant release in 2024. The expansion's rich narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and high-quality design have solidified its place as a standout addition to the Destiny 2 universe. While there have been minor technical issues, Bungie's responsiveness and commitment to improvement have ensured a positive overall experience. The game's success reinforces the importance of meaningful expansions and highlights Bungie's ongoing dedication to delivering engaging and immersive experiences for its players. 

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