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Today, we’re on a fast track to getting connected and respected in the world of online gaming. While we can’t give you the skills to pay the bills, we can provide you with the best hardware and software to make the most out of the games you play. Let’s face it, the glamorous world of OLED monitors and sexy GPUs might be higher up your list of priority gear, but let’s not forget the oft neglected gaming router. As you’ll find out in this article, buying the best gaming router you can get your hands on can benefit your gaming in more ways than one. 

Kitting yourself out with the best router for gaming, namely the Predator Connect W6x will enable smooth, immersive gameplay, as well as reliable, lightning fast Wi-Fi connectivity. While you’re presumably familiar with Wi-Fi, did you know that we’re currently somewhere in between the Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 generations? While you may think that being newer, Wi-Fi 7 must also be better, but it’s actually not quite as simple as it seems. In this article we’ll dish out the lowdown on Wi-Fi 6, and of course provide you with a decent overview of the Predator Connect W6x gaming router.

What is Wi-Fi 6?

Before we get stuck into the meat and potatoes of the Predator Connect W6x, let’s take a minute to look at the wireless technology it gets part of its name from: Wi-Fi 6. Short for Wireless Fidelity (Yes, a nod to Hi-Fi), Wi-Fi networks have been promoted and certified by the Wi-Fi alliance since 1999. Wi-Fi has been in our lives for over two and a half decades now, and like any great dynasty, successive generations of Wi-Fi have built upon the technology of their predecessors. Hint: it’s all about data transfer speed.

First released in 2019, Wi-Fi 6, as you may have guessed, offers faster, more efficient, and more reliable connectivity than Wi-Fi 5. Delivering speedier data rates of up to 9.6 Gbps (gigabits per second) against Wi-Fi 5’s 3.5 Gbps, Wi-Fi 6 supports higher bandwidth applications like online gaming. In addition to raw speed, increased capacity to handle multiple devices without performance drops and enhanced efficiency are both hallmarks of Wi-Fi 6. Let’s not overlook security: Wi-Fi 6 is armed with WPA3, the latest Wi-Fi security protocol for better encryption and defense against brute-force attacks.

Predator Connect W6x

A Wi-Fi 6 powerhouse that will destroy lag and put you on the path to victory, this is the gaming router we’re rooting for in 2024. The Predator Connect W6x will be available in Q2 in North America, and in EMEA this July from €129 (around $140). Let’s check out the tech-specs of this omnidirectional, six-antenna’d beauty:

  • Wi-Fi Technology: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) 
  • Processor: Quad-core 2.0 GHz ARM Cortex 
  • Memory: RAM 1GB / Storage 256 MB 
  • Band Support: 2.4 and 5 GHz 
  • Speed and Performance: Up to 6000 Mbps 
  • Features: Hybrid QoS compatible with Intel® Killer™ Prioritization Engine, Predator Connect App, 6 External Omnidirectional antennas 
  • Connectivity: 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports (LAN), 2.5 GHz Port (WAN) 
  • Capacity: Support MU-MIMO 2.4 GHz 4x4/ 5 GHz 4x4 
  • Security: TrendMicro Home Network Security 
  • Power Adapter: 12 V/ 2.5A 30W 
  • IO Interface: USB 3.0 Type A (FTP, Samba), WPS Button, Reset pinhole

Why should I get a Predator Connect W6x?

The specs above can provide some clues as to why this router provides smooth, uninterrupted gaming, no matter how intense the action gets. With its powerful quad-core processor, 1 GB of DDR4 RAM and 256 MB of ROM, this router prioritizes near-zero packet loss for seamless, uninterrupted gaming.

With the power of Wi-Fi 6, icy-hot speeds of up to 6000 Mbps are possible. Couple this speed with ultra-low latency, and you’ll be halfway towards winning the connection war. Whether you’re smashing it at your favorite AAA title, streaming and chilling, or settling in for some seamless multitasking, the Predator Connect W6x is in your corner.

Priority lane

Featuring Hybrid QoS, the Connect W6x proactively prioritizes your gaming traffic, while optimizing your network. This ensures silky smooth gameplay, lag-less glory and optimized performance no matter how tasking the task! In order to extend the reaches of Wi-Fi coverage to the furthest depths of your house or lair, the Connect W6x is armed with six high-gain omnidirectional antennas and high-output, high SNR dedicated power amplifiers. On top of this, the Predator Connect utility app will be downloadable on your smartphone or table from July, allowing you to control, configure and monitor your network remotely.

Cloud optimized

Like water evaporating and condensing into clouds, the future of gaming is also headed towards the cloud. We’re gearing up for the future, and the Predator Connect W6x optimizes your connection for cloud gaming platforms. This means that you can expect to experience blazing fast responsiveness, as well as near-zero packet loss for the latest cloud-based games.

Safe as houses

For a router that looks like an intergalactic flying fortress, the Predator Connect W6x is shielded like one, too. The router comes with a lifetime subscription to Trend Micro Home Network Security. This security solution ensures your network safety and privacy with Malicious Sites Blocking, Network Attack Blocking, IoT Security Protection, and Parental Control.

Or perhaps a Wi-Fi 7 mesh router?

If you’re on the fence about investing in a gaming oriented Wi-Fi router, may we suggest you check out Acer Wave 7 mesh router? This mesh router delivers ultra-fast Wi-Fi 7 as well as Multi-Link Operation, providing complete Wi-Fi coverage for your home and office spaces. The Wave 7 mesh router leverages state-of-the art Wi-Fi technology to deliver speeds up to 6400 Mbps, while allowing for further expansion by adding more access points.

The Wave 7 Wi-Fi mesh router is purpose-built for modern living, guaranteeing seamless, uninterrupted browsing, gaming and streaming throughout your space. Available in single, double and triple-packs, the Wave 7 mesh router will grow with your family or business, adding flexibility and coverage to your home or office network.

Mesh routers ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, no matter where you are in your home. The main mesh router is supported by a team of nodes to extend Wi-Fi coverage by rebroadcasting the Wi-Fi signal. With these nodes, your devices remain connected to the strongest signal, eliminating the need to switch between networks manually.

The takeaway

We hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about Wi-Fi 6 and the Predator Connect W6x, the router you need to gear up for gaming glory! Designed for gamers who demand smooth, uninterrupted gaming, the Connect W6x can’t be beaten. Combining speed, reliability and low latency, take control of your connection with the Connect W6x and see where it takes you. Remember: the Predator Connect W6x will be available in Q2 in North America, and in EMEA this July from around  €129 (around $140).

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