Fallout 4 Update: The Wasteland Is Coming to Your Widescreen


Patience has been paying off for Fallout fans. The highly anticipated Fallout TV series released on April 10, 2024, has garnered rave reviews, and now avid players of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG franchise are getting a long-awaited Fallout 4 upgrade. This update brings a variety of improvements and new content to the beloved video game. Whether you’re dusting off your Pip-Boy or exploring the Commonwealth for the first time, here’s what to expect from the latest Fallout 4 update. 

Free Next-Gen Upgrade 

The centerpiece of this Fallout 4 update is the addition of next-gen console versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on April 25, 2024. This means players can now experience the wasteland in all its glory at 60 FPS with improved graphics. There are also two new graphics modes to choose from. Performance mode prioritizes smooth gameplay, while quality mode offers the best possible visuals. 

New Perks for PC Players 

The PC community is also getting some exciting changes. The update adds support for widescreen and ultra-widescreen monitors, a boon for those who want to take in the vast landscapes of the Commonwealth in all their glory. If you want to give ultra-wide monitors a try, check out the Acer EI1 Series UltraWide Curved Monitor, which offers a vibrant 49” display with 3840x1080 resolution, plus ambient backlighting to add even more flair to your gaming sessions.  

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements 

Although the announcement doesn’t list specific bug fixes, the Fallout 4 update addresses login issues, adds quest updates, and improves the game’s overall stability on all platforms. For PC players, there are fixes to the Creation Kit tool used for mods, opening the door for a new wave of community-created content. 

New Creation Club Content 

Bethesda is also releasing free Creation Club items along with the next-gen update. Here are the Fallout 4 downloadable content you can look forward to: 

Enclave Remnants 

This new quest, titled “Echoes of the Past,” introduces a storyline involving a Pre-War faction called The Enclave. Players must thwart their plans to spread their ideology throughout the Commonwealth. Creation Club content for this quest includes the Enclave Colonel uniform and workshop items. 

Makeshift Weapon Pack 

Nab this set of unconventional weapons crafted from commonplace objects like a piggy bank and a baseball launcher. 

Halloween Workshop 

Give your settlements a spooky touch with this collection of 38 new Halloween-themed decorations. Options include cauldrons, carved pumpkins, witches, and ghouls. 

Looking Ahead to Fallout 5 

Fallout 4 is poised to enjoy a renaissance with this next-gen update, but what about Fallout 5? Bethesda has confirmed that the game is in development, but it looks like there’ll be a very long wait. Fallout 5 is expected to come after The Elder Scrolls 6, which is still in pre-production, so estimates place it around 2030. Thankfully, this Fallout 4 next-gen update provides fresh adventures in the nuclear-ravaged Commonwealth to tide fans over until we hear more about its sequel. 

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