Best Websites to Find Remote Jobs in 2024

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As remote or hybrid work gains popularity, specialist job boards are popping up to accommodate location-independent vacancies. Remote jobs offer convenience and flexibility and can lead to increased productivity, while remote workers may benefit from improved mental well-being and reduced commute times. Such jobs provide a more agreeable work-life balance, with many remote workers choosing to swap the office for a more pleasant working environment like a coffee shop or beachside cafe. For employers, offering remote jobs widens the talent pool as they can search for employees worldwide. It also reduces the costs of running a fixed office location, including rent and utility bills.

In this article, we will show you some of the best places to find remote jobs online in 2024.  

1. Freelancer

Established in Australia in 2009, Freelancer is the world’s biggest freelancing marketplace, connecting employers and freelancers from over 247 countries. Depending on their needs, potential employers can search for creatives offering writing, design, software development, and legal skills. With Freelancer, employers can pay their favorite freelancer per project or by the hour, giving them the flexibility to work efficiently with individuals from around the globe. Moreover, Freelancer also offers collaboration tools to enhance efficiency and enable file sharing and real-time discussions.

2. Upwork

Upwork was founded in 2013 to maximize flexibility for businesses and connect them with suitable talent. The platform is trusted by large companies like Microsoft and Airbnb, helping them find creatives for relevant projects. Employers can simply search for suitable candidates, submit a proposal, and pay via PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer when the job is done. Aside from a 10% freelancer service fee on completed projects, Upwork is entirely free for talent to join.

3. FlexJobs

Offering remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs, FlexJobs accommodates the ever-evolving world of work. The platform was founded by Sara Sutton in 2007 as she tried to find flexible work after starting a family. FlexJobs lets potential candidates access over 14,000 professional positions in over 50 career fields around the world, offering ultimate flexibility to candidates during their job search. Alongside being a remote job platform made by people with a similar need, FlexJobs also supports the United Nations’ SDGs goals.

4. Remote.Co

Remote.Co provides a list of hand-curated remote job opportunities in a range of fields from customer service to programming. The platform also hires experts to provide insight, best practices, and valuable support for organizations looking to embrace a remote team. It also offers tips and advice for potential freelancers on how to handle life as a digital nomad and stay connected with the local community while working remotely. 

5. RemoteHub

RemoteHub was founded by Tim Pastushkin in 2019 and features jobs from large companies like Mastercard, Pinterest, and Tesla. Employers can post job vacancies on the platform and receive applications from a global talent pool in over 100 industry categories. Nonprofit organizations can also use the platform to post volunteer projects and find professionals with similar values.

6. Built In

With a vision to connect tech professionals with meaningful work, Built In is a job platform for some of the largest tech companies. Founded in 2011 in Chicago, USA, Built In started as a community-focused social network and blogging platform, and has evolved into an online hub for startups and tech companies, offering employment opportunities in cybersecurity, data and analytics, and design.

7. Wellfound

Wellfound is a remote job site offering over 150,000 tech jobs to like-minded professionals. The platform specializes in connecting individuals with founders of top start-up companies, letting them apply for jobs easily by submitting their profiles. RecruiterCloud is Wellfound’s AI recruiter that identifies and scans interesting candidates for employers to choose from. The website also has a handy salary calculator to ensure potential employees are paid according to industry standards.

8. Working Nomads

Founded in 2014, Working Nomads helps companies and organizations find outstanding talent for remote job openings. Job posts are curated and updated every day so users can regularly find new vacancies from trusted companies. Users can search for remote jobs in industries like legal, healthcare, and human resources in various locations worldwide.

9. NoDesk

NoDesk is a remote nonprofit organization that connects companies of all sizes with a global workforce, helping them expand their remote teams with talent from around the world. The platform lets companies easily hire across roles, helping them reach as many potential employees as possible. There is no signup or account required to use NoDesk, meaning users can browse the latest remote jobs for free.

10. We Work Remotely

Serving over 4.5 million site visitors for over a decade, We Work Remotely (WWR) lists remote jobs to facilitate flexible and meaningful employment. The site has a 90% fill rate for vacancies and saves employers time and effort by filtering suitable candidates. WWR boasts an 80% customer return rate and offers pricing bundles for employers to post jobs. 


The working world has decreased in size thanks to globalization and technological advancements. Jobs that previously required in-person attention can now be conducted online, letting workers choose their ideal work location. Here, we have highlighted some of the best websites for remote jobs. These remote job sites let jobseekers and potential digital nomads find their desired role using the search functions and embark upon a new location-independent career. 

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