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Launching a live stream or taking part in professional competitions aren't the only ways to make money from playing video games. In the industry's ever-evolving landscape, the role of a video game tester holds a special allure. After all, who wouldn't want to spend their days immersed in virtual worlds, exploring every nook and cranny of upcoming titles? If you're someone who's passionate about video games and dreams of turning that passion into a career, the journey to becoming a video game tester might be more accessible than you think.  

Testing Games: It's More Than Meets the Eye 

Contrary to popular belief, being a video game tester is not just about playing video games all day. As a tester, your role is to identify bugs, glitches, and other issues that may affect the player's experience. This requires a keen eye for detail, excellent communication skills, proficiency in writing technical reports, and the ability to provide constructive feedback. While formal education isn't always a requirement, having a background in computer science or game design can certainly give you an edge in this competitive field. Acquiring International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification via the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) is also a major advantage. 

Going Straight to the Source 

One avenue to explore when looking to become a game tester is applying directly to game development companies. Many studios have dedicated quality assurance teams responsible for testing their games before release. Whether you're looking to work as a contractor or as a long-term employee, keep an eye on job boards and company websites for openings in these departments. Familiarize yourself with popular games in various genres, from intense PvP shooters to immersive heist games. Demonstrating your expertise and passion for video games during the application process can significantly increase your chances of landing a testing position. 

Other Game Testing Resources to Consider 

Another option is to join online platforms and communities dedicated to game testing. Websites like GameTester, PlaytestCloud, and Beta Family connect testers with game developers looking for feedback on their projects. Getting accepted as a tester on such sites allows you to access a wide range of games across different platforms and genres. From mobile games to PC and console titles, there's no shortage of opportunities to hone your testing skills.  

Additionally, participating in beta testing programs for upcoming releases can provide valuable insights into the development process and help you build connections within the industry. As an example, publisher tinyBuild, maker of the Hello Neighbor stealth horror game series, recently concluded public testing on Steam for its Home Alone-like heist game called RBO

Networking is also essential in the gaming industry. Attend gaming conventions like PAX East, The Game Awards, and TwitchCon, and join online forums to engage with fellow gamers and industry insiders. You never know when a chance encounter or casual conversation might lead to a promising opportunity. Building a strong network can open doors to freelance gigs, contract work, and even full-time positions at reputable development studios. 

Establishing Your Remote Game Testing Environment 

It’s true that many game development companies require testers to work on-site, but with advancements in technology and the rise of remote work opportunities, others are now offering off-site positions for QA testers. If you’re planning on working as a remote game tester, allocate a dedicated workspace, away from distractions, where you can stay focused. Your workstation should have an ergonomic chair and desk to help you maintain good posture, as well as appropriate lighting to prevent eye strain. 

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Bright Outlook for Aspiring Game Testers 

Whether you choose to test games from home or dive headfirst into the bustling world of game development studios, the opportunities to become a video game tester are within reach if you’re willing to put in the effort and dedication. Embrace the challenges, hone your skills, brush up your LinkedIn profile, and never lose sight of your passion for video games. Who knows, the next game you test could be the next big hit, whether it's a thrilling PvP showdown or an exhilarating heist game. 

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