Why Projectors are a Better Meeting Room Solution

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In an increasingly hybrid and global collaborative workspace, meeting room solutions should be taken seriously. Aside from the necessary software, the hardware involved plays a fundamental role in ensuring the quality of meetings. Whether it be webcams, microphone types (table-top and in-ceiling), speakers, or display screens, each of these can shape the meeting room experience. 

Among the many types of hardware, projectors can show exceptional promise in elevating engagement levels in meeting rooms. Projectors are devices that “take in” images from a computer and then present them by projecting them onto a surface. Although projectors are an old optical invention with prototypes dating back to 1971, it is still trusted as a useful device by many. To illustrate, in 2023, revenue from the Projectors and PC Monitors market rose to 39.7 billion US dollars, with an estimated annual growth rate of 1.48%

So why is this the case? While screens are more commonly seen in business settings, projectors come with key advantages that screens simply cannot replicate. Whether it be flexible sizing, portability, or space, projectors can carry the upper edge in creating an optimal meeting room experience for your team. 

Projectors give a realistic visual impact, enhancing audience engagement 

A major advantage of projectors is its potential for size–it can display content on surfaces much larger than even the biggest of monitors and television screens on the market. Whether it be an entire blank wall or a huge projector screen, there is no problem displaying your content to an audience, whether you have a casual meeting of 10 or a large formal conference of 500. 

A larger display also implies an unparalleled visual experience for the meeting room. This is not only a more comfortable practice for those with visual challenges, but it can also hugely elevate audience engagement.

Projectors come with versatility in display

As mentioned, although screen projections are more commonly seen, with a projector you can display content on any blank surface. This frees you from the restriction of using only given blank screens set in size. Want to have a bigger display for your audience of 600 or project onto the ceiling for creativity? No problem. 

Projectors are more cost-effective for your business

Compared to other display solutions, projectors can also save your business some cash in the longer term. While a 108-inch screen for the business meeting room can easily cost more than a thousand dollars, a projector can create the same visual, immersive experience with good HD quality for a fraction of the cost. The benefits extend further were we to consider the longevity of the product and its need for maintenance. Projectors can last as long as (or even longer than) TV screens, with the occasional need to replace lamps if using a lamp-based projector. For businesses that have multiple meeting rooms, investing in projectors can help save up a considerable amount of funds– all while not having to compromise the visual quality of presentations. 

Projectors are flexible, portable, and efficient space-wise 

Projectors are now highly portable– which means you can enjoy the liberty of taking them anywhere you’d like for business meetings. With an easy setup, projectors make you ready to go in minutes. They are also compatible with various devices, so there is convenience in use, whether you’re at your own office, or in the office of your clients. 

As many projectors are now portable size-wise, it is easy to store when not in use, which can alleviate your office from clutter and free up some much-needed floor space. A minimalist, cleaner office space not only clears up some mind space, but also creates a sense of professionalism. 

Projectors have more advanced features than you’d think

The projector may sound like an old invention, but over the years it has been diligently refined to meet the technological needs of today’s business landscape. Projectors come with interactive capabilities, built-in speakers, and wireless connectivity. The projectors of today also allow you to make visual adjustments, such as color accuracy, lens zoom, resolution adjustment, and lens shift. This set of technological choices allows a highly tailored experience for your business needs, whatever your presentation content may be. 

Projectors are better for eye health

In addition to its technology, projectors are also less detrimental for eye health compared to screens.This is because projectors reflect light off a screen rather than emitting its own light (such as OLED or LED displays). As the blue light in LED displays can disturb the eye’s retina and cause sleep problems, using projectors may imply less biological discomfort for those who spend a considerable number of office hours in the meeting room. A comfortable visual experience, ultimately, can lead to increased engagement in the workplace, and can be a better alternative for employees sensitive to LED light. 

Allow ACER projectors to level up your meeting room experience

With a myriad of projectors on the market, it may be challenging to choose a solid projector for your meeting room. Consider the many ways that the thoughtfully developed Acer Vero Projector PL2520i can meet your business requirements. This advanced device not only promises crystal-clear, Full HD projection with up to 4000 ANSI lumens of illumination, ensuring long-lasting brightness and precise color accuracy like none other, but it also boasts a 93% Rec709 Color Gamut and a 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. This means it can display a vast range of colors defined in the high-definition television standard, and produce incredibly bright whites and deep blacks for vivid, sharp contrasts in your presentations. Furthermore, it can be easily installed with little effort, and with its 1.3X optical zoom, it offers flexibility in projection sizes. The projector can be used in both portrait and 360-degree projections, giving absolute freedom with regard to how and on what surface you’d like to project your business content.

This device aligns seamlessly with many businesses' long-term sustainability objectives. Made using 50% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials, it's a testament to eco-conscious technology. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly, utilizing 85% recycled paper. With its vision for the environment, the Acer Vero Projector PL2520i is highly energy efficient, thanks to its advanced laser light technology. This not only prevents up to eight times less brightness loss but also consumes about 50% less power compared to traditional lamp projectors. Its sealed optical engine with IP6X Dust-resistance ensures durability and low maintenance, with a generous 30,000-hour lifespan. This makes it a reliable choice for frequent meetings and long-hour projections, even up to 24/7 continuous use should the need arise. Plus, the convenience of wireless projection adds to its versatility, making it a top choice for modern business environments

Creating memorable meeting room spaces with projectors 

Projectors are a convenient alternative to screens–they are flexible with regard to size, cost-efficient, portable, space-saving, technologically advanced, and arguably more comfortable for the eyes. In a business setting, they can create an experience more immersive than screens. Although screens still dominate the business world, there are actually many reasons to consider projectors as a key tool in meeting rooms. If you’re looking to reap the benefits of projectors, consider exploring the myriad of benefits that the Acer Vero Projector PL2520i can offer your business today. 

Esme Lee is a science writer and editor in the UK, carrying a passion for tech copywriting. She has a background in educational neuroscience and holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge.


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