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What is the United Nations Climate Change Conference? 

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) will commence on November 30th, 2023, and aims to assess the impact of climate change measures implemented by party members over the past three decades since its inception. Member countries are currently working towards limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5°C (34.7°F) above pre-industrial levels by the year 2100. They are also encouraged to adapt to the existing effects of climate change that we are currently experiencing. 

What is happening at COP 28? 

The world is in its climate era, and we have the opportunity to help. By collectively reinventing our systems as circular, regenerative, and carbon-free, we can reduce our impact on the planet while embracing a climate-positive lifestyle. Making an impact at COP means embarking on a five-year journey of making small but significant changes to the way we treat our planet. 

The event opening takes place on November 30th, with cross-cutting themes like ​technology and innovation, inclusion, and finance filling the schedule until December 12th. The final two days will be for party members to make final negotiations based on the themes and discussions held throughout the event.  

Technology and Innovation 

It is hoped that COP28 will act as a catalyst that facilitates the ecosystem of governments, corporate parties, academia, investors, and start-ups to inspire change in how climate solutions are developed and deployed. The aim is to use technology and innovation to bring the world back on track to mitigate the rise in global temperature, requiring a transformation even bigger than the Industrial Revolution.  


COP28 aims to bring everyone together in a more inclusive way than previous COP events. The topic of inclusion addresses the lack of systematic measures in place to promote inclusivity  and will explore ways  to empower the next generation to transition to a low-carbon economy. These groups may include youth, entrepreneurs, gender groups, and Indigenous Peoples, whose voices are valuable for protecting the future of our planet.


This key topic is closely linked with Climate Transition and Adaptation and addresses urgent issues like water and food security, youth empowerment, renewable energy, and trade dynamics. This will help party members realize the importance of funding sustainable transformation mechanisms to address climate change issues. Effective financial strategies are crucial to creating a more resilient world and members are encouraged to meet issues with adaptive solutions for sustainable prosperity. 

How is Acer aligning with COP28 themes?  

We will host an Acer Global Press Conference in Dubai and share our unique technology concepts designed to serve people and the planet. With our theme, Conscious Technology for a Brighter Tomorrow, we aim to promote technology, envisioned with our planet in mind. We aim to align with COP28 to showcase our concepts and expand our network of collaborators and customers with a similar focus on addressing climate change issues. As a global ICT company that evolves with various industries and lifestyles, we aim to push for more innovative eco-solutions and long-term sustainability through our technology. 

How does Acer contribute towards the goal of a sustainable future?  

Sustainability is a concept, but the longevity of our planet requires action from everyone, everywhere. That is why we recognize our impact and take action, aligning our initiatives with the objectives of COP28. We carefully consider the environmental impact of every stage of the product lifecycle and actively work towards reducing our carbon footprint. Our 2025 Sustainability Goals reflect this, including plans for the Acer Group to reach 60% renewable electricity usage, and reduce the average computer energy consumption by 45%. The Acer Group has pledged to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and reach net zero emissions by 2050, developing a sustainability-focused strategy starting from three major aspects: operations, products and services, and value chain.

Vero is our range of eco-friendly products that offer consumers the chance to reduce their carbon footprint and join Acer in advocating for circular economies. From production to recycling, sustainability is the primary focus of our Vero products. They are made from recycled materials and are still subject to high performance and  testing standards to ensure the quality of Acer products. We also offer a laptop and battery recycling initiative for our products to encourage responsible device disposal and promote less technology waste. 

Aside from laptops, we also have an intelligent AI-powered smartbike for those looking for an effortless commute option around the city, while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Acer ebii is characterized by simplicity and features a lightweight aluminum alloy frame for ultimate transportability. It runs on a single-side hub motor for maximum efficiency and includes AI features to create a more personalized riding experience.

The Acer Earthion platform unites employees and supply chain partners to tackle environmental challenges together and motivate each other to collectively reduce their carbon footprint. Acer’s 21-Day Green Challenge showed just that as it encouraged more than 7,000 participants to develop “green” habits and cut an equivalent of 152 tons of carbon emissions.  


This year’s COP28 event kicks off on November 30th and will include climate-focused themes and discussions designed to protect our planet. Set in stunning Dubai, member parties from around the world will assess their progress and consider how to achieve climate goals. Acer is also fully committed to the fight to save our planet. We will present our sustainable technology concepts and goals for protecting our planet in the years ahead. Facilitating sustainable living is our intention, and we achieve this by creating conscious technology like Vero laptops and the Acer ebii ebike. With humans at the heart and our planet in mind, we will continue to design products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology while leaving a lighter touch on the earth.

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