10 Must-Have Mods for Baldur's Gate 3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 is a huge game. It’s detailed, it’s deep, it’s complex, and it can be incredibly confusing if you’re a brand new player. But as long as you’re on PC, you can do a variety of things to make engagements much easier for you. Case in point: have you thought about modding the game?

The mods in this list offer a variety of difficulty modifiers and improvements. You can use these to make the game easier, more difficult, or just much more fun. Ever considered having 16 party members? Even if you haven’t, you can start now with one of the mods in this list.

All of the mods included here can be found on the BG3 NexusMods page, and we definitely do not take responsibility for any chaos that may occur with your game or PC from installing these mods. Make sure you save your game before trying any of these out! 

​​1. Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod Fixer 

This mod by Mharius is one of the most essential Baldur’s Gate 3 mods because it is necessary for many of the game’s other well-known mods to work as intended by their authors. This is because a large portion of the top Baldur’s Gate 3 mods that were made when the game was still in early access stopped functioning properly once the game was fully released. Also, mods often stop working with newer versions of the game or after patches are released, and mod authors can be slow to update their mods or in some cases may stop updating their mods altogether. Mod Fixer fixes many incompatibility issues and other problems that might be preventing mods from working properly or that might be causing the game to crash.

2. ImprovedUI ReleaseReady 

Baldur’s Gate 3’s user interface isn’t perfect, nor is it the best representation of the 5e ruleset for D&D. You might even find some buttons too oddly placed or hard to access. It’s time to make your life easier with the ImprovedUI ReleaseReady mod. This mod adds some strategic tweaks to the user interface, particularly in the character creation screen. More importantly, it frees up some slots to accommodate more mods that change the interface and allow you to change your character’s appearance.

3. Party Limit Begone 

The number of awesome companions available to you in Baldur’s Gate 3 is high, but you can only bring a maximum of three members with you at any one time. If you don’t want to keep going back to camp to swap out party members, just get the Party Limit Begone mod as an improvised solution. Note that this is technically a cheat mod because having more party members with you at a time means you get more actions and can practically steamroll fights. To keep things within reason, we recommend restricting your party to six members, as in the older Baldur’s Gate games. This also works in multiplayer for up to eight players.

4. Half-Dragon 

This mod is a labor of love by an avid tabletop RPG player who wanted to bring their long-standing character's race into the Baldur's Gate 3 and D&D setting. Originally intended as a personal mod, the creator decided to share it due to popular demand. The mod offers ten different subraces, each with unique initial bonuses and breath weapons. Of course, the mod gives players the ability to take on a Dragon form, which grows in size and strength as the character progresses in level. Additionally, the mod includes several spells that can be obtained through leveling up, as well as a unique female body type option for strong female characters. Customization options for Dragon scales, tails, and horns are also available. The mod introduces a variant of Half-Dragons specifically for Dragonborn characters, allowing players to enjoy their esthetic while retaining the perks of being a Half-Dragon. 

5. 5e Spells

Any D&D fan will know that although Baldur’s Gate 3 has a ton of spells, it includes only the features and spells from the Player’s Handbook, which is the baseline needed for the tabletop game; a large number of spells from other D&D 5e rulebooks, such as Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, were never implemented in Baldur’s Gate 3, which is understandable given how some of the spells are tough to balance. This mod by DiZ91891 brings in a ton of fan-favorite spells from the first level up to the fifth level. Spells for levels six to nine were causing the game to crash and have recently been disabled by the author until they can be fixed. The spells in this mod have not been balanced, however, and are added with the “rules as written” guideline, meaning they might not fit well for video game standards. Nevertheless, the number of new spells you get with this mod makes it all worthwhile, and a nice touch is that the author is highly active and posts regular updates on Nexus Mods.

6. Better Maps All-In-One 

Baldur’s Gate 3’s minimap is good: it conveys all the necessities a player should know about. But it can certainly be better. Fortunately, Better Maps All-In-One is here to help. This mod is a collection of map improvements written by pavelk that enables improvements like minimap widget scaling, removal of the grid and shroud from the map, and enhanced markers for NPCs and party members. Additionally, it more clearly distinguishes the direction you and your party are facing on the minimap and provides better zoom options. It also makes the minimap draggable. For players who want a greater feeling of immersion, the mod can remove notation for markers and even remove quest markers. Check out all the features this mod enables at the mod download page.

7. Daughter of Lolth - Minthara - Good Recruitment

Minthara is one of the most intriguing characters in Baldur’s Gate 3. She is voiced by the talented Emma Gregory, whose slightly raspy voice adds to Minthara’s distinctive personality. The only problem with Minthara is that you have to commit mass murder to get her on your side—she can only be recruited if you decide to help the goblins attack the druid grove and the tieflings (a situation that arises in Act I). It’s one of the game’s most bloodthirsty choices, and it tends to doom the evil-aligned Drow Paladin to an early demise at the hands of good-aligned heroes. Fortunately, this mod lets you add the powerful Paladin to your crew with zero atrocities, and it comes in two flavors. One involves simply summoning her to join your party by using a magic ring, and the other involves Minthara surviving the battle at the druid grove and returning in Act II at Moonrise Towers, where she can then be recruited.

Note: As of Patch 5, Minthara can now be recruited without the use of the mod. Knock her out, instead of killing her, at the Goblin Camp in Act 1; later, you will be able to find and recruit her at Moon Rise Tower in Act 2.

8. Highlight Everything

Although Baldur’s Gate 3 is stunning, the isometric camera angle can occasionally make it challenging to see specific objects or determine which objects can be interacted with. Holding down the left alt key allows you to highlight certain objects, but this only works with specific items. The Highlight Everything mod by shalzuth resolves this problem by highlighting all interactive items when left alt is pressed, not just the items that are highlighted by default. This can greatly simplify the process of finding difficult-to-spot items, making it one of the most useful Baldur’s Gate 3 mods. 

9. Fantastical Multiverse

Baldur’s Gate 3 players interested in a more customized character creation experience should definitely check out Fantastical Multiverse by DungeonsAndSouls. This mod adds approximately 50 additional races to the game. The majority of the races in the mod are from other D&D rulebooks, but some were added that come from other games altogether, like Final Fantasy XIV and Grim Hollow. Races in the mod include monsters like the Bugbear, Changeling, Firbolg, and Minotaur. As for Final Fantasy XIV races, Hyur, Elezen, Roegadyn, and Garlean are currently available, and more are planned by DungeonsAndSouls. Although each race was adapted for the gameplay standards of Baldur’s Gate 3, they might not work seamlessly across the entire game. Nevertheless, if you want more race options, this is the mod for you.

10. Baldur's Gate 3 Transmog

Transmog, for the uninitiated, is a feature that allows you to display your preferred clothing or armor without sacrificing the superior stats of other less visually appealing options. It's a feature that many players in big RPGs wish they had access to. The Baldur's Gate 3 Transmog mod uses the Camp Slot as a means to use the skin of any armor for the entire game while still using the stats of the armors you come across. Currently, the mod only works with the starting armor sets for your origin characters, but the mod author, WitchKing, says they are working on expanding the mod to work with all armor. Despite this limitation, it's still a significant improvement over the base game.

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