5 Free Windows Apps to Uplevel Your PC Performance

edited August 2023 in PC Tech

If you’ve noticed your computer slowing down over time, it isn’t your imagination. Most hard drives only last three to five years. You can expect the average desktop PC to last a minimum of three years and a maximum of eight. The longer you’ve owned and used your computer, the more likely it is to fall prey to a host of frustrating pitfalls—like errors, shutdowns, or simply slow response time.

The good news is that you can use tools and applications to help your PC run better. Your computer gets bogged down as you store more and more files on your hard disk drive or install software that you end up not using, but forget to ever delete. All of this data doesn’t benefit the back end of your computer—and Windows computers can’t do all of the necessary chores on their own. That’s where Windows apps come in, helping you free up space on your PC so it can do a better job of completing all the tasks you ask it to do.

Use these five free Windows apps to help your PC run more quickly, boosting your productivity, efficiency, and (let’s be honest) overall happiness and quality of life.

WinASO Registry Optimizer

As you use your computer over time, your Windows registry continues to grow—and if you don’t edit and clean these registry items, your registry could affect your PC’s performance. If your PC is running very slowly, you’re constantly getting unknown PC errors, or you’re all too familiar with the blue screen of death, it might be time to take care of your registry.

WinASO Registry Optimizer is a PC app that promises to correct any inefficiencies in your Windows registry. The advanced scanning algorithm scans your registry and automatically removes problems, cleaning and fixing most registry errors. The optimizer is completely safe to use. And even if you aren’t especially tech-savvy, don’t worry: It’s simple to complete the free scan. The built-in system optimizer claims to boost your system speed and improve performance.

Piriform CCleaner

Give your PC a thorough clean with Piriform CCleaner, known for its exhaustive, in-depth scan of your hard drive or SSD to delete unneeded files. The free version of this tool allows you to delete browser caches, remove temporary files, get rid of unwanted cookies, and more. The app claims to manage your machine and help it run faster by providing standard privacy protection and standard cleaning. 

What else can you expect when using CCleaner? You’ll be able to clean your registry and delete files and applications without having to worry about corrupting your operating system, which can be an issue with many registry cleaners. CCleaner can also be used to uninstall software or remove your internet activity when on a public device. You will have to deal with ads when using the free version, but Piriform CCleaner may be a good fit if your PC isn’t running like it used to.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

IObit Advanced SystemCare is a popular PC app used to increase speed and decrease security threats. Available for Windows 11/Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/XP, Advanced SystemCare uses AI to find and correct your PC errors—whether that’s junk files, unnecessary logs, browsers, or more that need to be scanned and cleared. You’ll also be able to clear your privacy traces and fix any security vulnerabilities. 

The app is simple to use and could be a great way to clean up your Windows registry and hard drive, keeping everything running smoothly. The paid version of this tool includes features such as automatic updates, performance monitoring, and an optional security measure that targets malware and viruses—including ransomware protection.

Iolo System Mechanic

According to Iolo System Mechanic’s website, this PC tune-up software provides a range of tune-up tools that could drastically improve your PC’s performance. System Mechanic promises to go beyond your average PC tune-up software to speed up, secure, and simplify your digital life by providing an all-in-one Windows optimization, antivirus, and online privacy software suite. 

When you download System Mechanic, the app performs several maintenance tasks to clear away any clutter on your PC. Next, the app uses a proprietary technology to tune up your internet, processor, memory, and hard drive settings—freeing up system resources and protecting your privacy.

From removing bloatware, to fixing over 30,000 different issues, to patching Windows security vulnerabilities, System Mechanic promises to do it all.

Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is a self-described free, powerful, and all-in-one utility for cleaning your PC. With over 20 tools to maximize your computer’s performance, Glary Utilities claims to boost PC speed and fix frustrating errors, crashes, and freezes—all while boasting one-click functionality and easy, automated options.

The one-click cleanup offered by this tool could be an easy way to make your PC run faster. You’ll be able to check for temporary files or missing registry entries that might be cluttering up your system. Benefit from the context menu manager, process manager, and disk space analyzer as well as the automatic updates included in the free version. Plus, the design includes an intuitive interface that’s simple to navigate.

Improve PC performance and personal productivity

If your PC is lagging, it might be time to download one of these Windows apps and give it a try. Between cleaning up your Windows registry, tuning up your hard drive, and even providing extra security measures, Windows apps like these provide services that help your PC stay as healthy and high-performing as it can be.


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