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Mother Earth has celebrated life with and without us for more than 4.5 billion years. Our world is constantly evolving and changing, and people have been pushing for sustainable living practices more than ever. As awareness of climate change and its environmental effects continues to grow, sustainability has become a top priority for many in the tech industry. In recent years, major tech companies, such as Acer, have made considerable progress toward sustainability, introducing initiatives such as designing and manufacturing green products and hosting events dedicated to environmental sustainability.

Acer’s Commitment to Business Sustainability  

Acer’s efforts and commitment to business and product sustainability have reached new heights. Acer’s Earthion initiative revolves around its promise to encourage and promote sustainability through innovative designs and products with its consumers, business partners, and suppliers. Its mission is to create products integrated with a sustainable process in every single step of production: product and packaging design, logistics, energy, production, and recycling. The Earthion initiative has already reached several milestones, including 15 million units shipped using PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastics and 45% renewable energy usage by the Acer Group in 2021. Acer also pledges several goals for upcoming years, such as reaching 100% renewable energy by 2025 and achieving up to 30% PCR content in core products by 2025. Green technology is an enormous part of Acer’s dedication to sustainability. 

Acer’s Green Day 

Acer successfully hosted Green Day on August 24th, 2022. The event exhibits Acer’s commitment to strengthening sustainability proactiveness and creating conversations about environmental protection. There were several influential speakers who attended the event and spoke about Acer’s progress towards a more sustainable future and their ideas of how they are also implementing green electronics into their lives.

The keynote speakers of the event included Jason Chen, Chairman and CEO of Acer, Jerry Kao, co-COO of Acer, Michael Lee of Acer, and John Solomon, VP and GM of Google’s Chrome OS. Together, they emphasized Acer’s vision to bring more sustainable products and electronics to life and the company’s long and successful history in sustainability. Tiffany Huang, co-COO of Acer, closed the event by celebrating Acer’s successful Green Day and Earthion initiative and invited those who are interested in joining a 21-day green challenge with Acer. Acer’s Green Day event was broadcasted to millions of viewers online, and you can watch the whole recap here.

The Acer Vero: a solution for an eco-conscious professional 

Sustainability is not just the new cool thing - it's an essential concept that's gaining popularity worldwide. People are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, and the demand for eco-friendly products is on the rise.

As a leader in green electronics, Acer’s Vero line has long been a huge part of Acer’s sustainability efforts. The Acer Vero line was created with solutions in mind; the products are easily upgradeable and recyclable and cater to eco-conscious professionals. This product line received several awards and nominations for its design and eco-friendliness, including Reddot winner of 2022, the iF Design Award of 2022, and Japan’s Good Design Award of 2022. 

During the Green Day event, Acer revealed the new Chromebook Vero 514 in its Acer Vero line. This is the latest Chromebook packed with new features and updated performance. Not only is this Chromebook made with 30% PCR, but it’s also equipped with a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, enhancing the computer’s specs and being eco-friendly. This Chromebook is independently MIL-STD-810H4 verified and offers longer-lasting battery life, capable of charging up to 50% of its 10-hour3 battery life in just 30 minutes. Acer gives you a variety of functions to choose from, and the price ranges from $499.99 USD to $949.99 USD. You can buy them here.

​​You can tell these PCs were made for Earth. The entire line is created with Post-Consumer Recycled plastics, or PCRs, which reclaim plastics that have been recycled and repurposed to reduce plastic and global waste. Specifically, 30% to 50% of the PCs’ top and bottom cover, screen bezel, operating surface, and even keycaps are made with PCR. The touchpad, a function often overlooked, is also made of ocean-bound plastic; Acer calls this eco-friendly touchpad the OceanGlass™ Touchpad. Acer’s commitment doesn’t just stop at its manufacturing and operating process, the Acer Vero line also pays detailed attention to eco-friendly packaging and design as well.

Unboxing a product is a critical process for many consumers. The Acer Vero line’s packaging box is made up of 90% recycled paper and can easily be assembled for different uses. For example, the inner partition can be assembled into an ergonomic laptop stand in just a couple of steps. The laptop bag and keyboard sheet are also made with 100% recycled polyester, greatly reducing the carbon footprint. Other details that Acer implemented in its Vero line include using paint-free chassis on its PCs, lowering the impact of VOCs, and constantly reusing and recycling scrap materials generated during production. Even the PC colors are thoughtfully laid out to address sustainability issues in our world today: ‘Mariana Blue’ to provoke conversations of the oceans, like the Mariana Trench, and ‘Starry Black’, a reminder of air pollution and the decrease of stars we see in the night sky.

Consumers value sustainability in products and brands more than ever. The Acer Vero line continues to expand and grow, maintaining and even enhancing its technology and performance while keeping costs at a reasonable level. The PCs range from $549.99 USD to $899.99 USD, and you can find out more here. They might be one of the best eco-friendly gifts for a working professional. Each change and each step counts towards a greener future.

Acer’s Green Products 

Aside from the Acer Vero PCs, Acer also incorporated several green products as a part of its movement towards sustainability. The products are created thoughtfully and carefully, making great eco-friendly gifts for the next birthday or holiday in mind. Here are a few examples:

Acer Vero wireless mouse

There are two colors for this sustainable gift. The Macaron Gray mouse has an AA battery life of up to 12 months, with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and a 1200 dpi resolution, costing only $25.99 USD. It comes in another color, too: ECO black with wireless connectivity of 32.81 ft, and a 2.40 GHz operating frequency, at the same cost. They are simple, sophisticated, and sustainable.

Laptop protective sleeves

You’ll definitely need a protective sleeve for your Acer Vero laptops. The Acer Vero black and gray protective sleeves are perfect ideas for the next holiday presents. They are both suitable for most 15.6 in. laptops, and the best part of all is that the sleeves are made with 100% recycled materials, costing only $39.99 USD each.

Acer Vero mouse pad

Sleek and easy to use, the Acer Vero mouse pad comes in an eco-friendly gray and is anti-slip, costing $10.99 USD. It’s a simple but thoughtful gift for people who are trying to incorporate more sustainable products into their lives. 

Environmentally friendly monitor

There’s also a monitor that you can choose from, packed with the latest technology and eco-friendly as well. The 27” Acer Vero BR7 Monitor series is ENERGY STAR®, TCO, and EPEAT certified, made with 65% PCR plastics, and uses 100% recyclable packaging. It also uses the Acer VisionCare™ technology, reducing eye strain and providing a better viewing experience. The monitor comes in at $179.99 USD.

Acer’s commitment to a greener future can be seen in its prosperous events, green technology, and business initiatives. From hosting Green Day and creating Earthion, Acer has certainly presented itself as one of the leaders in sustainability. 

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