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Acer successfully hosted Green Day on August 24th, 2022. The event featured influential speakers who spoke alongside Acer team members and their message was broadcast to millions of viewers online. The main theme of the event was to share updates on Acer’s progress toward a more sustainable future, as well as paint a vision for the future of sustainable electronics.

Speakers from Google, Acer, DHL, and more spoke about their efforts toward exciting green innovations, as well as how they’re collaborating with Acer in creating a sustainable organization. If you’re interested to hear about Acer’s commitment to the environment, sustainability, and sound ESG practices among its organization and partnerships, don’t miss the replay

The success of Acer’s Green Day event

The event was successful in showcasing Acer’s green efforts toward transparency and hosting conversations that encompass key issues, ones that must be addressed to move forward toward a sustainable future. Acer also announced its newest green product and a brand new sustainability challenge. Speaking on various subjects, Acer invited its key partners to discuss its role in Acer’s success as a sustainability powerhouse.

A recap of Green Day’s keynote speakers 

Jason Chen, Chairman and CEO of Acer, kicked off the talk with an introduction to Acer’s successful history in improving its environmental sustainability. Chen recapped the company’s efforts over its history, including working closely with suppliers and partners to bring sustainability initiatives into Acer’s supply chain ecosystem through its recent Earthion programs, the Vero product line, and more. Inspiring viewers and partners, Chen highlighted Acer’s vision for sustainable smart cities, its goal to be using 100% renewable energy by 2035, and the company’s appreciation for all those who have joined its sustainability journey.

Jerry Kao, co-COO of Acer, spoke on Acer’s commitment to helping consumers make better green choices in their daily lives. To accomplish this, Kao explained how the company is incorporating sustainable and recycled materials while maintaining or even enhancing overall product performance, extending the product lifespan, and improving the reusability of its packaging to reduce overall waste. Exciting to shareholders were the financial results of this commitment to sustainability. In the first year, it became clear that consumers value sustainability in its products now more than ever with exceptional market results proving that. 

Acer’s Michael Lee introduced the Chromebook Vero 514 during Green Day. Acer’s Vero line has been a crucial part of the company’s move toward sustainability. Designed with a commitment to recycling, Vero products are designed with recyclable packaging. Lee highlighted the Vero 514’s fully integrated recycled plastic featuring 30% PCR plastic in the chassis, 50% PCR in the keycaps and audio speakers, ocean-bound plastics in the cooling fan and ocean-glass touchpad, all packaged with eco-friendly materials. The Acer Chromebook Vero, Lee said, is the perfect companion for eco-conscious consumers, yet capable for professionals.

Google, a long-term partner on Acer’s journey towards a greener future, shares the company’s passion for sustainability and environmental protection. John Solomon, VP and GM of Google's Chrome OS, talked about its partnership in working together to support a low-carbon footprint through its investments in Acer’s Chromebook releases. 

Acer’s initiatives toward sustainability through design

One of the main discussion points during Green Day was sustainability through design and packaging. Acer’s desire to pursue a greener company led the company toward a more sustainable supply chain ecosystem. Using sustainable materials in its product designs has reduced plastic waste in packaging designs and logistics. A number of Acer team members spoke on their unique roles in building a greener company through creative and sustainable design, packaging, and supply chain practices.

Acer’s partners & the path to an eco-friendly company 

Several key partners joined the event to discuss their role in Acer’s blossoming green-friendly legacy. Paul Peng, Chairman and CEO of AUO, took part in Acer’s Green Day and discussed AUO’s incredible partnership with Acer in creating eco-friendly panels for Acer’s many products. Joshua D. Newman, VP and General Manager of Laptop Innovation and Segments in the Intel Client Computing Group, discussed Intel’s desire to create technology that enriches the life of every person on earth with the opportunity of sustainability. Thus far, Intel has maintained an important partnership, working closely with Acer to co-engineer the mobile experiences of Intel® Evo™ into the new Acer Vero designs. 

Alex Ganz, Director of Global Marketing for Golden Arrow, addressed the company’s role in the worldwide need for renewable and ethical choices for a safer, more responsible world as long-term partners with Acer. Providing sustainable packaging for the company, Golden Arrow has helped reduce the ecological footprint of Acer's product packaging. Martin Wong, President and CEO of Compal, discussed the company’s production cooperation with Acer and the various milestones the company had reached in its green practices as one of Acer’s manufacturing partners. Key metrics included 42 percent of its electricity coming from renewable energy in 2021 in terms of recycling and recently joining Asia's electronic waste recycling campaign.  

Nicole Dezen, Chief Partner Officer and Corporate Vice President of Global Partner Solutions for Microsoft​, shared a vision of the meaningful change Microsoft aspires to create through the power of its technology. Together, Acer and Microsoft share a common aspiration of improved ESG goals, lasting environmental change, and sustainable operations that enable organizations to increase efficiency, accelerate growth, and lead with purpose. Maglin Chng, Global Sector Head of Technology with DHL Global Forwarding, discussed the company’s key sustainability priorities and how they are partnering with Acer toward a greener supply chain through its prowess as a logistics leader. Emmanuel Fromont, President of Acer's EMEA Operations, explained the importance of its initiative to collect old electronic products and recycle them or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. 

Joining Acer’s 21-day challenge

Tiffany Huang, co-COO of Acer, closed the monumental event with an inspiring message, a recap of all that Acer has done on its journey toward becoming a leader in sustainable electronics companies as well as an invitation to those who want to participate in one of the most important causes of our time. Reminding us that every decision counts on the path to sustainability, Huang invited those looking to further advance sustainability in our world to join a 21-day challenge for greener actions and habits. More information on the 21-day challenge can be found here

*The opinions reflected in this article are the sole opinions of the author and do not reflect any official positions or claims by Acer Inc.

About Alex Clark: Alex is a contributing writer for Acer. Alex is a Texas-based writer and B2B email marketing strategist specializing in helping technology brands connect to their customers. He has lived all over Asia and has consulted with business clients in numerous industries to grow their brands.

Alex is a contributing writer for Acer. Alex is a Texas-based writer and B2B email marketing strategist specializing in helping technology brands connect to their customers. He has lived all over Asia and has consulted with business clients in numerous industries to grow their brands.


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