5 Best Smart Speaker Apps to Take Your Device to the Next Level

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Whether you are the proud owner of a fully decked-out Smart Home worthy of a futurist or are just dipping your toes into the concept of home automation, smart speakers have a pivotal role to play. Smart speakers can make all this and more possible when it comes to effortlessly issuing commands to turn on the security system, adjust the thermostat, select an evening’s entertainment, or engage in online shopping.  

But it’s worth noting that a smart speaker is only as good as the technology which supports it, so failing to purchase a suitable unit can lead to significant frustration. 

To achieve your ambitions of owning a smart speaker that lives up to the name, two of the most vital considerations are the competencies and proficiencies of whichever application is controlling the device. Consider one of these smart speaker apps to make an informed decision rather than waste your valuable time and money on a series of smart speakers that fail to meet your expectations. 

Sonos S2 Controller App 

In addition to being one of the leading audio equipment manufacturers for both personal and professional use, Sonos is also responsible for a line of speakers equipped with the Sonos S2 Controller app.  

Rather than switching back and forth between your various entertainment, voice control, and streaming apps, Sonos S2 allows you to create a one-stop-shop designed for ultimate convenience. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite audiobooks, radio stations, podcasts, or music streaming service, this app lets you easily search for and navigate content as desired. Create custom speaker arrangements for each room in your home, set alarms and notifications, have multiple speakers working in concert and more with the power of Sonos S2. 

Bose Music App 

Much like the previous example, the Bose Music app is an excellent means of consolidating your favorite audio applications under one roof without needing to have multiple apps running simultaneously. If you are interested in a smart speaker app that is compatible with a family plan, Bose Music allows you to create multiple user accounts, all of which can be personalized and customized by each user to create unique profiles.  

Whether you want to have a different type of music for each part of your home or have your favorites follow you throughout, a few simple button presses can make it possible. You can also instantly access your favorite stations and playlists by quickly and efficiently saving content to the preset section of your soundbar, speaker buttons or smart speaker app. This app is fully compatible with many different products, including speakers, soundbars, headphones, smart speakers, earbuds, and audio-enabled sunglasses. 

Google Home App 

As the companion app for all products installed with Google Assistant, Google Home offers a series of fully customizable Actions for whatever commands you want to have the system conduct. In addition to being able to search the Google Home Action store for prebuilt Actions, users are fully capable of creating their own functions for whatever vocal commands they would like. Users can also utilize Google Home devices to control electronic equipment like stereo systems and TVs and create daily planners with local information, weather information, flight schedules, and traffic data. 

While you are unable to create Action labels with universal keywords such as Security, Next, or Shopping, a little programming knowledge combined with tutorials on creating Actions will let you accomplish an impressive array of activities. With a Google Assistant SKD that provides access to vital functions including voice control, hotword detection, and natural language recognition, you can even connect Google Home to an app in development to evaluate functionality and communication issues before market release. 

Bang & Olufsen Smart Speaker App 

For those who demand not only the best in audio quality but insist it come wrapped in an attractive, modern package, the Bang & Olufsen app will grant you total control of your listening experience. This app will let you bring incredible individualization and personality to each device. 

Bang & Olufsen ensures you have easy access to product specific settings, important warranty information, technical support contact details, and useful troubleshooting guides. Automatic updates complete with notifications on your smartphone or tablet will keep your software drivers current and help minimize any technical issues. 


If you want to control the many devices you have sitting around the home, IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an ideal solution. The app is designed to work with more than 700 apps, services, and devices and allows you to easily give voice commands and control the smart home products around the house. And since it’s designed to create automations, you can quickly utter commands to turn all the lights on in the house, up the temperature on your thermostat, and turn on your favorite tunes. You can also use it for a variety of other skills, like automatically updating you with news in the morning, giving you recipes, and so much more. 

Smart speaker technology is a fantastic concept that needs to be successfully combined with appropriately equipped apps to enjoy its fullest capabilities. Before finalizing your purchase, you should always consider which smart speaker app best meets your needs and which app will integrate into your existing tech ecosystem with ease. You should also consider the environment where you will install your speaker. Loud environments and other forms of audio interference may cause issues with the performance of smart speaker apps and associated technology. 



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