ebii, Acer's First AI-driven Smartbike

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Smart. Powered by AI. Environmentally friendly. These are more than just catchphrases. This is how you’d describe Acer’s first AI-powered smartbike. Introducing ebii, a smartbike designed with a lightweight form factor, a powerful supporting app, plenty of safety features, and a fast-charge motor to help you zip around your world. In an ever-changing world filled with consumers that are demanding all things smart and environmentally friendly, Acer has stepped up to deliver an innovative bike for those interested in its many applications.

The ebii is designed for sustainable bike travel. With the launch of this new smartbike, Acer adds to a number of green initiatives and products that have been both popular and ahead of their time. The bike has many uses besides helping city dwellers who want to make their commutes easier. The ebii smartbike is also great for university students who want to get around campus quickly, tourists exploring a new city, and anyone else who wants to travel quickly and sustainably, all while looking stylish.

What’s unique about Acer’s smartbike, the ebii?

While it’s not the first smartbike on the market, ebii’s release marks the first bike released by Acer. The company has carved out a space in a crowded market with a few key differentiators. Knowing full well that a bike release by a computer company would place them in a highly competitive market, this cutting-edge company unveils features that set it apart from others in the landscape.

ebii comes with a mobile application called ebiiGO. This app helps users connect to all the information they may need during a ride, including recommended routes, battery life, riding speed, and auto-lock settings. It gives users several real-time data points about their bike and their current trip. But that’s not all. This data is stored for future ride optimization. This AI-powered smartbike feature is what sets it apart from other e-bikes. Everything that’s stored is designed for improving future rides. With the help of the ebiiAssist algorithm, your ebii will learn about your riding preferences so that your experience will be continuously improved upon.

With the app, you can also select your mode of travel and your planned route. With the mode of travel selector, ebii riders can choose boost mode, smart mode, eco mode, or your selected mode. The route planner acts as your own integrated map guide that is quite unique from other mapping apps as it is connected to your smartbike and the current trip data.

The ebii also features smart assist technology, which is unique to Acer’s newest bike. This smart assist technology helps you find the desired level of assistance. By listening to you and your needs, ebiiAssist will adapt to your pedaling power, riding conditions, and how much assistance you actually want. Because this bike is smart and AI-powered, not only will you get assistance on your ride, but your ebii will learn over time to create the most personalized riding experience for you. Additionally, the bike has a stepless gear system that shifts gears automatically for a smooth ride by factoring in your riding conditions and pedaling power. With ebiiAssist, you are truly free to ride well.

The experience is created with your mobile device in mind. A mount is built into your handlebars so you can conveniently mount your phone and change any number of settings on the fly. You can see your battery life, check your speed, and get notifications about oncoming vehicles. You can also do everything you need for the ebii on your phone. You can lock and unlock your bike, receive theft alerts, and more. With this innovative integration with your mobile device and all the smart and AI functions, the ebii stands apart in a crowded landscape.

ebii’s features

AI and smart capabilities aside, Acer’s new smartbike also has many impressive features that you might enjoy. The design is top-notch. The ebii has a sleek design that balances form and function. It is built from a lightweight aluminum alloy. Its motor and fork are single-sided for a lightweight yet capable design. The ebii weighs a meager 16 kilograms (35 lb.) and its frame is built for riders between 145-185 centimeters (57-73 in) in height.

At the center of its unique style sits the smart box. This intelligent vehicle control box houses everything to make your ride safe and convenient, including the battery pack and control box. The ebii has many more features designed specifically for your safety and convenience. Puncture-resistant tires, auto-lock capabilities, GPS positioning, and theft notifications allow the user a deep sense of relief about whether or not this smartbike matches innovation with safety. One of the most interesting features to come with the ebii is the crash detection system. The bike is complete with sensors that detect and alert the riders of oncoming cars or other objects to prevent collisions. Closing out the most interesting features of the ebii is its detachable battery. You can charge your ebii from inside your home with the detachable battery and the battery also doubles as a portable charger for your phone or laptop.

Notable specifications

For the full specifications, features, and information about Acer’s ebii, check out ebii’s product page here. For a quick look at the most notable specs, here’s our list: 

  • Weighs 16 kilograms (35lb.) 
  • Has a maximum assist speed of 25 km (15 miles) per hour 
  • Can reach up to 110 km (68 miles) on a single charge 
  • Takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the ebii 
  • Has front, rear, and side lights 
  • Operates on a 250W hub motor 
  • Has a 460W Li-ion battery 
  • Can carry a total of 120 kilograms (265 lb.) 
  • Comes with optional mudguards, kickstand, and rear rack

Acer’s new ebii is a fantastic addition to the company’s line of eco-friendly yet equally as powerful products. If you’re looking for a bike that will get you where you need to go safely, quickly, and stylishly, look no further than the ebii. It comes with solid tech features that will make your life easier as well as all the unique features to make your next ride interesting.

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