10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tablet

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You might have seen scenarios of people curled up in cafes at 4:00 P.M. typing away on a Tuesday afternoon in San Francisco, or office workers pop up their little screens at lunch to watch their shows. Tablets have been popping up in workspaces and personal entertainment for quite some time. They are usually smaller than a computer or laptop, and slightly bigger than your average smartphone.

What is a tablet? 

A tablet is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touchscreen interface. It is essentially still a mobile device but lacks some of the more essential abilities like phone-calling and input/output abilities that computers and cellphones might have. The touchscreen interface can be operated by normally your fingers, or recently there have been products like the stylus or a portable keyboard that’s designed for multifunctional purposes. Now, what can you do with a tablet? There are several usages for a tablet. People use them for presentations, reading, watching movies, and so much more. There’s also an array of different sizes, designs, and uses tablets are made for. There are big screen tablets, work tablets, or tablets designed specifically to replicate a book.

10 reasons to buy a tablet 

  1. You read a lot. If you’re someone who enjoys a good book before bed, or brings a book to the airport, or has contemplated purchasing a Kindle, a tablet might be the best choice for your next digital device. They are great e-readers, and even mimic the humble texture of a paperback. It is not only books that tablets can replace, you can also read articles, comics, kids’ books, etc. on a larger screen.
  2. Easy & light. It’s no secret that tablets are much, much lighter than your average laptop. If you’re someone who commutes on a daily basis and needs a digital device other than your smartphone, a tablet might be the way to go when you’re hopping on and off of buses and subways. You can easily slip it in within your workout stash, or even just carry it in your hand.
  3. Movies, music, and more. Since streaming has also become a norm for personal entertainment, quite a number of people stream content, whether it’s music or movies or tv shows, on the go. People view them on public transportation, in between office breaks, and maybe even in the car for your kids when you’re driving. They provide a much better viewing experience than your phone, and actually don’t use up a ton of battery and power.
  4. More economical. If you’re someone who doesn’t need a monitor and desktop for work or heftier applications, a tablet might be more economical than a brand new laptop. Laptops can be expensive, and if you want the newest, most technology-savvy laptop there is on the market, there’s a big chance you might be spending a lot less if you opt for a tablet.
  5. Gaming center on the go. Remember when Angry Birds came out? Or Candy Crush? Those were games that took the world by storm. For avid gamers, big or small, it’s a great distraction when you just want to clear your mind of responsibilities and focus on your games for a bit.
  6. Better productivity. Now, what is a tablet used for, you might ask, aside from entertainment? With how convenient and multifunctional a tablet can be, it offers increased productivity for many. You can easily jot down notes, make graphs, choose to bring a wireless keyboard on the days you need to type a bit more, or rearrange your calendar and email on the same screen. For some, the multifaceted productivity a tablet offers is a no-brainer choice.
  7. Portable meetings and presentations. For workers who often have back-to-back meetings or presentations, a tablet is a great choice to have your meeting on the go, or to just take notes in. For example, people who work in real estate can use a tablet to offer demonstrations and to show clients photos with a much bigger screen.
  8. All-in-one creativity station. For many artists, tablets are often their first choice. Whether it’s making music, digital painting, or creative writing, a tablet offers portability and a different angle in which artists can successfully do their work. You can also download applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator on there and easily create a masterpiece using your stylus. Graphic design is only one of the many tasks you can use on your tablet.
  9. Second Screen. This might be redundant, but a second-screen in your car acts as a completely different thing. You might be able to implement it onto your monitor as a second screen, but the convenience a tablet offers as it gives you directions in a foreign city is unmatched. The screen is bigger than your smartphone, and clearer than the one that came with your car.
  10. Digital frame. This is one of the more creative uses for a tablet. If you realize your tablet has been untouched for far too long, using it as a digital photo album might be an interesting switch-up. You can direct your album to rotate photos and albums, and use it for home decor. 

Buying a tablet and choosing the right one can be hard. We’ve summarized Acer’s tablets for you that best fits your lifestyle.

Which tablet is right for me? 

The Acer Iconia Family 

This is the perfect tablet for family time and leisure. It is built to perform and offers a smooth experience for all users. It is enjoyable, sleek, and convenient for everyone.

  • Acer Iconia Tab P10. This tablet is thin, light, and has a long battery life that can guarantee prolonged use while you’re on the road or at home. With a 10.4” display, the Iconia Tab P10 offers quality family time, or your own peaceful rest. The big screen and high resolution (2000 x 1200) makes it easier to immerse yourself in entertainment. The tablet’s aluminum alloy design, at 7.8mm thin and only 440 grams, reduces display thickness while still allowing for optimal vision performance.

The Acer Enduro Urban Family 

The Enduro Urban tablets are for individuals who are always after the next adventure, and in need of a digital buddy that keeps up with them. They are slender, durable, and waterproof. They are made for functional resilience, and make outdoor devices that are that much more elegant and easy to use.

  • Acer ENDURO Urban T1. This is for the families that love the outdoors, the rain, and the mountain-climbing. It is sturdy and built to protect; built with shock-absorbent materials, it can not only withstand the rigors of everyday activities, it is also a powerful device that you can rely on. You can enjoy up to 8 hours of use in the wild and it is featherlight, weighing in at 627 grams and 9.8mm thin. The ENDURO Urban T1 is also independently certified to be IP53 dust and water resistant, and MIL-STD 810H compliant. 
  • Acer ENDURO Urban T3. Designed for the great outdoors, the ENDURO Urban P3 offers certified military-grade durability, antimicrobial protection, a brighter screen to combat the sun, and extensive hours for all your time in the wild. with just 595 grams heavy and 9.92mm thin, you can bring it in water, stick it into dirt, or mount it on your mountain bike as a GPS. This also features 600 nits of brightness to protect your eyes and enjoyment while you’re outdoors, and engineered to also be IP53 dust and water resistant, and MIL-STD 810H compliant. 

How much is a tablet? 

Tablets’ prices can range from the low hundreds to even a thousand dollars. Take the Windows tablet, for example. Their newest tablet starts from $1000 USD, and on Amazon it can range from $200 USD to $300 USD. The Acer Iconia tablet starts at $199.99 USD, and the ENDURO Urban T1 and ENDURO Urban T3 also starts at $199.99 USD.

Tablets are a great alternative to a laptop, a book, a phone, or sometimes even your television. There are so many proven and creative uses for buying a tablet, and even more choices to choose from. If you’re someone who values productivity and convenience, a tablet just might be in your gift list for the near future.

Janice is a contributing writer for Acer with a background in marketing and copywriting. She's passionate about literature, tech, blockchain, and creative trends. She has worked with several clients to grow and position their brands internationally.


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