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Advancements in technology related to vision testing and eyeglasses have notably increased over the last couple of years, giving consumers unprecedented ways to purchase contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, and other related products. If you find yourself short on shopping time or live far enough away from an optometrist that regular visits are not practical, you now have the option to purchase glasses and other vision-correcting products online and have them shipped directly to you. Learn more about the best places to buy glasses online and even have a virtual eye exam. 

There are Several Options for Online Eye Testing, But Beware of the Following 

For those unfamiliar with the general process of getting an online eye exam, you either download a free vision testing app like Verana Health or the Warby Parker Virtual Vision Test. After completing the at-home vision test, your test results will be forwarded to an optometrist or ophthalmologist, who will then issue you a prescription you can use to buy glasses, contacts, and other related products. Many such services offer significant discounts to customers who are only interested in renewing their existing prescriptions, highlighting some of the weaknesses and limitations inherent in online eye testing. 

According to the AAO (American Academy of Opthalmology), the recommended age range for buying glasses online is between 18 and 39. While virtual tests are sufficient to determine an appropriate prescription, they cannot detect early signs of eye disease and other health issues detectable in physical exams. They also note that online eye testing should not be used to order contact lenses which should be fitted in person. The AAO also recommends that anyone at risk for eye disease or with an atypical prescription continue to make in-person visits for best results. Even healthy adults with no significant vision-related issues are highly advised to get their eyes tested in a medical setting every five to ten years at a minimum to maintain good eye health. 

The Advantages of Online Glasses Shopping and the Best Websites to Shop 

Given the events of the last couple of years, it might have been a while since your last visit to your local optometrist, but the sticker shock remains virtually the same. If you have ever tried to purchase a pair of glasses without the benefits of insurance, you can easily expect to spend hundreds of dollars just selecting the frames and lenses. In addition, extra treatments such as anti-blue light coatings, transition lenses, and anti-scratch protections cost even more, making them out of reach for those with limited budgets for eyeglasses.  

Depending on the briskness of business and your local optometrist's staffing level, it may take a considerable amount of time to pick out your frames and have them painstakingly fitted to your head. To let you do the measuring in the comfort of your own home, several online eyeglass companies send you a variety of sample frames so you can get a good sense before you make your purchase. If you already have your current eyeglass prescription on hand, you can buy glasses online within minutes of entering the relevant information. 

These are the Best Places to Buy Glasses Online for Both Price and Variety 

One of the more popular websites to buy glasses online in recent years is Warby Parker due to their five-day, five-frame trial period with free return shipping. The company also has a standing 15% discount when purchasing a minimum of two pairs of either prescription glasses or sunglasses, and the company also accepts vision insurance for additional potential savings. Warby Parker also commits that for every pair of glasses purchased, another pair will be donated to those in need across the globe, helping individuals to improve their productivity and personal incomes. 

If your glasses befall a sudden and unexpected accident that leaves them unable to fulfill their intended purpose, it would be great if you could get a new pair overnight. Thanks to the affordable, efficient, and aptly named Overnight Glasses, such a thing may be possible if you are willing to shell out $30 for their 24-hour emergency replacement service for single-vision eyeglasses. You could also ship your current pair to Overnight Glasses for lens replacement within 48 hours and take advantage of options including anti-blue light and polarized lenses. More complex lenses like progressive and bi-focal will take up to 72 hours to be replaced, although average customers can also receive their new glasses within three to four days when purchasing a package with both lenses and frame. 

If trying on frames for eyeglasses in your home does not appeal, but you would still like to see how a prospective pair would look on you, has an excellent solution. By allowing you to upload a photo of yourself to's virtual mirror feature, you can see how various designs and models look before deciding what suits you best. Even after you finalize a purchase, you can try out specific options with lenses and frames for up to 14 days with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are ultimately unsatisfied. also offers an impressive variety of designer frames at up to a 65% discount so you can satisfy your fashion sense without breaking the bank. 

Thanks to online glasses retailers and the option to test your vision and measure your face digitally, buying glasses online has never been more accessible or affordable. Check out prices on each website and take advantage of holiday sales to ensure you get the most value for money. 

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