Best Apps for Tracking Wintry Weather in 2023

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Although the holiday season is coming to its inevitable end, the weeks of cold and dangerous weather are just beginning. With millions of people planning on engaging in family visits, vacations, and other forms of travel, it is crucial to remain aware of potential risks to life and limb when deciding on a mode of transportation. By using the best apps for following wintry weather in 2023, you can help keep track of worrying weather patterns and keep yourself and your loved ones safe from having to drive or fly in poor weather conditions. 

For Free Winter Weather Tracking in 2023, Use the Weather Channel App 

A staple free application popular on Android, Apple smartphones, and other mobile devices, the Weather Channel app provides you with real-time updates and news for weather on the local, national, and even levels. In addition to giving users access to any airlines who have reported cancellations or flight delays, you can also watch up-to-date reporting, which covers weather systems of potential concern and keeps track of events as they unfold. Other valuable features include viewing hourly, daily, and 10-day weather forecasts, viewing air quality reports from across the globe, and reviewing live weather radar with up to six hours of projected movement and impact in your local area. 

Since this app is free to use with the option to make additional purchases, you will have to put up with some annoying ad content which helps to keep the app running smoothly. It should also be noted that the free version does not offer users a wide range of options available for customization. Depending on where you are located, you may end up experiencing errors in location data and have to estimate the impact based on the forecast for a nearby town. 

Carrot Weather Gets to the Root Problem of Not Having a Local Forecast 

Suppose you are the kind of person who wishes the 2023 winter weather forecast would deliver accurate results for your local area while also including a healthy dose of humor. In that case, you should strongly consider downloading Carrot Weather. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones and mobile devices, Carrot Weather delivers a personalized weather experience that is created by combining weather data from several other sources, including those used by fellow top 2023 winter weather apps. In addition to providing accurate temperature readings for your given location, Carrot Weather also offers real-time updates on top of hourly, daily and weekly forecasts. 

Where Carrot Weather distinguishes itself from the competition is the ability to configure and customize the app’s humor. Carrot Weather includes AI with features such as setting the level of political content, changing the default personality from murderous to friendly, and even shared activities with the app so it can learn more about you. While the base Carrot Weather App is free to use, the premium version allows users to track real-time weather events in up to five locations simultaneously, track tide patterns, and access a plethora of customizable widgets for even more data. It is worth noting that this app does not perform at its best outside of the U.S. and that a premium subscription is necessary for you to receive automatic notifications. 

With Dark Sky, Track Winter Weather Events Locally and Globally as Needed 

Although this app is only available to iOS users now, Dark Sky will allow you to track the movement of 2023’s winter storms and other weather events across the globe with minimal effort and incredible detail. Offering hyperlocal forecasts that provide minute-by-minute weather patterns breakdowns in real-time, Dark Sky uses a unique color shading feature to give you an instant reading on upcoming events. For example, blue backgrounds in the app indicate that rain is coming soon, whereas light grey signifies clear and sunny skies. The app also includes arrows to indicate the wind direction. 

In addition to getting information about local weather conditions at a glance, you can also review a vertically-oriented 24-hour daily timeline broken down into two-hour segments with overall expected conditions and high and low temperatures. A more detailed review of the timeline will also provide information such as the UV index, the overall chance of precipitation occurring, humidity levels, wind direction and speeds, visibility, dew point, and barometric pressure. 

While Dark Sky is often used to provide information on your local winter weather situation, the app can easily gather information on your intended destinations. Since Dark Sky will automatically save any searches you perform, you can rest assured that information on your most important locations is only a couple of taps away. In addition, thanks to the app continuously tracking the closest storms to your given area, you can even get a breakdown of the expected weather for the next hour to help inform your daily activities. 

One of the most unique features that Dark Sky offers is its animated global weather map which both predicts and illustrates developing storm systems with both current forecasts and historical data. The said map takes the form of a 3D globe, allowing you to observe weather patterns as they interact across the planet. 

With one of the best apps for tracking wintry weather in 2023 on your smartphone, you can help ensure that your holiday and winter vacation plans go off without a hitch. Check out our other articles to learn more about tracking technology and how it can help you. 

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