Best Accessories to Help Designers Up Their Creativity

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Most designers and creatives today are using high-end computers like ConceptD machines to help them create the graphics, videos, and other content that showcases their talents. But they can’t do it with computer power alone. 

Designers are increasingly eyeing accessories and components that help them get even more out of their computers. From a stylus that helps them design and draw on screens to amped-up graphics cards that help them perform more powerful graphics and video work, there are a host of accessories that help creative people be more creative. 

But like anything else in the tech industry, finding the best options on the market can be challenging. And in too many cases, users find devices that don’t quite live up to their expectations. But we have you covered. The following products are all designed for creatives but offer features that will help them express themselves in new and unique ways. 

ConceptD CP7 

The ConceptD CP7 is a high-end monitor designed specifically for graphic designers and creatives that need the best performance in their display. 

ConceptD’s CP7 offers a 27-inch 4K screen designed to create a big canvas to see high-quality visuals. It ships with a Pantone-validated display and 99% color gamut, meaning its color representation will be as lifelike as possible. And since it comes with high dynamic range (HDR) support, whether you’re using it for video or graphic design work, it’ll display vibrant visuals with ease. 

Along with a 144Hz refresh rate to accommodate fast-moving visuals, the ConceptD CP7 uses Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate to ensure your graphics card and monitor are communicating without any lag. You can even use the ConceptD CP7 to create 2D and 3D graphics, and its 3D lookup table support ensures color reproduction along contours. 

If it’s a high-end, designer-first monitor you’re after, the ConceptD CP7 is for you. 

Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set 

Although popular design apps like Adobe Creative Cloud come with the ability to choose pantone and CMYK colors, the process of finding the right and most accurate color can be time-consuming. The Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set addresses that. 

With the Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set in hand, designers can look through 2,139 color options to choose the best color for their project. They can then use the guide included with each color panel to input the exact CMYK information into their creative app. Pantone offers both coated and uncoated options to illustrate how they’d look with different sheens. Even web designers can use the Pantone Color Bridge Guide Set to set hex codes on colors for use in HTML, Wordpress, and other popular Web design platforms. 

Predator Aethon 700 

Although it often goes unnoticed, a high-quality keyboard that can be customized to the designer’s needs goes a long way in helping creatives save time and be more productive while they’re crafting their art. 

The Acer Predator Aethon 700 is designed for gamers but is an ideal choice for creatives who need a better keyboard for their artwork. It comes with the option to change how keypresses feel from a more “clicky” keypress to one that’s smoother and quieter. A spin wheel at the top-right of the keyboard allows users to adjust computer volume on the fly and you can even customize settings, key configurations, and more.  

Acer’s Predator Aethon 700 is outfitted with 16.8 million colors of backlighting and each key can be backlit to the color you choose to further customize its performance. You can even set seven different backlighting presets so you can easily adjust settings on the fly. 

Datacolor SpyderX Monitor Calibrator 

Monitors like the ConceptD CP7 are designed to deliver accurate visuals, but if you’re using a monitor that hasn’t been optimized for designers and creatives, the Datacolor SpyderX Monitor Calibrator is a must-have. 

Datacolor’s tool is an advanced color calibration tool that attaches to your screen and analyzes color accuracy. It then gives you customization options to ensure your monitor is properly calibrated to show the most accurate and realistic visuals during use. 

In addition to analyzing your monitor’s color settings, the Datacolor SpyderX Monitor Calibrator also senses ambient light and suggests settings changes based on that to reproduce accurate colors.  

Best of all, you can calibrate the device to show you how your designs will look when printed on paper, which may make colors look different than they would graphically. 

Wacom Intuos Pro 

When it comes time to design, there are some creatives who would rather use a stylus and pad to draw their art. And that’s precisely where the Wacom Intuos Pro comes in. 

Wacom’s device is available in three pad sizes (10 inches, 13 inches, or 17 inches wide) so you can decide which canvas you want to use for drawing and sketching. To draw on the pad, Wacom’s device comes with a stylus that reduces lag so what you do on the pad shows immediately on your screen. The stylus also offers pressure sensitivity, so the harder you press down, the darker your shading. Tilt recognition will determine your line width and since the stylus supports 3D modeling, you can even create art in the third dimension. 

The Wacom Intuos Pro connects to your computer via USB or Bluetooth and comes with customizable buttons to give you shortcuts to the design features you use most often. 

With the right tools, designers can showcase their talents and use their computers in unique ways. And the combination of a high-quality monitor, calibrator, and other accessories make using a PC to deliver creative expression truly special.  



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