5 Best Monitors for Designers

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Designers and creative thinkers are among the most sophisticated monitor shoppers. They understand the technologies that improve their visual experience, like resolution, color gamut, and high dynamic range (HDR), and they are firmly committed to attractive designs.

For most designers, the average monitor available to consumers or business users simply isn’t good enough. So they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find suitable monitors that come with the designs and features they desire. That effort is no small task. And it often takes far too long to find the proper mix of features and price to get the right device.

Acer and its ConceptD line deliver outstanding monitor options for designers and creatives alike. With a range of monitors that offer the right balance of features and design, Acer and ConceptD have established themselves as leading monitor makers for the most demanding designers.

Here’s a look at those monitors to help you find the best monitor quickly and easily.

Acer PE0

Acer’s PE0 monitor comes with a unique design and relies on LCD technology to deliver accurate and visually appealing graphics for designers.

The monitor has a 31.5-inch screen, providing ample space for designers to work on their digital canvas. It offers a 1300:1 aspect ratio and a 4K resolution to drive attractive visuals. And since it has thin bezels all around, it’s designed for those who want to have multiple monitors but don’t want unsightly bezels disrupting their field of vision while working.

Arguably the PE0’s most important feature is its monitor hood around the screen that’s designed to reduce glare and provide privacy during use.

On the technology side, you’ll find a monitor that comes with HDR for vibrant visuals and enhanced color accuracy, thanks to Acer ColorPlus, which calibrates the screen to ensure color accuracy. The PE0 also helps you extend your computer’s accessories use with additional HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.1 ports.

ConceptD CM3

ConceptD monitors are designed by designers and for designers. And the ConceptD CM3 is an ideal choice in that lineup.

The ConceptD CM3 has a 27-inch 4K display and promises AdobeRGB 99% color accuracy. It’s been Pantone validated (a designer must) and uses AMD FreeSync Premium to ensure all graphics are accurately synced between the graphics card and the monitor. The screen even comes with a CAD/CAM mode so you can work with illustrations and see the details and lines of 3D easily standing out.

ConceptD’s CM3 monitor has a unique design and monitor hood to reduce glare and keep your work private. It also has a smart light sensor to adapt to ambient light and adjust its backlighting to ensure the best visuals. It even offers an ergonomic stand to keep you comfortable while you work.

Acer CB3

The Acer CB3 is a 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution that focuses on offering attractive visual experiences while still being environmentally friendly.

Acer’s CB3 comes with support for 16.7 million colors and delivers outstanding color accuracy. With 350 cd/m-squared brightness, you’ll find the display works well in bright environments and its 1ms response time ensures it’ll work just fine with any video work you’re doing on the monitor. And since it comes with an ergonomic design, you can easily adjust its height, tilt, and other alignment to keep yourself comfortable while you work.

The Acer CB3 monitor, which also comes with Acer’s VisionCare 2.0 to reduce eyestrain and blue light effects, was built with energy-efficiency in mind and has Energy Star, TCO, and EPEAT certifications for reducing energy consumption.

ConceptD CP7

If you’re in the market for a high-end designer-inspired monitor, the ConceptD CP7 may be your first (and best) place to start.

The ConceptD CP7 has a 27-inch 4K screen. It comes with a Pantone validation for 99% Adobe RGB color space to ensure proper performance for designers. The monitor’s wide color gamut ensures proper color accuracy and 3D lookup tables mean color reproduction in sophisticated digital and video designs will be top-notch.

ConceptD’s CP7 has exceptionally vibrant visuals thanks to its expanded contrast ratio and Versa Certified DisplayHDR 1000 performance, meaning it offers 1,000 Nits of peak brightness to ensure whiter whites and blacker blacks. For fast moving content, the ConceptD CP7 ships with G-Sync Ultimate and its light sensor will adjust its screen brightness based on the ambient light so designers can be sure they’re always looking at accurate video content.

The ConceptD CP7 was designed with a light shield hood to reduce glare and keep prying eyes from being able to see what designers are working on. It also offers an ergonomic design and slim stand so you can use the monitor comfortably and without it taking up too much space.


When it comes time to go mobile, you may be desiring of continuing your work on the go. And that’s precisely where the Acer UT2 monitor comes in.

Unlike the other monitors in this roundup, the Acer UT2 is a completely mobile, designer-inspired monitor that boasts a touchscreen so you can tap around the screen and continue your design work regardless of where you are.

The UT2 ships with 10-point touch performance, so you can press on the screen at 10 points at the same time and interact with a host of gestures like pinch-to-zoom, swipe, and others. The screen, which measures 21.5 inches, has a 1080p resolution and uses AMD FreeSync to ensure all of your video and fast-moving content is properly synced. And since you may be using the UT2 outside, the screen has 7h hardness to reduce chances of it getting scratched. It’s also equipped with an anti-glare coating to reduce the impact sunlight may have on your design work.

If you’d prefer to use the UT2 at home, the device comes with an ergonomic stand and angle adjustments between 15 degrees and 70 degrees so you can always work with the device at the right angle.

Whether you’re working on the go, at home, or at the office, there are plenty of monitors on the market that aim at helping you be more creative and productive. The aforementioned monitors all get the job done in different ways, but one thing is clear: if you want to get the most out of your design experience, finding the right designer-inspired monitor is critical.



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