Best DSLR Cameras for Creatives

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Although the debate over whether DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras or fully mirrorless cameras provide a superior photographic experience continues to wage, there is no doubt that DSLR cameras are an excellent way of expressing your artistic abilities. Whether you are interested in taking pictures for personal enjoyment or as a professional photographer, a DSLR camera will help you create high-quality photos, videos, and much more for years to come. Learn more about the best DSLR cameras for creatives and how they can help improve your photography, videography, and other artistic endeavors. 

What Makes a DSLR Camera Different from a Mirrorless Camera?  

For those unfamiliar with the distinction between DSLR and mirrorless cameras, several different features will help you tell the difference between them. These features include the use or lack of mirrors to reflect optical images, the type of viewfinder that the camera employs, the overall weight and size of the camera, availability of accessories including lenses, battery life, and their ability to record video. 

DSLR cameras function by using a mirror to reflect optical images to the unit's viewfinder, then flip the mirror aside when a photo is taken. As their name implies, mirrorless cameras do not include mirrors but rather capture electronic images directly using the camera's optical sensors and show them through either the digital display panel or the electronic viewfinder. 

Although mirrorless cameras essentially offer a slimmed-down version of their larger and heavier DSLR counterparts, DSLR cameras have many advantages. In addition to having a much greater selection of lenses than can be applied to mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras include features like optical viewfinders, the ability to take optical images rather than electronic images, and far superior battery life. DSLR cameras are also ideal for shooting photos in fast-moving environments like sports matches and other action photography since users can take bursts of photography without worrying about image lag from an electronic viewfinder.  

What Should I Keep in Mind When Shopping for the Best DSLR Cameras? 

When shopping around for a DSLR camera for creative purposes, one crucial thing to keep in mind is that they are by no means cheap to purchase. Even a "reasonable deal" on a camera from a top manufacturer like Nikon, Canon, or Sony can cost hundreds of dollars for a base model, let alone accessories like lens kits, tripods, carrying cases and so on.  

Consumers should also be aware that while the number of MegaPixels will influence the overall quality of your photos, it is far more important to purchase a DSLR camera with the largest light sensor you can afford. Given that your light sensor is what will provide you with the ability to photograph low-light images, having lots of MegaPixels will not make a difference if you cannot take a photo at all. You should also consider whether you plan on taking pictures of specific subjects, locations, and situations, as these will help inform your final purchase. 

Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera 

If you are just starting out as a creative photographer, professional or otherwise, you need a compact camera that offers the ease of point-and-shoot while providing a high-quality DSLR, both for 1080p HD video and still images. The Nikon D3500 includes a Guide Mode to help users learn how to use the camera by providing on-screen instructions that are easy to understand and Auto Mode for taking great images in various situations and lighting conditions. Capable of capturing up to 5FPS (frames per second) and rendered through Nikon's proprietary EXPEED image processing system, the Nikon D3500 can also be linked to your tablet or smartphone. In addition to being able to have photos immediately sent to your mobile device for review, you can also use your device to take pictures remotely so you can be in the shot yourself and still get a great result. 

Canon EOS 90D DSLR Camera 

With a battery capable of taking 1,300 shots before needing to be swapped out, a rear display screen with complete articulation, and excellent protection from debris and moisture, the Canon EOS 90D is outstanding for all kinds of photography. This model allows users to shoot an impressive 10FPS with no lag time when engaging in OVF shooting to capture the perfect moment every time. The new Auto Focus feature with advanced capabilities like the 45-point all cross-type with 27 points helps ensure your shots are always in focus, regardless of whether you are taking still images, Full HD 120P, or 4K UHD 30P video footage. The Canon EOS 90D also includes face-tracking powered by EOS iTR Auto Focus, making it easier than ever to keep people as the highlight of your photos.

Sony A7 III 

For those who like the added comfort of auto-stabilizing technology, Auto Focus technology that tracks human and animal eyes and Real-Time image tracking, the Sony A7 III is an excellent camera. With a five-axis system to help stabilize your images when shooting on the move, Sony's proprietary α9 camera AF algorithms have been updated for improved performance in image tracking, image precision, and overall speed. 

Depending on your budget and experience level, you can purchase some truly amazing DSLR cameras if you are willing to hunt for a deal. Check out the manufacturer's websites to learn more about the cameras and what they have to offer.

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