5 Photo Editing Apps to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

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Do you edit your photos? If not, you should! Whether you’re shooting on an old smartphone or a high-quality DSLR, photo editing is an important step of the process to help your pictures look as good as possible. Editing gives you a way to control things like the photo’s brightness, size, and saturation—even if you didn’t get it right the first time. And when you develop your own editing style, your photos will all be immediately recognizable as yours. 

There are a variety of photo editing apps out there available for PC. When you’re choosing an app, go with one that offers the basic editing features you’ll need—things like the ability to crop photos or adjust the color. While this might seem boring, these are essential editing capabilities. Beyond that, look for an app has easy export or download options and is friendly to photographers of all skill levels. Additional features like stickers or frames can be fun, too. 

 Whether you’re creating marketing images for work or simply touching up family photos for social media, here are five of the best photo editing apps out there to make your photos look even better. 

1. Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most well-known photo editing apps out there, and for good reason: This free app has a range of easy-to-use features that help you create better-looking pictures. Use the comprehensive photo editor to crop photos; add color correction; and adjust, the exposure, highlights, shadows, and blacks and whites. 

You can also add “Looks,” which are similar to predefined filters to apply to a photo, or have fun with creative borders. Additional features give you the ability to remove pimples or fix red eye. When you’re finished editing, you can export your photos in JPG or PNG format, or print them directly using your Windows device. 

According to reviews, Adobe Photoshop Express is an entry-level, user-friendly option for retouching photos to share online. However, keep in mind that some features do require a paid subscription. 

2. PhotoDirector

Take your photos (and videos) to the next level with CyberLink PhotoDirector 365 Essential. This Windows and macOS app is an all-in-one photo editing tool that includes visual effects, editing tools, and more. Start with the Person and Object Segmentation, which detects elements you can then remove if desired. Or use other AI-powered tools like the AI sky replacement feature. 

 Next, experiment with glitch art—the technique of splitting, layering, and combining the colors in your photo to make a unique aesthetic. You can even make GIFs and add music tracks. And of course, PhotoDirector includes more traditional editing adjustment tools, too. 

3. Picsart 

 Once you’ve completed basic editing tasks like adjusting the exposure or color correction, use Picsart to create fun collages or ready-for-social images. Available in 29 languages, this free app has a variety of features that are great for all ages—from photo frames to stickers to templates for grid-style collages. 

 Other Picsart features include the Background eraser and Remove Object tool to clear up clutter in your photos. The app contains over 200 designer fonts to add to your photos plus 60+ million Picsart stickers. Design your own customized clip art or create unique stickers. With templates specifically designed for holidays or special occasions; Drip Art with dripping effect stickers; and Magic effects that let you cartoon yourself in seconds, Picsart is a great PC photo editing app for photographers of any age. 

 4. Adobe Lightroom 

 Another popular editing app from Adobe is Lightroom, a PC app that requires a qualifying Adobe Photoshop Lightroom subscription. Sliders and presets make it easy to edit photos with just one tap. Edits you make on one device (mobile, desktop, the web) are automatically applied across all devices. 

You can control who’s able to access your images. It’s easy to organize photos into albums, search for a single image, or share photos with other people. Plus, if you’re seeking to learn photography tips and tricks, Lightroom has in-app tutorials as well as content from professional photographers who walk you through their process step-by-step. 

 5. PhotoScape X 

 If you’re looking for a minimalist editor that contains everything you need without too many frills, PhotoScape X is a good fit for you. Easily resize an image or zoom in where needed; remove blemishes; and add brand watermarks. Change background images or edit object layers. 

 The app is beginner friendly and easy to navigate. You can also batch edit multiple photos simultaneously, which is a feature that many comparable apps don’t include. 

 For those who do want to spice up their images beyond the basics, get creative with the 290+ frames and 240 shapes included. Or creative an animated GIF and add stickers or text.  

Create Better Photos 

 Often, the editing makes or breaks a photo. Use one of these PC photo editing apps to ensure your images are ready to impress. From Adobe apps to PhotoScape to Picsart, there’s an editing app out there for every photographer—ready to help you create photos your audience will love. 



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