5 Features Every Business Should Look for in a New PC

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Many challenges come with starting a new business, such as market research, creating a business plan, acquiring a loan, branding, and others. With so many variables beyond your ability to control or predict, one of the best ways to invest in the future of your small business is by purchasing a business PC that is appropriately equipped to handle all your work and security needs. Learn more about the five features every business should look for in a new PC and how they will save you time and money in the long run. 

 Transform your Business PC with the Correct Ports and Accessories 

 While this can frequently be an afterthought for the average person interested in purchasing a new computer, buying a business PC will require you to consider your overall accessibility and the types of peripheral devices you will use daily. From incorporating a USB-enabled barcode scanner to facilitate an easier checkout process, a digital scale for calculating the most efficient shipping method, an external hard drive, or connecting Thunderbolt devices for awesome data transfer speeds and audiovisual quality, failing to consider the PC's type and the number of ports could be a real detriment in the future. Ensure your new business computers can use the technology you need before purchasing an ineffective PC. 

Look for a Display That is Easy on the Eyes, Both Figuratively and Literally  

If you are looking for the best PCs to grow with your business and help you along the way, one of the components that you will spend the most time with is the humble display or monitor. While the advantages of dual-monitor setups are many and varied, no matter how many monitors you have, they should be well equipped for your business's needs. If your business is heavily involved in activities like video editing, graphic design, and other industries where attention to detail is crucial, you need to have a display or monitor that can deliver. Even if you plan on using the best business PC only for basic office software like spreadsheets and word processing, you should look for a display with features such as automatic pixel refreshing, anti-blue light protections, and sufficient graphics capabilities for your needs. 

Consider if a PC's Hardware is Sufficient for your Daily Business Activities 

While it never hurts to have a business PC that meets or ideally exceeds your computing requirements, CPU-intensive activities like complex calculations, CAD (computer-aided drawing) programs, cryptography, real-time physics simulations, cryptocurrency mining, and others can put a lot of strain on your PC. If you find that your old PC was not sufficiently up to date and capable of letting you go about your day, upgrading your CPU, RAM, processor, graphics, storage, and more could help significantly. As mentioned above, not every business will need the same exact equipment to carry out their daily activities, so depending on how much hardware you need, you may be able to save a considerable amount of money. If all you need is an internet connection and a few bare-bones apps, you can save a lot of money in the short term while saving for an upgraded business PC in the future. 

Where Operating Systems are Concerned, Go with What Works Best for You 

If you are sick and tired of hearing about adherence to one particular operating system being the superior option, you will be thankful to learn that the best operating system is the one that you prefer using. Since so much about an operating system comes down to personal preference or company policy for the sake of easy communication across your business, whether you purchase a Windows or Mac business PC is ultimately your decision. If you like Linux, Opera, or one of the more esoteric operating systems on the market, go for it. Just keep in mind that should your business experience success to the point where you need to develop company-wide policies about operating systems, it is much easier to scale up some PC equipment purchases than others.  

Purchasing PCs with Security Software Suites to Defend from Cybercriminals 

To quote noted American statesman, inventor, ambassador, and businessman Benjamin Franklin, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." This simple statement is no less true today than it was in the 18th century, especially when it comes to protecting yourself from the scourge of viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and other cybercrimes in general. Depending on your prospective clientele and the type of information your business will interact with regularly, it is well worth purchasing a business PC with a robust security software suite in place before you even boot up. Although you could certainly buy a separate security software suite after the fact, it may be cheaper to bundle them together. It can also be useful to contact a single company and technical support line in the event of an emergency breach rather than multiple points of contact since allowing more time to elapse is giving cybercriminals more time to work. 

Since it can be challenging to predict the success or failure of any given business, the best thing you can do is purchase a business PC that will be efficient and, ideally, future-proof for years to come. Make sure to consider your business needs and activities before finalizing your purchase. 

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