7 More Windows 11 Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

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While our last piece covered some of the more well-known Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts, many others can save you significant time and effort. Here are seven more of the best Windows 11 computer keyboard shortcuts you need to know to make your PC activities much simpler, easier and more efficient.  

Create a Quick Screenshot with the FN + PrtScn Computer Keyboard Shortcut 

If you just need to take a quick screenshot of the general contents of your display, this is very simple to accomplish. Not every screenshot needs to take up valuable space on your PC’s hard drive, so saving a copy to your clipboard is usually more than sufficient. To quickly create a screenshot of your whole display and copy it to your clipboard, simply press FN or Function Key + PrtScn to create whatever screenshots you need with this computer keyboard shortcut. 

Save Your Important Screenshots with Windows key + PrtScn 

The ability to use a PC shortcut to create, copy and paste screenshots of your display is handy. Still, sometimes you need to save a copy of the screenshot for troubleshooting, communication, and other reasons. Rather than relying on the potentially faulty process of copying your screenshots to your clipboard, consider using the Windows key + PrtScn keyboard inputs. This command will not only create a screenshot of your current display, but it also automatically saves the screenshot and opens the appropriate storage folder so you know precisely where the screenshot is saved. 

Capture Specific Info from Your PC with Windows key + Shift + S 

 Rather than creating an entire screenshot if you only need to create a copy of a given window, error message, or another item on your display, it is almost certainly easier to use the Windows Snipping Tool. This utility can create a specific capture field by dragging the mouse or using your keyboard instead of screenshotting everything indiscriminately. To open the Windows Snipping Tool quickly and easily, press the Windows key + Shift + S and copy whatever image size and file format you need. 

Access the Hidden Start Menu with Windows key + X for Quick Access to Utilities 

While Windows 11’s new start menu has been streamlined for the sake of user convenience, there are times that it can be tiresome to search for a particular utility or set of menus. The hidden menu can be accessed with the Windows key + X and includes quick access to features like Windows PowerShell, Event Viewer, Device Manager, Task Manager, Computer Management, and much more. While power users typically use these options to adjust their PCs, but it is helpful to know which programs users can access via this menu for convenience. 

Enjoy Quick Access to Pinned Apps with Windows key + Number key 

Pinning your apps to the Windows 11 Taskbar is already an excellent means for quickly accessing programs you use regularly. It is worth noting that accessing and opening pinned apps can become even easier with the Windows key + Number key keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you happen to have the Microsoft Store app in the third position after the pinned Chat shortcut, you can open the app almost instantly by pressing the Windows key + 3. Should a particular pinned app already be open, you can use the same command to return to the app in question. 

Minimize All Windows Except Your Active Window with Windows key + Home 

Unless you approach using your PC like a surgeon does in the operating theater, there is a decent chance that you, like many of us, are prone to having several open windows and apps running in the background while you work. Sometimes it can become incredibly frustrating to navigate through seemingly countless programs to figure out where you left off, leaving you wondering how to get back on track. The Windows key + Home computer will instantly minimize all other windows except the one you are actively using, giving you some valuable breathing room while you review your open apps and close any programs which are not currently needed.  

Review Your Clipboard History with Windows key + V to Recover Copied Data 

You will need to enable Clipboard History to take advantage of this particular feature, which can be done by pressing the Windows key + V and selecting the Turn On button from the menu. Once this feature is activated, you will be able to go over the record of the various things you have copied and pasted, either for reference or if you accidentally copied something else before pasting the information. Once you have enabled this useful option, you will be able to review your Clipboard history in the event you forget to paste something rather than having to go back and create another copy. 

Windows 11 offers a host of notable features, and these keyboard shortcuts will help make your PC use that much easier. With a bit of experimentation and careful organization of your taskbar and other features, you can easily access and use complex utilities. Check out other keyboard shortcuts to find out more about what you can do with some simple keystrokes. 

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