What to Look for in a 2-in-1 Laptop

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As the laptop has evolved over the years, an increasing number of customers have turned to convertible laptops that allow them to be used both as a traditional clamshell notebook or a tablet. With their combination of laptop and tablet features in a single device, 2-in-1 laptops offer the best of both worlds for those seeking more productivity. 

But when it comes time to buy a convertible laptop, it’s critical that you do your homework and know what to look for in your next purchase. While many of the 2-in-1 laptops on the market may look the same and appear to come with identical features, there are certain nuances you should consider. And it’s therefore critical that you know what to look for when you prepare to buy your next convertible. 

You can waste plenty of time trying to find the right convertible and end up with the wrong choice. Read on for the key features and considerations you should keep in mind before you buy your next 2-in-1 laptop. 

Set your budget 

When you start shopping for 2-in-1 laptops, you’ll quickly find that they come in a variety of price points depending on the features they offer and the components they bundle. It’s important to decide ahead of time what your budget is and only stick to products that are within your desired range. 

It’s too easy to look at the slick 2-in-1 laptop on the store shelf with all the features you want and justify buying it. But you may find that the convertible laptop that matches your price range has many of the features you need to get the job done. 

So first and foremost, be sure to establish a budget and stick to it. You’ll undoubtedly find a computer that will match what you need regardless of how much you’re willing to pay. 

Screen size and resolution matter 

As you start considering 2-in-1 laptops, you’ll discover that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And one of the more important considerations is the screen size you desire. 

Don’t be surprised to find some convertible laptops that offer 13-inch screens and others that may stretch the display to 15.6 inches or even 17 inches. Again, decide here which size is best for you ahead of time and stick to that option. 

Once you choose your screen size, consider resolution. For most users, opting for a display with at least a 1080p or 1440p screen is fine, but opting for a 4K screen will deliver far more appealing visuals. You can also choose screens with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for delivering more vibrant visuals, as well as displays with a wide color gamut to get more accurate pictures. 

Since you’re buying a convertible laptop, any of the computers in this category will offer a touch screen. But when you’re evaluating your desired machine, check to see how many touchpoints the 2-in-1 laptop offers. Touchpoints refer to the number of simultaneous touches a display can recognize. A laptop with 10 touchpoints, for instance, can recognize and respond to 10 points of contact, allowing it to work with pinch-to-zoom, rotate, swipe, and other gestures. The more touchpoints, the more gestures. 

Processing power 

Most 2-in-1 laptops come with either an Intel or an AMD-based processor. And generally speaking, both options should deliver enough power regardless of how you want to use the machine. 

That said, be sure to opt for computers that come with newer Intel or AMD technology instead of those that are running more outdated options. While the latter may help you save some money on your new investment, you may run the risk of needing to buy a new computer too soon after you purchase this one. 

In addition to processing power, keep an eye on how much RAM and storage your convertible laptop offers. It’s a good idea to have at least 8GB of dedicated memory in the machine if you plan to use it as your standalone computer. And when choosing storage, opt for a device with at least 500GB of solid-state storage. Anything less than that and you’ll likely run out of space much too quickly. 

An eye on the hinge 

Arguably the most important decision to make when buying a 2-in-1 laptop centers on whether or not you opt for a computer with a hinge. 

Unlike other computers, convertible laptops are designed to be used both as a tablet and as a traditional notebook. That means you can flip the screen around to use it as a tablet in some cases and as a laptop in others. You can also set the screen up at your desired angle when you’re watching videos or writing with a stylus. 

Some convertible laptops are fully attached and come with a hinge that allows you to rotate the screen to your desired angle. Others are detachable, so you can detach the screen from the keyboard component and use it as a completely separate device. 

Both the detachable and attached convertible laptop options have their virtues. Detachable 2-in-1 laptops are generally more mobile and attached options are more convenient for those who easily misplace things (like a keyboard!). But you’ll want to make your own determination on which will be best when you start using the device. 

Regardless of the way you go, you’ll undoubtedly find that your convertible laptop just gets the job done. You won’t need to sacrifice power or functionality and its mobility will make you more productive on the go. If you’re in the market for a true computing companion, opting for a 2-in-1 laptop is an ideal choice.


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