Best Free Software to Record Streaming Audio and Music

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Whether you are interested in recording audio for use in streaming or musical projects, you may be looking to stretch your budget for all its worth and are looking for a good, free piece of audio recording software. Fortunately for you, several available options are not only capable of capturing and creating high-quality audio recordings, but you can also export files in an impressive variety of audio formats. In addition, some apps can even record video and audio, making them excellent choices for multi-media projects as well as for academic projects, family videos, or whatever personal or professional projects you would like to create. Learn more about the best free software to record streaming audio and music and determine which app works best for your recording purposes. 

Acethinker Free Online Audio Recorder 

A web-based option that virtually any OS can use, the Acethinker Free Online Audio Recorder allows users to capture voices and other sounds with a simple and easy-to-follow process. The user-friendly interface requires no learning curve and enables users to adjust, start, and stop their audio recording as desired. User testimonials speak to the effectiveness and quality of the recordings produced using audio captured via microphone, videos, other audio files, and even system files. Users can also capture audio on various other software and apps as long as they originate from an online source. Users can also export audio recordings as high-quality MP3 files and create a digital library where they can locate the appropriate files, rename any recording as needed, and organize files to their specifications. 


The Apowersoft online audio ripper is an excellent option for any Mac or Windows PC owner and allows you to record audio on your computer as desired easily. In addition to being totally free to use and easy to pick up, users can also export audio files in various popular formats, including WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and others. It should be noted that first-time users must install the software launcher before using the program, but afterward, they can record any audio or video as needed. Users can add narration and music to existing videos, audio meetings, and voice chats and utilize audio inputs, including digital audio streams, system sounds, and audio files. Users can even record snippets of music and other audio that they find to be of interest. Apowersoft also includes an incorporated library that allows you to save, delete, organize and otherwise manage your audio recording as desired.  


Available on Linux, Macs, and Windows PCs, Audacity serves as a one-stop-shop for all your desktop audio recording needs. Users can edit and record audio files simultaneously, allowing for a much more efficient process overall. While this software is primarily designed to work with Windows 10 and other older versions of the OS, users can install the program on MacOS or Linus OS, although such users may experience notable lags in performance. Audacity also possesses an audio editor with a multi-tracking function so users can instantly download files, make quick edits, listen to audio files, or share and save them as desired. 

Monavi Screen Recorder 

While this software is only recommended for Windows 10 and MacOS users, Monavi is an excellent streaming audio recorder that is completely free to use and is well-known for its impressive degree of when using the internet for audio. Users can take advantage of several different functions to record both audio and video for streaming purposes, and both types of files can be captured separately or together. After the recording session has concluded, users can proliferate the files across their PC's internal storage and share and edit videos for viewing on other platforms. Users can trim the final recording as needed, add callouts and highlights, record using their available webcam, and export files in GIF, MP3, and many other popular formats. Enjoy the benefits of customizable interfaces and recording options, the ability to set up a recording schedule, and a sidebar interface that is easy to understand and use. The Monavi app is only free for a one-week trial period, so it is likely not the best option for long-term use. 

As a web-based program that can be used in an OS-agnostic manner, Screen Capture offers users free software capable of recording any type of sound through a microphone, including both audio and live-streamed content. New users can take comfort in that Screen Capture offers a minimal learning curve and is reasonably easy to pick up with a bit of use. All you need to do to access this audio and video ripping software is access, make sure your audio is playing where your microphone can hear it and hit record. Users can also easily add narration to any video, use the screen to record sound captures, and take advantage of many other features. 

Regardless of your budget for audio recording, it never hurts to take maximum advantage of all the free recording apps at your disposal. Just because these options will not cost you anything does not mean they lack the capabilities for even the most professional of production values. If you long to create your own music or podcast recordings, you should consider free streaming audio recording software like the examples above. Check out the company's websites to learn about which program is best for you and enjoy all the free audio recordings you wish. 

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