5 Myths and Misconceptions About Green PCs

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Green PCs have slowly but surely become a hot topic in the computing industry. With features that aim at reducing environmental impact and with plenty of power to match their less environmentally friendly alternatives, green PCs are now more desirable than ever. 

Despite their appeal, green PCs are also somewhat unknown to many shoppers. And while companies have long said that they deliver green tech, in far too many cases, they fail to live up to the expectation most environmentally conscious shoppers have. 

Indeed, the green PC market is a rapidly evolving and increasingly innovative market. And while many great strides have been made to move the industry forward, there’s plenty of work left to do for companies to fully deliver on their desire to build completely green computers. 

Read on for more about the green PC industry and some of the common misconceptions people have about it. The following information should help you clear things up about what green PCs are (and are not) and help you find the right environmentally friendly computer for you. 

It’s all about the hardware 

In order for a green PC to be truly environmentally friendly, its hardware needs to play a role. Acer’s Vero computer lineup offers a host of environmentally friendly hardware features, including the use of post-consumer recycled plastic in parts of its case. The Vero line also ships without paint to reduce the use of harmful chemicals that can hurt the environment. 

But it’s erroneous to believe hardware alone can address green PC concerns. 

Software can be a significant drag on battery life, causing monitors and batteries to diminish in effectiveness and ultimately prompt consumers to buy new PCs or components more quickly than they normally would. That’s why Acer’s Vero PC line comes with both Eco and Eco+ energy software modes that allow you to reduce power consumption and extend battery life. 

The true test of any green PC is in its ability to combine hardware and software to reduce its environmental impact. One or the other on its own won’t get the job done. 

Green PCs are completely green 

As much as we’d like to see an industry where green PCs are completely “green” and have no impact on the environment, it’s not happening right now. 

Unfortunately, manufacturing processes to build green PCs still have an environmental impact. And with as much progress as the industry has made in improving hardware and software features to improve environmental friendliness, our work is far from done.  

Over the coming years, Acer anticipates rapid acceleration of green initiatives to improve the PC manufacturing and design process. But until then, even true “green” PCs aren’t as “green” as some may want. 

Green PCs are less powerful 

There are some who believe that because green PCs are built with environmental friendliness in mind first, sustainable computers can’t match the power of their traditional alternatives. But that’s simply not the case. 

Today’s green PCs come with the same software (Windows 11) and high-powered components you’d find in any computer that isn’t as energy efficient. While it’s true that green PCs come with software features that reduce energy consumption, they also offer power settings that allow for the full use of their components in those times when you need to boost performance. 

Better yet, Acer’s Vero lineup comes with the ability to easily upgrade the computer with new components and more powerful features. That feature alone paves the way for DIY users to actually make their Vero computer even more powerful. 

Green PCs have software limitations 

The same holds true for software. While it’s true that software can be controlled to improve green PC sustainability, there are no limitations to the apps and features users can find in their green computers. 

All of Acer’s green PCs run on a full version of Windows that works with the many apps and services you’d find in any non-green PC. So don’t worry about losing access to the apps you rely on most if you’re moving from a traditional computer to one that uses green technology: you won’t miss a beat. 

Every PC maker is on pace with going green 

Acer is proud to be an industry leader in building and innovating in the green PC market. And while there are other companies eyeing green PCs and how sustainable products could fit into their product mix, not every PC maker is keeping pace. 

Unfortunately, the green PC movement is somewhat difficult to navigate and some companies are further ahead than others. It’s important that you do your research on any green PC if you’re in the market for one and determine whether its features will really deliver on your own sustainability goals. 

The future looks bright for green PCs and sustainable technology. Consumers are increasingly telling tech companies that they want green tech and companies like Acer are responding. Here’s hoping more companies join the movement and the broader PC industry becomes truly environmentally friendly.

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