Acer CS2 Anywhere Display: Acer's Portable Smart Monitor

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Smart monitors are more than just a display — they also include individual functions independent of a computer or phone. Users can browse their favorite streaming service, host gaming sessions, or take video calls on their smart monitor, offering ultimate convenience with a Wi-Fi connection. Smart monitors are a mix between a standard monitor and a TV, so users can save space without purchasing screens for different uses. Users can also connect their smart monitor to their laptop or smartphone, creating a blissful combination of comfort and entertainment.  

What is a rollable monitor? 

Rollable monitors are created with a convenient portable stand and are not fixed to one place. Users can roll the monitor to their location of choice, for example, in their home office for a video call and then into the kitchen for entertainment while preparing food. The monitor can be rolled into another room or area and stored when finished, offering space-saving benefits.

Acer CS2 Anywhere Display

The Acer CS2 Anywhere Display is a portable smart monitor that offers endless entertainment, encouraging users to create a personalized experience wherever they watch. Users can easily stream their favorite shows, manage their smart home, or remotely access their laptops or PCs, providing ultimate flexibility and accessibility. Moreover, the screen can project content from smartphones or laptops using the mirroring function and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Acer’s CS2 Anywhere Display integrates into any space, letting users set up an office screen or in-home movie theater in any room. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, so users can simply roll the screen throughout their homes without tripping over annoying wires. The CS2 Anywhere Display offers convenience and innovation, letting users enjoy their favorite shows, movies, or games in comfort and style. 


Smart monitors are wired or wireless screens that let users access the internet, applications, and streaming services without an external computer. They are convenient and only require a Wi-Fi connection to function. Acer’s CS2 Anywhere Display is a portable smart monitor that oozes simplicity and convenience. Users can roll the smart monitor into other rooms or spaces, switching between conference calls in the home office and streaming movies in the living room. Its built-in rechargeable battery means there are no wires or tripping hazards, so users can effortlessly transport the device throughout their homes as desired.

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