The 5 Best PC Speakers People Love in 2022

edited August 2023 in PC Tech

Whether you’re getting ready for movie night, a big gaming session, or just need to make sure you have the perfect sound quality so you can jam out while you're working from home, finding the right PC speaker is an important task. 

But as you start the search for the best PC speaker for you, it's easy to get lost in a sea of different options. 

Here's a look at the best PC speakers that people are loving in 2022:

1. Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

Best Budget Subwoofer

One of the biggest challenges of finding a great speaker for the home is deciding whether or not to go for a subwoofer. While they can sometimes be cumbersome additions if you’re looking to stay small with your speaker setup, subwoofers can really make a big impact in adding breadth and depth to your sound quality. 

That’s why the Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 is such a great option. 

Relatively small in size, this subwoofer is easy to hide if you don’t want to make it the focal point of your room—but it doesn’t compromise on sound quality. It also stays small when it comes to the price tag; while most sound systems with subwoofers can run you anywhere from $100 to hundreds of dollars, you can find the Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 on Amazon for only $45.

Powered by USB, this PC speaker has no power adapter, but you can simply plug it into devices with its universal 3.5 mm AUX-in cable. Its front volume controls make it easy to adjust the sound as you listen, and its High Gain Mode lets you pump up the bass for when you want a deeper, stronger sound. 

The Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 also includes a 1-year limited hardware warranty.

2. Logitech G560

Best Gaming PC Speaker

The Logitech G560 is the first Logitech PC speaker that was created specifically for gaming—and it delivers on its promise. 

With powerful audio that can clearly articulate the high notes but still maintain a rumbling bass, this PC speaker is the perfect accompaniment for all the drama and intensity of your game of choice. 

What sets the Logitech G560 apart from the pack is its refined RGB lighting, which is simply the cherry on top of a perfect gaming experience. With its unique Screen Sampling feature, lights respond intelligently to motion and stimulus on the screen, creating truly immersive lighting that makes your game feel all the more real. 

There are two ways to set the controls for your Logitech G560 speakers. 

With hardware control, you can use Bluetooth or AUX input for the lighting to create a gentle rainbow color cycle that dims, brightens, and flashes in step with the music’s beat. With software control, you can make the choice yourself between a fixed color, a color cycle, breathing, an audio visualizer, or sampler lighting modes.

You can find the Logitech G560 on Amazon for $199.99

3. LG UltraGear Gp9

Best Wireless Speaker

The LG UltraGear Gp9 is another popular choice for gamers, but it’s much more than your standard gaming soundbar. 

This PC speaker is wireless and can run for five hours on a full battery—more than enough to get you through a gaming session, movie night, or dance party. Plus, you can enjoy this surround sound quality from a small, compact device; the LG UltraGear Gp9 is only 3 pounds and 15 inches, but it can easily produce virtual 3D surround sound with FPS mode setting. Or, if you need to keep it quiet for a while and use headphones, you can connect to this speaker via the standard 3.5mm headphone jack for 7.1 virtual surround sound. 

Another perk of the LG UltraGear Gp9 is its ease of control. With the coordinating smartphone app, you can easily manipulate settings to adjust features like RGB lighting, EQ options, etc.

One drawback to this PC speaker, however, is its price, coming in quite high at $499.99. But you can grab it on Amazon now for $249.99.

4. Edifier R1280Db Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Best Value

Edifier has a whole host of impressive speakers to choose from, but in their big lineup of choices, the Edifier R1280Db is capturing the attention of PC users. 

Its stand-out feature is its Bluetooth connectivity—and you’ll need it, too. These Edifier speakers deliver top-tier sound quality that audioholics will love, but they are quite sizeable speakers. With Bluetooth connectivity, however, you can neatly tuck these PC speakers out of sight and then easily manipulate settings with the included remote control. If you don’t want to rely on a Bluetooth connection, you can also connect your Edifier R1280Db via RCA or auxiliary connectivity for more flexibility. 

One of the biggest advantages of this PC speaker is its value. For $150 on Amazon, the Edifier R1280Db gives you all the features you’re looking for when it comes to top-quality sound at a fairly decent price. Its 4-inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter means you can get studio-level quality right at home, while its remote has special controls for the bass and treble so you can make adjustments as needed depending on whether you’re getting ready for movie night, gaming time, or just some casual background music.

5. Audioengine A2 Plus

Best Overall

Amidst all the flashy new PC speakers on the market, the Audioengine A2 Plus is an oldie but a goodie. Originally released in 2016, the newest iteration of this Audioengine speaker is still the best overall pick when it comes to selecting a PC speaker for your home.

These bookshelf-style speakers will appeal to minimalists (or simply those who don’t want their speakers to be the main focus of their room). Compact and simply attractive, the Audioengine A2 Plus can easily fit on the corner of your desk or on a coffee table—whatever your choice, its long-range antenna means you’re never limited by distance.

Despite its small size, this PC speaker has decent power at 60W, and you can easily connect it to an external subwoofer via its RCA output for extra intensity. The Audioengine A2 Plus also has flexibility going for it: It connects easily with a USB port, a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack, or a Bluetooth connection. 

With an attractive design, powerful sound, and connection flexibility, it’s no wonder the Audioengine A2 Plus is considered the best all-around choice when it comes to PC speakers. The only major drawback is the price tag—it’s available for $269.99 on Amazon.

Whether or not you consider yourself an audioholic, good-quality sound is indispensable for movies, gaming, or simply jamming, so make sure you pick one of the best.


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