How Acer Predator GM712 Projector Elevates Gaming to Cinematic Heights

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Why screen when you can project? While you may be content gaming and watching movies on your laptop, or possibly connecting to a monitor or TV, have you ever considered the potential of a gaming projector? Gaming monitors of all shapes, sizes and prices are part of most gamer’s arsenal, but can you imagine projecting up to a 4K UHD 300-inch screen? Well, today we’re discussing Acer’s gaming projector, the Predator GM712, a device we believe is possibly the best projector for gaming. Read on to discover all you need to know about projectors and gaming, and how the Predator GM712 can take your PC and next-gen console gaming to another dimension.

Are projectors good for gaming?

Before we break down the tech-specs and impressive features of the Predator GM712 projector, let’s take a minute to consider why you might want to choose a projector instead of a regular gaming monitor or PC. There are some truly spectacular, monstrous gaming monitors out there, such as the 57-inch Predator Z57 MiniLED. While monitors are great for most purposes, for gamers in search of a totally immersive experience, HD gaming on a projector can put you in a home-theater like, room sized gaming arena that other display technologies can’t compete with.

Projectors offer a flexible approach to screen size, as they can be adjusted to suit your wall size and preferences. For example, if you’re planning a solo Counter-Strike mission, you might want to pull up your seat and project a smaller screen size. But for a multiplayer bash at Diablo III, you’d probably want to maximize the screen size. The versatility to connect to various devices is another cool feature of projectors. Connecting your laptop to a projector should be a relatively pain-free experience, to cover all bases, check out our useful guide to getting connected.

Even the beefiest state-of-the-art gaming laptops offer portable power you can just about fit in your backpack, but you’re unlikely to want to haul around your OLED gaming monitor to gaming events or meet-ups. This is where the portability of projectors truly shines, as they can be easily transported, set-up and wirelessly paired with a variety of devices. Projectors such as the Predator GM712 include a portable speaker and a remote, enabling users to seamlessly switch between gaming and movie watching. And don’t forget, with the large screen sizes possible with projectors, you’d be missing out if you didn’t project your favorite sports events!

Acer Predator GM712 Projector

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of projectors for gaming, let’s take several steps back, and maybe take a seat, while we expand our horizons wider than ever before with the Acer Predator GM712. This projector can transform any space into a no-holds-barred gaming amphitheater, with up to 240Hz (PC) and 120Hz (PS5/XBOX Series X). The Predator GM712 comes in black, and is currently priced at £1,299.99 (approx $1645 at time of writing) at Acer Store. The GM712 is currently available in the EU and the UK, but can be easily purchased online and shipped stateside via Newegg, eBay, orTechinn. Please note though, that this adds the potential risk that the product won’t be covered by warranty, so check with the 3rd party seller to confirm if they’ll replace any malfunctioning products! Let’s have a look at the tech-specs of the Predator GM712, to get a clearer picture of what it can do for your gaming: 

  • Native Resolution: 3840 x 2160 
  • Maximum Resolution: 3840 x 2160 
  • Standard Mode Brightness: 4000 lm 
  • Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9 
  • Compatible Aspect Ratio:4:3 
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 
  • Digital Zoom: 2x 
  • Color Supported: 1.07 Billion Colors (30-bit) 
  • Lamp: 1 x 245 W 
  • Interfaces/Ports: S/PDIF x 1, USB 2.0 x 1, VGA x 1, Audio In/Out 
  • Projection System: DLP 
  • Projection Method: Front, Rear, Ceiling, Rear Ceiling 
  • Audio: 1 x 10 W speaker 
  • Wireless: Miracast Wi-Fi 
  • Installation: Ceiling Mount 
  • Weight (Approx): 9.9 lb 
  • Dimensions (Approx): 12.3 x 9.4 x 4.5 inches 
  • Standard Accessories: Remote control, Carrying Case, HDMI Cable 

Supersized clarity 

Starting with the projectable screen size, yes, this isn’t a typo: the Predator GM712 can project up to a maximum screen size of 300 inches. For your reference, a Ford F-150 truck is just under 230 inches long, so this is some serious screen real estate we’re talking about here! That said, we personally recommend an optimal projection size of 75 inches, if you’re sitting around 2 meters away.  

The Predator GM712 has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and is HDR10-capable in 4K UHD (ultra-high-definition) with up to 4000 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens. That’s a lot of lumens, meaning that this is a projector that can be used in both daylight and dark conditions. Light without focus is just light thought, and turning the lumens into overall luminance is where the magic of the Predator GM712 comes to life. Featuring outstanding contrast ratio, HDR10 compatibility, and DynamicBlack™ technology, the Predator GM712 adapts to your gaming, making bright scenes shimmer in brilliant detail. When things get dark, rich shadows and black are preserved, while details are enhanced, creating an optimal overall luminosity.

Refreshing frames

As we mentioned above, the Predator GM712 supports both PC and consoles, delivering fast, reliable refresh rates. For PCs, that means up to 240Hz in 1080p, using High Frame Rate mode. Next-gen consoles such as Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony Playstation 5 can expect 120Hz in 1080p using Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) mode. VRR is a useful feature that guarantees that regardless of how intense the action on screen gets, your gameplay stays seamless, smooth, and completely tear-free. By syncing the projector’s refresh rate to the PC /console output, lag and judder are eliminated, creating a greatly improved visual experience.

Freedom to choose

From epic gaming sessions to watching the Playoffs, there are many possible uses for the GM712 projector. Game Mode lets you take control of how you see your game. By enhancing contrast levels, you can immerse yourself in your game environment, or turn up the dark levels to see who’s hiding in the darkness! Invite the lads round to watch the game, and turn on football mode for enhanced brightness, saturation, as well as sharpness, and gamma in bright scenes for images so vivid you’ll feel like you’re on the pitch!

Wireless and prepared

The Predator GM712 is designed to go the distance, and more. Featuring Eco Pro Mode, the lamp (the light source that produces the image) power can be dimmed by 30%, potentially extending lamp life as much as 15,000 hours. The projector is easy to install, and can be used for 24/7, non-stop projection, via a range of devices and audio-visual platforms. Wireless connection means no pesky cables, and the 10W speaker and antimicrobial remote give you the freedom to enjoy your favorite shows with no hassles.  

The takeaway

There’s not much more to say about the Predator GM712 projector, apart from go out and try one out to see how it can transform your gaming and home entertainment. With HDR10-capable, 4K UHD display, this projector will expand your gaming horizons. Speedy refresh rates for seamless gaming and the option to customize contrast and dark levels to suit your gaming style promise to redefine what you see in the light, and in the shadows. Simply set-up and play this wireless smart projector, and don’t forget to invite your mates round!

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