The Best Gaming YouTubers to Watch for Walkthroughs, Tips, and More


Gaming YouTubers have carved out a massive space in the ever-evolving world of entertainment. As these digital superstars entertain millions of viewers with their charismatic personalities, humorous narrations, and informative reviews, they are redefining the way we experience video games. Gaming channels on YouTube provide a broad variety of content, from recordings of creators playing a video game and providing commentary (also known as “Let’s Play” videos) to walkthroughs, gameplay tips, reviews, and gaming news. Not sure where to begin? Here are some of the most popular gaming-related YouTube channels. 


Real name: Felix Kjellberg 

Location: United Kingdom 

Subscribers: 111 million 

PewDiePie gained fame through his Let’s Play videos. His comedic style quickly garnered a massive following, and his irreverent humor and energetic personality have kept viewers coming back for more. His content has evolved to include vlogs, meme reviews, and commentary on internet culture. Today, PewDiePie is one of the biggest YouTubers in general, not just in gaming. Critics and fans often praise his unique approach to content creation and his influence on the YouTube gaming community. 


Real name: Seán William McLoughlin 

Location: Ireland 

Subscribers: 30.7 million 

Jacksepticeye is popular for his enthusiastic Let’s Play videos that cover a large assortment of games. While he primarily focuses on comedic playthroughs, his channel also features challenges and vlogs. His fans often describe his content as lively and genuine, saying they appreciate his positive energy and sense of community. Outside of gaming, McLoughlin frequently engages in charity work, hosting live streams to raise funds for various causes and further endearing him to his audience. 


Real name: Daniel Middleton 

Location: United Kingdom 

Subscribers: 28.7 million 

DanTDM is known for his Minecraft content, which includes challenges, adventures, and mod showcases, but his channel also features Roblox and other family-friendly games. Focused on storytelling and creativity, his videos are beloved for their engaging style. Fans appreciate his wholesome approach that’s great for younger audiences. Middleton has also authored books and toured internationally, solidifying his status as one of the leading family-friendly gaming creators on YouTube.  


Real name: Mark Edward Fischbach 

Location: USA 

Subscribers: 36.6 million 

Characterized by his deep voice, intense reactions, and expressive commentary, Markiplier specializes in Let’s Play videos with a comedic twist. He often plays horror and survival games but also explores a wide variety of genres. Fans appreciate his vulnerability and his efforts to support charitable causes through fundraising streams. His content often blends humor, suspense, and personal stories, creating a strong sense of community among his viewers. 

MrBeast Gaming  

Real name: Jimmy Donaldson 

Location: USA 

Subscribers: 43.2 million 

While the main MrBeast channel is famous for large-scale challenges and philanthropy, MrBeast Gaming is where Donaldson indulges his passion for gaming. He posts entertaining gameplay videos and elaborate gaming contests with high-stakes prizes. Competitive games like Minecraft and Roblox feature often, and there’s a strong focus on creativity and community. Fans appreciate MrBeast’s willingness to push the boundaries of gaming challenges and his ability to engage audiences with his energetic style. 

The Game Theorists  

Real name: Matthew “MatPat” Patrick 

Location: USA

Subscribers: 19.2 million 

The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that explores the scientific concepts behind popular video games and the hidden stories within them. Combining in-depth analysis with humor and engaging storytelling, host MatPat delves deep into game theory, often incorporating elements of physics, psychology, and history. He also tackles video game lore, theories, and Easter eggs. Viewers appreciate his knack for connecting gaming to broader topics and dissecting complex gaming elements while keeping the content entertaining and accessible. 


Real name: Evan Fong 

Location: USA 

Subscribers: 25.9 million 

Fong is known for collaborating with other YouTubers like Nogla and Terroriser—also known as members of the “Vanoss Crew”—on funny gaming montages and collaborative gameplay videos. Their content is often heavily edited for a fast-paced and meme-filled experience. Fans appreciate the lighthearted chaos and camaraderie between the crew members. The VanossGaming channel highlights a variety of games, including Grand Theft Auto V, Garry’s Mod, and Call of Duty. 

More YouTube Gaming Channels to Check Out 

Beyond the giants of gaming YouTube, there’s a vast and vibrant world of niche creators. Fans of indie games can explore channels like Splattercat, which offers in-depth reviews of a wide range of indie games, and GabSmolders, which features Let’s Plays, reviews, and walkthroughs, particularly in the horror genre. Retro gaming enthusiasts can turn to Retro Bird for light-hearted reviews, playthroughs, and retrospectives, or to LGR for deep dives into retro tech, including vintage games, obscure consoles, and forgotten peripherals. These are just a few examples, and with a little searching, you’re sure to find passionate YouTubers dedicated to your favorite gaming niche. 

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Whether you’re interested in the gaming channels with the most subscribers or looking for a lesser known creator with a specific niche, there’s a gamer on YouTube waiting to entertain and educate you, and maybe even rage-quit alongside you. Happy gaming! 

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