Why You Should Always Purchase Acer Extended Service Plan Warranty

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Substantial purchases like a new washing machine, vehicle, or laptop can be expensive to repair if they break down. That is why stores often offer an extended warranty to cover repair costs after a manufacturer’s warranty expires. Extended warranties may also include common issues like wear and tear damage and could cost less than repairs. Laptops often bear the brunt of their user’s lifestyles and are susceptible to spillage, bumps and scrapes, and even being dropped. Digital nomads or remote workers may carry their laptops around, only adding to the risk of potential damage. Extended warranty plans outlive standard manufacturer warranties and offer coverage for several years.  

What is Acer’s Extended Service Plan warranty? 

Acer Care is an extended warranty plan for Acer products, with customizable protection plans for total peace of mind. With Acer Care, customers can choose and extend the length of their cover to protect products over time. Moreover, senior trained technicians offer product knowledge and repairs with original parts, ensuring the top Acer quality customers expect. With customer care in 21 spoken languages, Acer’s service network is there to help in the event of product-related issues. 

How is Acer Care different from a regular warranty? 

Acer Care is an extension of the standard Acer Product commercial warranty, offering up to five years of coverage for certain Acer products. Acer may offer a one to three-year warranty as standard, depending on the product. During this time, customers receive free technical support and limited product repairs, excluding software errors or accidental damage. However, damage occurring after the standard warranty period will not be covered, which is where the Acer Care warranty extension comes in. 

What does Acer Care cover and why should you buy it? 

Acer Care offers up to five years of extended coverage for Notebooks, Chromebooks, Gaming, Desktop, Monitor, Concept D, and Enduro devices. It includes priority repairs and covers internal components like disk drives, memories, CD-ROMs, CPUs, raid cards, network cards, and backup units. Acer technicians will also conduct an operating system reset to ensure everything is working properly. Damage resulting from negligence, misuse, incorrect maintenance work, or viruses caused by peripheral devices, or the installation of drivers are excluded.

Customers may also consider the 2-year Extended Service Plan for laptops, including toll-free support. This cover extends protection for parts and labor but excludes damage resulting from misuse or abuse. Moreover, the 3-year Extended Service Plan includes three years of Accidental Damage Protection starting with the Manufacturer’s Warranty, allowing customers to make one accidental damage repair claim per year or receive one replacement unit for the duration of the cover.  

Where can I do an Acer warranty check? 

Customers can check the warranty on Acer products by simply entering the product serial number, SNID, or Part Number into the support box on the Acer Warranty webpage. Acer Warranty registration is available through the Acer Care Plus Activation page.  

How to get the Acer Extended Service Plan Warranty

US-based customers can access the Extended Service Plan via Acer’s US website. For UK and EU customers, Acer extended warranty plans are available under the Warranty section on the Acer website. Customers can choose their applicable product category or enter their product serial number to select the most suitable cover for their device, and customers will receive an email with complete instructions upon purchase. Acer Care Plans must be activated within 365 days of the Acer device purchase date. 


Manufacturer warranties offer coverage for certain device faults within a specific time after purchase. These faults are usually due to issues arising from the manufacturing process and exclude almost all damage outside of this. Customers must pay for repairs out of their own pockets if faults occur outside the warranty period. Extended warranties provide exactly that — an extension of the original manufacturer warranty. It is usually worth buying such plans as electronic repairs are expensive, time-consuming, and may even exceed the extended warranty cost. Acer Care upgrades the Acer Product commercial warranty and ensures high-quality repairs with original Acer parts by experienced Acer technicians. Customers can purchase Acer Care plans for their devices on the Acer website.

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