Helldivers 2 Tips for Playing in Higher Difficulty

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Venturing into the higher difficulties of Helldivers 2 is not for the faint of heart. It demands not only precision and skill but a deep understanding of the game's mechanics and the formidable enemies you'll face. As you prepare to dive into the chaos, remember that the key to survival extends beyond just pulling the trigger; it lies in mastering a variety of strategies that will see you through the toughest battles. This guide aims to arm you with essential tips for navigating the game's most challenging modes. From selecting the right stratagems to knowing your enemy, aiming with precision, the art of strategic retreat, and the importance of seamless team communication, each tip serves as a crucial piece of the puzzle. With the right approach, you can spread democracy across the galaxy, no matter how daunting the opposition.

1. Unlock and equip the right stratagems

Stratagems are crucial for tackling late-game missions in Helldivers 2, particularly at higher difficulty levels where enemies sport robust armor. To effectively confront formidable foes like Bile Titans, Chargers, Tanks, and Hulks, players must deploy higher-level stratagems. The relentless enemy spawn rates in Helldive mode significantly increase the likelihood of sustaining damage. In such scenarios, the absence of a Shield Generator Pack can be fatal, rendering a player highly vulnerable. Proper selection and use of stratagems are pivotal to survival and success. In Helldive mode, it's advisable for at least one team member to be equipped with Orbital Lasers and the Eagle 500KG Bomb, crucial for eliminating major threats. For better survivability, we recommend that players equip a Shield Generator Pack to enhance durability against enemy attacks and potential friendly fire from explosive stratagems. While your primary weapon and armor loadout are important, prioritizing stratagems is essential for success.

2. Understand the enemy and know their weaknesses

Understanding and knowing enemy weaknesses in Helldivers 2 is fundamental to succeeding in higher difficulty play. The game features a diverse array of enemies, with 7 types of Automatons and 9 types of Ternimids, not including variations of the same type. Each enemy class behaves differently and possesses unique vulnerabilities that players can exploit. For example, Automaton Tanks are heavily armored units that require specific tactics, such as attacking their weaker rear armor to effectively neutralize them. Similarly, dealing with the elusive and deadly Stalkers among the Ternimids demands awareness and quick responses, as they can decimate squads with their stealth and powerful attacks.

The necessity of adapting your strategy based on the enemy you're facing cannot be overstated. Selecting the right weapons, stratagems, and armor becomes a critical decision-making process that directly impacts your squad's survival and mission success. For instance, incendiary weapons might be particularly effective against certain Ternimid types by bypassing their armor and dealing continuous damage. On the other hand, explosive stratagems or specific heavy weapons might be necessary to penetrate the thick armor of Automaton units or to take down their dropships before they can deploy their deadly cargo.

Luckily for fellow Helldivers, patriot Defore, from Reddit, released a cheat sheat for you to study and understand the enemy.



3. Learn to aim

Understanding enemy weaknesses is crucial in Helldivers 2, but the knowledge alone isn't enough if you can't exploit those vulnerabilities effectively. As a third-person shooter, the game does offer a variety of strategies that don't solely rely on precision aiming. However, mastering your aim can significantly ease your gameplay experience. This involves not just proficiency with primary and support weapons, but also the skillful timing and placement of stratagems. While some stratagems, like the Orbital Lasers, don't require pinpoint accuracy, others demand it. The Eagle 500 KG Bomb, for example, may have a devastating impact with its high damage output, but its effectiveness is contingent on accurate deployment due to its small area of effect. Thus, learning to aim not just your weapons but also these crucial stratagems is essential for taking down large enemies and advancing in the game.

4. Just run away from enemies

While it may appear to be extremely unpatriotic, running from enemies is a strategic necessity rather than a sign of weakness, primarily due to the game's focus on completing objectives and surviving over direct combat. The overwhelming forces encountered, especially at Helldive mode, and the risk of depleting vital resources make evasion crucial. This tactic allows players to conserve ammunition and stratagems, avoid unnecessary risk from the game's limited respawn feature and friendly fire mechanics, and leverage defensive tools like the Shield Generator Pack more effectively. Ultimately, strategic retreats and tactical positioning align with the game's core objectives, ensuring player survival and mission success through smart gameplay and resource management.

5. Communicate with your team

This one may seem like a fairly obvious tip, is not just essential—it's the linchpin of survival and success in the game's challenging environments. The strategic use of stratagems, navigating through hostile areas, and achieving objectives require coordinated efforts, which can only be successful through clear communication. The risk of friendly fire and the need for synchronized actions to minimize mishaps further highlight the importance of teamwork. Facing a variety of enemy types and complex mission scenarios means that a well-coordinated team, where members share information and strategies openly, stands a better chance at survival and completing missions. Lack of communication often leads to chaos, increasing the likelihood of failure and making communication an indispensable part of the game's cooperative play.

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