Best Palworld Exploits and Hidden Mechanics to Try

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Palworld, one of this year’s best-selling games, is only in early access. Because the game is in early access, there are tons of exploits and in-game mechanics that you can abuse in your favor. In this article, we will teach you some of the coolest exploits and glitches for you to test out. 

1. Capture all merchants in a multiplayer server to deny trade

In a game primarily centered around taming and capturing creatures, there is an unexpected feature that also permits the capture of humans in Palspheres. This practice is looked down upon by the inhabitants of Palpagos Island. Even more contentious is the act of capturing all merchants in a multiplayer server, effectively preventing other players from buying or selling items until these merchants respawn. Such behavior is considered a form of griefing and could lead to a ban. Despite this, the mechanic exists in the game, offering players the option to exploit it if they choose.

2. Trap and burn the Black Marketeer for Gold and Gold Keys

An early game exploit available to players involves the Black Marketeer, a Level 40 NPC. This exploit requires a Hanging Trap, accessible at level 4, a campfire, and the Black Marketeer. To execute this exploit: 

  1. Place the Hanging Trap so that its base overlaps with the Black Marketeer's location.  
  2. Once the Black Marketeer is ensnared in the trap, set up a Campfire directly below the NPC to begin causing burn damage and wait for him to die.  

Strike the Black Marketeer at least once with any weapon to ensure eligibility for collecting the dropped loot, which typically includes around 10,000+ Gold and a Gold Key. 

After defeating him, players should disassemble the trap and Campfire before he respawns. The Black Marketeer can be made to respawn by returning to the title screen, fast traveling, or using the Respawn button (recommended only if death penalties are turned off), allowing for repeated farming. It is advisable to perform this exploit in a single-player server as NPC respawn times are stricter in multiplayer servers.

3. Stack your plantations to save space

In Palworld, farming is crucial for creating food and breeding materials, like Cake, for your Pals. Advancing to higher levels grants access to different plantations, meaning you will need more space to grow newer crops. A space-saving exploit is plantation stacking, which triples farming space by vertically layering plantations without increasing your base's size. This efficient approach helps overcome spatial constraints, proving essential for maintaining productive farms without sacrificing other base essentials. Follow these steps to stack your plantations:

  1. Begin with benches: Place a bench and build it. Then, stack another bench on top and build it, creating a vertical structure for elevated plantation placement. 
  2. Install the first plantation: Align a plantation with the top bench and jump to snap it into place when it turns blue. After constructing the plantation, remove the supporting bench. This makes the plantation float, exploiting game mechanics for space-efficient placement. 
  3. Add the second plantation: Repeat the process for a second floating plantation, creating a tiered effect that maximizes vertical space and crop capacity within the same footprint. 
  4. Construct the ground-level plantation: Place a third plantation at ground level beneath the floating ones. This effectively triples the usable farming area, streamlining the crop management process across multiple levels. 

4. Grapple hook and glide to travel faster 

In Palworld, gliding serves as an aerial technique for navigating the expansive open world.  When used normally, gliding does not offer a substantial speed advantage over running and consumes stamina, thereby limiting the distance one can cover. This constraint is particularly noticeable early in the game before better gliders are unlocked.

However, by utilizing in-game physics and exploits you can significantly boost your travel time, speed, and distance. For instance, by gaining speed from sliding down a hill and then deploying your glider, you can achieve faster travel over longer distances.

A similar boost can be achieved with the grappling gun by aiming at your desired location and quickly switching tools before you arrive, which cancels the grapple animation but keeps the momentum, allowing you to glide at enhanced speeds. This technique, known as Grapple Gliding, proves useful even with the beginner glider and grapple gun.

To do this, you will need to press CTRL and SPACE towards the end of your grapple, using the rope's pull to your advantage. The specific grapple hook used makes little difference in speed, but advanced gliders, which use less stamina, facilitate longer, faster gliding. 

Substituting the Glider for gliding Pals like Hangyu and Galeclaw can significantly increase your speed and distance, and even more so if you decide to level the Pals via condensation. 

5. Use the Palbox to summon multiple Pals in a Field Boss fight

In Palworld, Field Bosses are Alpha Pals scattered throughout the game, capturable yet challenging adversaries with significantly higher health and damage than their regular counterparts. Engaging these bosses typically requires players to deploy multiple Pals, though the game's mechanics limit summoning to one Pal at a time from your six-slot roster. This means battles are often one-on-one between your Pal and the Boss, with you providing support from the sidelines.

While this approach may suffice in the game's early stages, the difficulty of bosses escalates with progression, especially the legendary Field Bosses (Jetdragon, Frostallion, Paladius, Necromus), all at level 50, presenting a formidable challenge that demands extensive concentration and strategic planning.

However, there's a workaround that doesn't rely on a fair fight. Facing a Field Boss that seems too tough to beat head-on? The game’s base mechanics offer an easy solution.  

Build a Palbox near the boss and then summon up to 15 of your strongest Pals to take on the Field Boss together. While a Field Boss might manage to fend off 2-3 Pals alone, it's unlikely to withstand the onslaught from a team of 15, allowing you to tip the scales in your favor by sheer numbers.

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