Tips for Cross-Playing Pentiment on PC, PS5, and Switch


In a business update on February 15, 2024, Microsoft announced that four Xbox-exclusive titles will be available to play on the PC, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch. One of these games is Pentiment. The historical narrative-driven role-playing-game from Obsidian now supports cross-play, bringing multi-console users together. 

Set in the fictional Alpine town of Tassing in the 16th century against the backdrop of late-medieval religious and political tension, Pentiment follows the travails of protagonist Andreas as he traverses a relatively small but vividly detailed map to solve a murder mystery. 

Users immerse themselves in a storybook-style narrative, carefully peeling away the layers in this steadily paced adventure to get to the heart of the game’s objective. The gameplay is centered on gathering information from the town inhabitants and putting the pieces together to solve the mystery, which is made even more challenging by the fact that it’s all timed. 

The game has been praised by both critics and users for its simplicity combined with stunning visuals and has been described as a highly captivating and engrossing masterpiece. 

What’s Cross-Play and How Does It Work? 

Gamers have always been drawn to one type of platform over another because of its specific features. In the past, these preferential differences presented limitations when it comes to playing online multi-console games, given how those games have been developed separately for different platforms and their user experience. For example, two users could be playing a first-person shooter on different consoles and would not be able to team up or play against each other because they were playing on entirely different servers. 

Thanks to cross-play or cross-platform play, users are now able to play online together regardless of their console, allowing for a more fluid collaborative in-game experience. At the moment, cross-play is available only for certain games, but this trend appears to be on the rise.  

Pentiment Cross-Play: Tips on How to Activate It on Your Console of Choice 

With Pentiment available on all major platforms, users can now join forces and share their journeys and revelations. This means players are now able to solve puzzles together, share strategies for taking on upcoming challenges, and even play multiplayer modes. 

The developers at Obsidian have shown their commitment to inclusivity, working to ensure the cross-play update is bug-free and flows seamlessly across multiple servers and platforms. It promises to bring gamers together as they navigate the intricate and artistically splendid world of Pentiment. 

Here's how you can turn on cross-play according to your device: 

Pentiment Cross-Play on PS4 and PS5 

To turn on cross-play on your PlayStation console, simply head over to the Online menu in the in-game settings and make sure that the “PlayStation Network – Allow Cross-Platform Play” toggle is switched on. As soon as it goes green, the server will sync with all other platforms that have cross-play enabled. 

Pentiment Cross-Play on Xbox 

For Xbox One, Series X, and Series S, go to Guide on the main dashboard and on the “General” tab under “Settings,” choose “Online Safety and Family.” Choose “Privacy and Online Safety” and then “Xbox Live Privacy.” From there, select “View details and customize,” “Communication and Multiplayer,” and then under “You can play with people outside Xbox live” choose “Allow.” 

Pentiment Cross-Play on Nintendo Switch 

On the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to turn cross-play on or off on the Nintendo eShop setting. 

Pentiment Cross-Play PCs 

For PCs, the action varies from game to game, but you’re likely to find the cross-play option under the network settings. To match up with powerful consoles such as the PS5, however, we recommend playing Pentiment on a high-spec machine such as Predator Helios 18 Gaming Laptop or the Predator Helios 16

Other Available Cross-Play Games 

In addition to Pentiment, three other Xbox-exclusive games are now available to play on other consoles. 

  • Hi-Fi Rush: Tango Gameworks’ rhythm-based action game is centered on the adventures of budding rockstar Chai and his team who take on an adverse corporation. 
  • Sea of Thieves: This story-driven action-adventure pirate game features 11 tales that the players must complete on their journey to becoming a pirate legend. 
  • Grounded:  Another hit from Obsidian, this survival action game allows users to band together to survive as ant-sized humans in a dangerous world. 

The jury’s still out on how users are receiving cross-play. On the one hand, it does foster a greater online gaming community, dissolving the borders between consoles. However, some users are overwhelmed at having scores of other players from historically opposing consoles joining in their gaming experience. Only time will tell how this new gaming trend pans out. 

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