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Dealing with emails can be a pain, especially when you need to respond to many of them, so wouldn’t it be great to have an assistant who can write your email replies just the way you would? Thanks to email writing assistants powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this is now possible. 

How Do AI Email Writers Work? 

AI-driven email writing tools are trained using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to understand and analyze the content of emails, as well as user behavior and preferences. 

When an email is received, these tools parse its content, identifying key elements like sender, subject, and message body. Through NLP, they decipher the meaning and context of the text, recognizing entities, sentiments, and intents. They then learn how to personalize responses and suggest appropriate actions, such as drafting replies, setting reminders, or prioritizing emails based on importance. Continual learning mechanisms allow them to adapt to evolving user patterns and email trends, ensuring a dynamic and efficient AI system. 

Many AI email assistants also integrate with other productivity tools and applications such as calendars, task managers, CRM systems, and collaboration platforms. This allows for seamless communication and workflow management across different tools and platforms. 

Examples of AI-powered Email Assistants 

While there are many AI-driven email tools that organize your inbox and automate tasks like setting appointments and reminders, AI writers that mimic your email tone are a relatively new development. 

Readdle, the developer of Spark Mail, recently announced an AI feature called “My Writing Style.” This update can tailor AI-assisted email drafts to your tone of voice, including adopting your preferred salutations and sign-offs, matching the length or pace of your messages, and using corporate jargon or technical terms commonly found in your correspondence. Once activated, “My Writing Style” will analyze recent emails, learn the tone and style you use in your writing, and apply it to new drafts generated with the Spark email app. 

One of HyperWrite’s AI-powered email writing tools is its Email Tone and Style Optimizer. Your prompts can include what the email is about, how formal it is, and how you want it to sound. The tool then generates an email draft (or edits yours if you add a draft in the prompt) and makes sure it corresponds to your required tone and level of formality. According to the developer, this model is great for “professionals, students, marketers, salespeople, and anyone who wants to make sure their emails are effective, well-written, and convey the right tone and style.” Depending on the target audience of your emails, the AI-powered writing tool can create messages that are friendly, formal, or persuasive. 

Other AI-powered email writing tools from HyperWrite include a Marketing Email Generator and an Email Responder. The Email Tone and Style Optimizer works much like other AI email writers that are trained to learn and generate different kinds of writing styles and tones. What sets Spark Mail’s “My Writing Style” model apart is its integration in a user’s email account, enabling the AI tool to learn that individual’s specific voice. After all, the same friendly message will likely sound different if expressed via email by five different people. Readdle’s new writing tool gives us a peek at what’s coming up next in the world of email assistants.  

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Advantages of AI Tools That Personalize Email Tones 

AI-powered tools that can draft emails that sound just like you offer two main advantages. These are: 


Using AI-driven writing tools that customize email tones will result in much more personal and relevant emails, as opposed to generic canned responses or messages that may sound too stiff. Emails consistently written in your unique style and tone can in turn help improve customer satisfaction or client relations. 


Like other virtual email assistants and inbox management tools, making the most of AI email writers leads to greater efficiency and productivity. The aim of tools like Spark’s “My Writing Style” is that you won’t even need to edit AI-generated email drafts since they’re already written in your tone. You’ll then save even more time on email responses, freeing you up to focus on more urgent or complex tasks. 

Amid the daily influx of emails that can quickly make our inboxes seem overwhelming and unmanageable, AI email assistants are changing how individuals and organizations manage digital communications. Now that AI writing tools are learning to draft emails in our unique tone and style, therefore promising even more efficiency and personalization, the dread and drag of responding to emails could soon be a thing of the past. 

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