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Palworld is a recently released game that’s taken the gaming world by storm. Accumulating over 2 million concurrent players on Steam in its first week of release, it is the 2nd game every to do so. Since this is a relatively new game, the Palworld modding community is still in its infancy, but despite being in this early stage the community has started putting out some amazing mods. Read on below to checkout to see some cool quality of life improving and fun mods.

1. Enhanced Palworld Visuals

Like the name suggest, this Palworld mod tweaks the game's graphics by turning off some post-processing effects like fog and bloom, and turning on others to sharpen the image. It offers presets like "Epic," enhancing draw distance and detail, and "Epic Plus," which adds advanced lighting effects for those with powerful PCs. It's a straightforward mod aimed at improving visuals for a clearer and more detailed gaming experience without overhyping its features. 

2. Stutter Fix 

This mod is designed to tackle stuttering problems in games, focusing on issues related to VRAM usage and content streaming. It's particularly aimed at players with lower VRAM or slower HDDs, offering a solution to improve game smoothness by reducing stutters, enhancing frametimes, and stabilizing FPS. However, it comes with a caveat: it might not play well with other mods that modify game files and could occasionally lower image quality to maintain performance. For those with higher VRAM, a "no streaming" version is available, though it risks increased stuttering if VRAM isn't sufficient.

3. AlwaysFastTravel 

The AlwaysFastTravel mod adds quick teleportation to unlocked map locations and faster movement speed in-game. Features like teleportation, increased speed, and safe modes are adjustable in the mod's main.lua file, allowing for personalization and compatibility adjustments. Key bindings for activating these features can also be changed to prevent conflicts with other mods. Although it enables activation of all fast travel points with a shortcut, players must still physically discover these points in the game world to use them, ensuring gameplay exploration is preserved. 

4. Pal Info

Image sourced from Nexus Mods, accessed on 2/21/2024.

For players focused on catching Pals with specific stats or wanting to keep track of their collection, this straightforward mod is what you need to download. It displays information like how many times a Pal has been captured and detailed stats including IVs and talents for each Pal. With Lua configs for UI and information customization, it's a practical tool for better game management and strategy planning.

5. Basic MiniMap

Image sourced from Nexus Mods, accessed on 2/21/2024.

Thew Basic MiniMap mod adds a simple, configurable minimap for use in both local and online games, improving navigation. It automatically hides during combat and adjusts zoom when the view is blocked by obstacles like caves or trees. The mod aims to provide basic orientation help without overwhelming the player's interface.

6. Less Restrictive Building

Image sourced from Nexus Mods, accessed on 2/21/2024.

Building structures in this game can be quite restrictive, this mod enhances the game's building system by allowing players to construct floating foundations and build on steep terrains, ranging from slight inclines to nearly vertical slopes. It also enables the overlapping of bases, removes the maximum building height restriction, and lifts the limit on the number of objects a character can place. Compatible with both new and existing characters, the mod offers more flexibility in building, catering to players interested in expanding their construction options without the game's default limitations.

7. Nuzlocke Death 

Inspired by the Nuzlocke Challenge from Pokémon, this mod introduces a rule where Pals are permanently removed if they die, with the player facing game over upon death. This change forces players to approach Palworld with greater caution and strategy, as it significantly increases the game's difficulty. The original Nuzlocke Challenge, known for making Pokémon games harder by enforcing permadeath and limiting captures, serves as the inspiration for this mod, bringing a similar level of challenge and requiring thoughtful engagement with the game's mechanics and battles.

8. Reset Stats 

A straightforward UI mod adds a button to the inventory screen for resetting stat points, allowing players to reset their stat points as many times as they wish. This way, beginning and casual players won't have to go through the trouble of reaching level 43 and collecting the necessary ingredients (99 Beautiful Flowers, 50 Horns, 50 Bones, and 50 Pal Fluids) to craft the Memory Wiping Medicine.

9. The Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures Mod

Image sourced from Nexus Mods, accessed on 2/21/2024.

Finally, last on our list is perhaps my personal favorite: 'The legally-distinct pocket creatures into Palworld Mod Pack.' This mod alters the appearance of certain Pals in Palworld to resemble real-world animals and objects, such as changing Cattiva to “Yellow rat” and Pal Sphere to “Jar.” This satirical and humorous mod was created in direct response to the removal of the Pokémon mods from major modding sites. 

To further enhance the satire, the first major boss in Palworld is transformed into “Saul Goodman & DMCA notice,” compelling players to battle a giant cease and desist order ridden by Saul Goodman.

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