Citizen Science: Top Games You Can Play to Make a Difference

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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary virtual journey? Let's put on our lab coats and explore a world where gaming fun merges with the power of science. In the exciting domain of citizen science, every click and puzzle solved becomes a meaningful contribution to genuine scientific research. 

Who would have imagined that your exceptional gaming skills could one day contribute to mapping the vast cosmos or unraveling the intricate fabric of life itself? You can make a difference in the world while having an absolute blast. 

What Are Citizen Science Projects? 

In the extraordinary phenomenon known as citizen science, ordinary individuals like you and I transform into esteemed frontline researchers, crunching data one immersive game at a time. 

Simply put, citizen science consists of research projects that harness the collective brainpower of the public to analyze data that machines can't handle alone. Think of it as a global brain where everyone's neurons fire in a synchronized manner to illuminate the path to scientific discovery. By tapping into the diverse perspectives and knowledge of worldwide participants, these projects foster a collaborative environment that fuels innovation and pushes the boundaries of what is possible. 

Citizen science games provide a unique opportunity to channel our passion for gaming into a powerful catalyst for advancing knowledge and scientific discoveries, and before you embark on these endeavors, make sure to equip yourself with the right tools. 

A gaming laptop like Acer's Predator Helios 3D can immerse you in these worlds with lifelike detail, bringing your gaming experience to a new level. Its powerful processor, stunning graphics, and immersive 3D capabilities deliver a gaming performance that will leave you in awe. 

Are you ready to become a science game changer and embark on an extraordinary journey of exploration and innovation? Let's go! 

Top Games to Help Scientific Research

Each game on this list is like a portal that teleports you straight into the heart of science, and your mission is simple: Play, contribute, repeat. 


  • Developer: McGill University, Montreal 
  • Platform: Web browser 

Phylo is a colorful puzzle that’s a bit more complex than your average Sunday crosswords. In this game, you align DNA sequences to help scientists study genetic diseases. Every move you make could lead to a breakthrough in understanding what makes us tick. 


  • Developer: Seung Lab, Princeton University 
  • Platform: Web browser 

This game features in the grand theater of the brain, where neurons are the stars, and you're the stage manager. EyeWire is a 3D puzzle that invites you to map out neuronal circuits. It's like helping the brain take a selfie, and each piece mapped brings neuroscience a snapshot closer to understanding how we see the world. 

Project Discovery 

  • Developer: CCP Games 
  • Platform: PC (Accessible within EVE Online) 

Project Discovery turns your quest for stardust into an exoplanet-spotting spree. As you navigate through the sci-fi universe of EVE Online, you also sift through light curves data to identify new worlds. It's a little like finding cosmic Easter eggs, where every discovery is a potential home away from home. 

Colony B 

  • Developer: McGill University, Montreal 
  • Platform: iOS, Android 

Tiny organisms and mighty mysteries, that's the world you dive into with Colony B. Your mission is to classify microbe colonies and thus assist research in digestive health. Consider it a detective game where you are piecing together clues left by the smallest suspects to answer some big biological questions. 


  • Developer: University of Washington 
  • Platform: Web browser, PC 

Foldit is where gaming meets molecular gastronomy, and proteins are on the menu. The goal is to fold proteins most efficiently, like crafting a masterpiece out of molecular spaghetti. Scientists use this data to design new proteins that could combat diseases. 

The Cure 

  • Developer: Guerrilla Science 
  • Platform: Web browser 

In this game, you are the detective of the microscopic world. It's all about battling a pandemic right from your browser. Combining the thrill of gaming with real-world science, The Cure asks you to analyze patterns, make predictions, and allocate resources to stop the spread of a virtual virus. 

Quantum Moves 2 

  • Developer: ScienceAtHome 
  • Platform: Web browser, PC, Mac 

Have you ever fancied playing with particles so tiny that they follow a whole new set of physics rules? In Quantum Moves 2, you wrangle atoms with laser pulses, and your moves help physicists leap toward building a real quantum computer. You might put together the future of computing one atom at a time. 


  • Developer: QuestaGame 
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web browser 

Using only your smartphone, you can venture into the great outdoors (your suburban jungle or the local park) to discover and document the wild critters living there. With QuestaGame, you are contributing to real-world biodiversity research. Snap a photo of that cheeky squirrel or the mysterious mushroom that popped up overnight, and experts will weigh in, turning your weekend walk into a citizen science expedition. 

A sleek gaming laptop, like the Acer Swift X 14, might be your perfect companion when playing citizen science games. This portable science lab features a lightweight design, powerful performance, and long-lasting battery life. 

Wrapping Up 

Citizen science is downloadable content that benefits us all. By participating in these games, you're not merely collecting virtual coins. You’re contributing to a wealth of knowledge. It's a pixelated philanthropy of sorts. As you bash bugs and stack blocks, your digital adventures could lead to the next big scientific discovery. What are you waiting for? Power up, log in, and make a difference, one game at a time. 

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