All Summonable Spore Servants Using Glut's Animating Spores in Baldur's Gate 3

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Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) emerged as 2023's most celebrated game, clinching six prestigious awards at the 2023 Game Awards, notably Game of the Year and Best RPG. This acclaim highlights the game's exceptional fusion of storytelling, gameplay, and role-playing depth. Set in the enthralling world of Faerûn, BG3 invites players to craft their own unique characters and steer them through an expansive, adventure-laden campaign. Throughout the game, players encounter a myriad of choices, providing them with the freedom to tackle challenges and interact with characters in diverse ways. This freedom enhances the immersive experience, allowing players to shape their journey and impact the game's dynamic world. The first act of the game is particularly notable for the level of freedom it offers. Spread across three distinct areas (Wilderness, Creche/Monistary, and Underdark), it's packed with side quests that are easy to miss amidst the abundance of activities.  

For adventurers seeking to win over Shadowheart (instead of the hotheaded Lae'zel), a journey into the enigmatic Underdark becomes essential. Here, nestled within its depths, lies a Myconid Colony recently besieged by Duergar Dwarfs. In the midst of this turmoil, players encounter Sovereign Spaw, the leader of the beleaguered colony, who implores the hero for assistance against the Duergar threat. Sovereign Glut, the ruler of another devastated colony and user of a powerful spell called Animating Spores, seeks to join the hero's quest to combat the Duergar. The player may bring Glut around for other quests and will have access to Glut as long as they remain in the Underdark and have not finished the 'Avenge Glut’s Circle' quest. After avenging the Myconids, the player can choose between the two Myconid sovereigns in the 'Glut vs. Spaw' quest, helping to decide who will lead the surviving Myconid Colony. But that’s a discussion for another day, today we will be talking about all the summonable Spore Servants using Glut’s Animating Spores.

So, what is Animating Spores? 

Animating Spores is a unique spell (Glut only) that allows players to resurrect dead NPCs to aid them in combat. While initially meant for Glut's side quest, players can also use this power to raise corpses from all over Act 1, creating a unique Spore Servant. Unlike most undead summons (zombies and skeletons) in this game, Glut’s Spore summons will retain the likeness and some usable abilities of the deceased NPC. Unfortunately, you are limited to only 1 spore summon at a time.

Glut’s ability is pretty busted. Initially, you might find yourself experimenting with the remains of less formidable NPCs, such as the Duergar, whose combat prowess is relatively limited. However, as your journey through the Underdark progresses, you'll encounter and defeat bigger and summonable creatures like the Bulette and Hook Horrors. But the true potential of Glut’s ability lies not in the monsters of the Underdark, but rather in the array of deceased enemies and NPCs you've amassed prior to your descent.

The game's early stages present minor bosses, found in locations like the Goblin camp (notably Dror Ragzlin and Priestess Gut) and the Druid’s Grove (such as Kagha and Zevlor), who are all viable targets for this unique summoning ability.

Moreover, the spell extends to your fallen companions, enabling you to summon them as Spore Servants. During my experiment, I discovered a workaround to the one-summon limitation, successfully using Withers to resurrect Gale in his spore form, while simultaneously maintaining Spore Lae’zel in my party. Interestingly, Gale was not officially part of the party roster, yet he remained under my control and retained access to his standard abilities.

Expanding upon a list from a Redditor (The_Shadow_Watches) and incorporating findings from my own research, I've compiled a list of notable NPCs that can be summoned using this spell, as well as those that are exempt from it. 

Summonable Spore Servants 


  1. Astarion 
  2. Gale 
  3. Karlach 
  4. Lae’zel 
  5. Shadowheart 
  6. Wyll 

Minor Bosses

  1. Bulette 
  2. Dror Ragzlin 
  3. Flind 
  4. Inquisitor Ch’r’ai W’wargaz 
  5. Kagha 
  6. Kith’rak Therezzyn 
  7. Owlbear 
  8. Phase Spider Matriarch 
  9. Spectator 
  10. True Soul Gut 
  11. Zevlor 


  1. Abdirak 
  2. Anders and the other mercenaries 
  3. Druids in the Druids Grove 
  4. Drow Raiders 
  5. Duergar  
  6. Flaming Fists 
  7. Gandrel 
  8. Githyanki in the Creche (including Sa’Varsh Keth, Arden Kur’ashk, Ghustil Stornugoss) 
  9. Goblins 
  10. Paladins of Tyr 
  11. Roah Moonglow and the other Zhentarims at the hideout 
  12. Tieflings in the Druids Grove 
  13. Volo 


  1. Ettercap 
  2. Gnolls 
  3. Gremishka 
  4. Harpy 
  5. Hook Horror 
  6. Kobold Inventor and Kobold Looter 
  7. Kuotoa 
  8. Mimic 
  9. Minotaur & Armed Minotaur 
  10. Skeleton 


  1. Addled Frog 
  2. Ancient Giant Eagle 
  3. Bloated Hyena 
  4. Bluejay 
  5. Giant Eagle 
  6. Owlbear cub 
  7. Phase Spider 
  8. Rabbit 
  9. Rothe 
  10. Scratch 
  11. Silver the Wolf 
  12. Squirrel 
  13. Tara (Only in Gale playthrough) 

Unsummonable NPCs

  1. Auntie Ethel 
  2. Animated Armor 
  3. Commander Zhalk 
  4. Constructs 
  5. Death Shepherds 
  6. Elminister 
  7. Ghast and Ghouls 
  8. Halsin (potential companion) 
  9. Imps 
  10. Intellect Devourer 
  11. Minthara (potential companion) 
  12. Mud Mephits 
  13. Redcaps 
  14. Wood Woads 


Wrapping up, it's clear that the Animating Spores ability offers a unique and slightly twisted element to the game. This spell not only allows players to resurrect a wide array of characters to aid in their quests but also adds a layer of strategic depth to how one approaches combat scenarios and character interactions. The ability to bring back NPCs and companions as Spore Servants opens up a realm of creative possibilities, making each player's journey through the game distinct and personalized. 

Note that if you choose to play as a Spore Druid, you will also have the capability to summon Spore Servants. However, unlike Glut’s ability to summon unique NPCs, the spore druids’ summons will be generic Spore Servants, lacking the distinctive traits and abilities of the specific NPCs that Glut can revive. 

Finally, if you've stumbled upon any cool NPCs or tactics with this spell that I haven't covered, feel free to drop your knowledge in the comment section. It's always great to get more insights, and I'll be sure to update the list with any cool stuff you guys share!

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