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Today we sure are excited to check out the upcoming Batman: Arkham spin-off action shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Prepare to return to Metropolis and roam free in an open-world environment. Switch between the supervillains in the Suicide Squad as you fight to kill the Justice League who have been brainwashed by Brainiac. DC Comics fans and gamers alike have long been anticipating the final release of this exciting action-adventure. Read on to discover the background to the Suicide Squad story, as well as all the other info you need to know about this game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date 

Justice is coming, but when? Before we get stuck into the details of the game, let’s deal with the elephant in the room: the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date. Originally announced way back in August 2020, Kill the Justice League was first slated for release in 2022. Various delays beset the development, and after several further setbacks, the most recent release date is February 2, 2024 with pre-order early access from January 30th. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League league will be available on Playstation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S.

What’s the story?

Well, it’s a long story, and it all began back in 1937, when the first DC Comic was published. This led to the creation of the DC Universe and the iconic superheroes that most people are familiar with. These DC characters include Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. And, let’s not forget the antiheroes of the Suicide Squad! These adventure comic books, featuring heroes and villains became an overnight sensation, and have endured the test of time. Comic books (some now worth a small fortune) have been superseded by other forms of broadcast, movies, cartoons, and video games of all stripes feature the adventures of the DC superheroes and villains.  

Who is the Suicide Squad?  

As the name suggests, the Suicide Squad isn’t a posse of milk-drinking, squeaky clean Clark Kent lookalikes, but a team of supervillains and antiheroes. Since their first appearance in 1959, various members have come and gone from the Suicide Squad; they have endured some of the most dangerous missions possible, and sometimes failed. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features four playable characters at release:

  • Captain Boomerang is a fair dinkum, boomerang loving Aussie lad with a disdain for the Flash, adding a dash of outback comedy to the game. 
  • Deadshot is a highly skilled marksman, who also appeared in Batman: Arkham City, truth is, it was not actually him, but an identity thief.  
  • Harley Quinn, the girlfriend of the Joker, is back. After mourning his passing, she has forged her own style of grapple-based swinging, and is ready for the fight against Brainiac. 
  • King Shark is conscripted along with the other villains in the Suicide Squad, and is ready to kill, and possibly devour his enemies. 

These four miscreants will be followed with new playable characters to be added every season:

  • Season 1: Joker - confirmed 
  • Season 2: Victoria Fries (Mrs. Freeze) - not confirmed 
  • Season 3: Zoe Lawton (Lawless) - not confirmed 
  • Season 4: Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) - not confirmed

The premise of the game is pretty simple: half a decade after the conclusion of Batman: Arkham Knight, Amanda Waller (director of A.R.G.U.S) puts together the Suicide Squad for an undercover mission to Metropolis. The members of the team are drafted from correctional institutes and forced to fight, or die. Entering the city, the characters discover the horrifying truth that Brainiac has invaded earth, brainwashing Justice League members Superman, the Flash, Batman and Green Lantern…The only choice the Suicide Squad have is to exterminate the Justice League before Brainiac takes over the entire world.

Is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the Arkhamverse?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is developed by British video game developer Rocksteady Studios, famed for the Batman: Arkham series. The game is published by Warner Bros. Games and can be seen as a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight. So, yes, the game’s vast open world will let you step back into the Arkhamverse.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League league gameplay 

In the open-world of Metropolis, there’s much to see and do, how about starting the day by taking out some of the Justice League? While there have been some not-so-positive reviews preview, it will be interesting to see what the gaming community makes of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League when it is finally released. Featuring lush graphics and a technicolor urban environment, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks like it will be an immersive, fun game to play, we’re certainly looking forward to it! With an impeccable cast, and exciting gameplay, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League clearly has the potential to establish itself as one of the biggest games of 2024.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gives players the option of solo and multiplayer gaming. Solo players are able to toggle between members of the squad as they play, with AI taking control of uncontrolled members. The multiplayer experience allows up to four players to get in on the action at once, with the ability to jump-in, and out without glitches. This means that you can be playing with your buds in multiplayer, then decide to leave, without any impact on your game.

The characters can move up and down, as well as across the map, and each member of the Suicide Squad has unique movesets. Captain Boomerang is nimble and fast, using his boomerang to hit long range foes, while Deadshot provides both sniping and aerial attacks to the team. King Shark is a hand to hand brute, but is also highly capable with a gun when needed, and Harley Quinn is a master of melee…We’ll leave the rest to you.

The takeaway

We hope you have enjoyed our foray into Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Don’t miss the release date: February 2, 2024, for Playstation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S. While you wait for the game to drop, check out Acer’s Game Pass, for all of your favorite games past, present and future.

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