The Benefits of Water Cooler Conversations in the Office

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Water cooler conversations are where employees engage in casual and informal discussions during a short work break. Workplaces would traditionally have a water cooler, and coworkers would often run into each other and chat about the latest TV show or weekend plans while staying hydrated. Although many companies have now moved to hybrid working styles, the name has still stuck and is now used as a general term to describe brief conversations between coworkers.  

Why are water cooler conversations important? 

Water cooler chats may seem unimportant or even like a waste of time. However, they are crucial to fostering better employee relations and can help cultivate a strong company culture. A brief chat with a coworker could give employees a much-needed mental break after sitting behind a screen for prolonged periods. It helps them temporarily de-stress with someone who understands the pressures of their daily working lives.  

Here are some benefits of water cooler conversations for employees and employers. 

Benefits of water cooler talk for employees 

1. Boosts productivity  

Overworked or stressed-out employees may look forward to a few minutes of downtime with colleagues. Stepping away from screens gives employees a fresh perspective and leaves them feeling energized and ready to work again. Moreover, informal discussions over a cup of water can help employees brainstorm or flesh out work-related ideas with coworkers from different departments or teams. Spontaneously sharing ideas provides a refreshing change from endless formal meetings and ultimately boosts productivity. 

2. Encourages collaboration 

Water cooler chats let workers mingle with coworkers they may not usually talk to, especially if they are in different departments. These informal discussions can cultivate better employee relations and encourage collaborations between teams, which is hugely beneficial for organizations. Moreover, colleagues may discover things they have in common and be more willing to open up about the stresses of working life, which boosts employee morale.   

3. Helps improve social interaction 

Some people are naturally introverted or easily overwhelmed by large groups. Office cooler chats can help employees open up to one or two coworkers for just a few minutes. As such, they may feel more comfortable talking to others, which can enhance their performance during meetings and presentations. Moreover, office cooler discussions let new staff members come out of their shells without making them feel pressured.  

Benefits of water cooler talk for employers 

Employers may view water cooler talk as counterproductive, with them preferring to see employees behind their desks instead. However, there are benefits of water cooler conversations for employers and organizations overall. 

1. Improves employee retention 

Employees may leave their jobs if they do not feel comfortable at work, which can temporarily impact the stability of departments and put extra pressure on team members. Water cooler conversations help create positive employee relations which could make them less likely to leave their jobs. Just a few minutes of casual chatter per day could make employees happier in their jobs, which is key to reducing high employee turnover.  

2. Enhances company culture 

Companies benefit from a workforce that is working towards the same goals. Creating a positive company culture unifies companies and can motivate employees to stay. Water cooler chat brings employees together on a personal level, which makes them feel connected and supported, creating a positive company culture.  

3. Encourages better relationships with management  

Company bosses benefit from knowing the thoughts and feelings of workers on the ground. However, it may be difficult for managers to find ways to communicate with their subordinates. Water cooler conversations are generally more casual and could encourage workers to comment on workplace issues off the record. Moreover, if employees see managers as open and approachable, they will feel more confident in bringing up and discussing workplace issues, creating a more productive environment. 

What should employers and employees watch out for in water cooler conversations? 

Water cooler chat is important and can be beneficial for companies and employees. However, they may become breeding grounds for malicious gossip, impacting morale and trust. Nasty comments about specific individuals are a tell-tale sign that water cooler talks have gone sour and should be addressed immediately to avoid workplace bullying. Moreover, comparisons or resentment towards another colleague’s successes may cause bad feelings and impact workplace harmony.  

Water cooler gossip may also cause cliques and small groups to form, leading members to consciously or unconsciously shun others. As there is safety in numbers, some groups may use their power to bully other team members or gossip about others. These cliques may also spread lies or misinformation about individuals or the company.

Starting points or topics for water cooler conversations 

Whether a company has a physical office or a remote team, employers should create a space for workers to engage in water cooler chat. This could be a physical water cooler, coffee machine, or a comfortable space for relaxation. For remote working, creating a dedicated online channel or platform may be beneficial. 

Sports are often a good starting point for water cooler discussions, as most people will either play, watch, or know someone on the team of a particular sport. Sports events like the Super Bowl are exciting and can be a great topic of discussion between employees. Similarly, the latest movie or TV show can encourage conversations and spark employee connections. Travel, technology, or the latest gadgets are also interesting starting points for water cooler chat.  

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Water cooler conversations may seem counterproductive, but they could boost employee morale and make them feel part of a team. Moreover, casual conversations can enhance productivity and reduce employee turnover, benefiting organizations. They also encourage new or shy employees to talk to others and become more confident. Companies looking for ways to cultivate a positive culture should consider creating a designated space for downtime and encouraging workplace discussions. Of course, water cooler discussions should be monitored to avoid malicious gossip or employees spending more time chatting than working.

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