No Coding Skills? Website Builders Make It Easy to Create a Business Website


In the rapidly advancing digital age, online presence is fundamental for businesses. Creating an online presence can be demanding. Businesses must tackle many things, like a publishing calendar, trends, research, etc. Not only do you need to look amazing on social media platforms, but you also need a professional-looking website to serve as the face of your brand online. A well-built, easy-to-navigate website can be the difference between a thriving business and one that is overlooked.

However, for small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, the idea of creating a website can be intimidating, often thought of as difficult or expensive. This is where website builders come to the rescue. Website builders have made web design accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise or budget.

Who Needs a Website Builder?

Website builders are the perfect tool for individuals or businesses that need to create a professional-looking website quickly and with minimal cost. They're ideal for small businesses needing to showcase their products or services, freelancers who want to build a portfolio, or anyone who wishes to share their ideas with the world.

Most of these platforms provide many templates and tools so users can have their new website set up and running in minutes.

Using a website builder is relatively straightforward. You start by selecting a design template that adapts to your brand aesthetics. From there, you can upload different elements, like text, photos, or videos, onto your site, customizing it as you go. You may want to integrate social media platforms as well. Finally, you select a domain and set up any plugins or SEO tools you need. Remember that many users will use their mobile phones to access your website, meaning you might need both a desktop and a mobile version.

Most builders offer intuitive interfaces, requiring no coding knowledge whatsoever. Let’s find out more about them.

Which Website Builders Are Easy to Use for Starters?

Some website builders have been on the market for years, and several famous bloggers have used them to set up their sites. For those just starting out, here's a list of user-friendly website builders:

WordPress is an intuitive website builder with many templates, although the full functionality has a bit of a learning curve. It has thousands of themes, plugins, and templates for full customization. WordPress also offers integrated SEO tools and a free plan for starters.

Wix is a user-friendly platform with a drag-and-drop editor for text, images, and other media. It is customizable for beginners, but as your website grows, you might find some limitations. Wix has a built-in SEO wizard and offers a free plan.

Squarespace is very easy to navigate and set up. This website builder offers good customizability with plenty of professionally designed templates. It also has built-in features for basic SEO needs. However, it offers no free plans.

Weebly is an excellent platform for creating a free website, especially if you want to incorporate e-commerce features. You can easily set up an online store, manage inventory, and accept payments, all on their free plan.

On the other hand, Strikingly is a website builder specializing in creating one-page websites, making it an excellent choice for beginners. It offers a free plan with various features and tools, such as contact forms, social media, and e-commerce integration.

These five options provide virtually everything you need to launch your business website. Just remember that free plans usually come with limitations, such as the platform's branding, a subdomain, and other restrictions that might not be ideal for a growing business.

How to Choose a Website Builder Based on Your Business and Technical Knowledge

Choosing the right website builder for your business depends on a few key factors:

Technical proficiency: Looking up tutorials can be time-consuming. If you are not very tech-savvy, you might want to use more intuitive website builders with simple tools.

The level of control and customization: Consider whether you want to be able to move and edit everything on the site or you have a more relaxed approach and prefer to keep the template as it is.

Finally, your specific business needs: A blogger might only want to add text and images, but a small business website needs to process payments without hassle. Keep in mind the availability of plugins and additional tools when selecting a website builder.

If you prefer simplicity and are looking for a quick setup, Wix and Squarespace are great options. However, if you seek more control and customization, WordPress, with its vast ecosystem of plugins and features, might be the best builder for you.

For small businesses and freelancers working on their websites, having a reliable and efficient laptop is as important as finding the right website builder. The Acer Aspire 5 Laptop is an excellent companion for this venture. Its robust performance and full HD display ensure that every detail of your website design is crystal clear.

Furthermore, it is portable and has a lightweight design, meaning you can work on your website from anywhere, from a cafe to a small remote beach. Consider this a smart investment so you can manage your website on the go.

Wrapping Up

Website builders are powerful tools that empower individuals and small businesses to create a professional online presence without expending large amounts of money. With many options available, users with all levels of expertise can build a website that showcases their brand and reaches their audience effectively. Don't let misconceptions deter you. Embrace the ease and functionality of these platforms and take your first step toward building your unique corner on the web.

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